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  1. Would never, ever go on Halloween much as I would never ever go on Christmas day!
  2. I don't know why it surprises me but I had no idea there was decorations at Halloween. We stayed a week last year before Christmas and there were a lot of decorations then, in my mind anyway. Can't imagine what it would be like with more. I wonder if the mouse would let me bring my own cart over just to drive the loops during the Halloween festivities, even if I wasn't staying. My guess would be no. That would just add another vehicle and trailer to the overflow lot.
  3. Have they been talking about that? I'd be surprised since it's such a "thing" but hey, it's Disney and well, enough said.....
  4. Thank you much! I'd hate to pay $67 for a cart and just see a lot of dark! LOL
  5. We have some friends visiting from out of state and they would like to see some decorations. They will be here from 12-5 through 12-8. We were thinking of driving over and renting a cart to tour the loops. We stayed in the campground last year, 12-13 through 12-18 and most of the decorations were set up already. Wondering if there will be anything to see on the 8th or is it too early? Thanks!
  6. We went right into a Class A so I never experienced trailering anything. I tow a 2011 Chevy Tahoe 4 down and it works great. Some day when it's replace time I think I'd like to go back to a pickup I can put the golf cart in. We like being able to go to the bathroom while on the road and my "flight attendant" will also fix me lunch to go. We get about 9.5 to 10mpg consistently- diesel. It's hard to compare because people got their vehicles for different reasons. I tell people ours is our condo. We go to a park as close to what we want to see as we can and use the Tahoe for the sightseeing duty
  7. From Christmas 2018, our small contribution to the loop 800 decorations. It looked much better at night when it was lit and the three were moving around.
  8. So I guess the Meadow Premium sites are a good thing? We stayed in the 800 loop in December 2018, and again in April 2019 and were pretty happy with the location. In fact, we were in site 834 for Christmas, then 836 in April. We knew nothing of the loop designations at the time. I liked it because it was about the middle between the entrance where the bus stops were and the boat ramp, Trails End, etc. Backing in was a bit tight, especially when the neighbors across the road had their cars parked on the grass close to the pavement. I guess we lucked out on where they put us.
  9. Thanks for the trip! Always like to see through the eyes of others.
  10. We live here now so, the heat is an every day thing. The daily storms can also curb the day but you get used to it. We lived in Maryland and it was just as hot and humid in the summer as down here, admittedly it doesn't last as long up there.
  11. This is awesome! We always bring our Brita water bottles. The filter eliminates the sulfur smell/taste from the Magic Kingdom water. I still use the filter bottle, but the other parks seem to have better tasting water than the MK.
  12. 15 minutes from my house in Polk City. I'll shoot with you some time. This is a pretty old post but I assume you're still doing it. I thought you were talking about Tenoroc.
  13. If you like history and/or photography, I had a blast at Ft. Monroe national monument, which is about 45 minutes from where you'll be staying. Fun to walk around the fort and check out the casements. They have a really nice museum inside the fort showing life throughout it's life. I've got loads of pictures from there. Only wish I had a decent image posting site and I'd upload a few. If you're planning on going to Jamestown, I'd take a trip to the "real" Jamestown site just a few miles past the "recreated" village. I loved just jumping around from historic site to site when I lived
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