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  1. Ugh. I was in overflow waiting on my site and a detailer showed up to clean the rig next to me. So while he's cleaning one rig he's making a mess of the other 3 adjacent trailers.
  2. I was almost hit by a bus Memorial day weekend. I saw she didn't swing wide enough making a left, luckily I stopped 20 feet before the stop sign and the driver missed my front end by only a few inches.
  3. I remember that. Scared the [email protected]# out of me when it went backwards.
  4. Went there in 1985 with my girlfriend's parents. She was one of the audience members they picked out of the crowd and they would do a tightrope act with the cast.
  5. You'r not too far off. There's definitely a market for sterile campsites. At an RV resort in SC I overhear a guy with a 40+ footer bitching out the camp host that dirt got in his motorhome and there needs to be more concrete poured.
  6. I went with my brother in law Saturday. He's looking for a new class A. From 9 till about 11:30 the crowds were not bad at all. It was packed by noon so my recommendation is to go early.
  7. Yes, I noticed that too. Way too close to the 700 loop.
  8. 600 has some nice spots on the creek. But be selective, some of those are across from the Campfire area, and that gets loud.
  9. I was in the 800 loop this past weekend and it was full of kids. It's a crap shoot, never know. It all depends on who your neighbors are. I had really good neighbors last weekend. One family was at the parks from sun up to sun down and the other camper next to me was vacant the whole weekend.
  10. Spotted this site last weekend. Lots of great decorations going up. 👻
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