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  1. Those are both excellent suggestions. That is the kind of insider information I was hoping for I will investigate into those for sure. Thank you again very much.
  2. Not sure about now but I was told they are definitely closed in January. Thank you very much for responding. I even tried google earth but can’t tell much from it.
  3. I called and they said the carriage rides were closed at Fort Wilderness until April but running at Port Orleans. I am looking for something or a location that is walking distance from the cabins. Thank you for responding.
  4. Needing help finding a location for a marriage proposal in Fort Wilderness. We are staying in a cabin in Jan 20. Is there a “Romantic or Secluded spot” within walking distance in or close to Fort Wilderness? The proposal will be mid-day so firework cruise is out and the carriage ride will be closed for refurbish. I have researched the internet and called WDW and can’t find anything. Ideally a trail or location with a clearing that is pretty would be ideal. Private is great but will take whatever we can find. hoping someone with some grounds knowledge will know of possibl
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