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  1. Just meant I had originally put in a request for 300 loop. My husband is a military veteran and has had spine surgery, so was just thinking maybe a little closer would be better for him. It was only $40 more for us to change to a premium site, so thought it may be worth having extra space to set up our chairs etc. We are going to spend our check in day at the resort and one day in the middle of our vacation to have some “chill” time.
  2. Can you guys please give me recommendations? I’ve looked through posts but haven’t found the exact answer. We are a family of 4 - 2 kids 8 & 11. Have a 17ft travel trailer and first time to Disney for me and my girls, husband went as a child. I had originally booked a 300 loop preferred for 06/2020. Then I got to reading and think I should upgrade to premium. I want to feel secluded but not too far from amenities. What would be some good premium loops (not meadow preferred)? We also booked a golf cart but for $400... rather spend that on some fun experiences instead 🤦‍♀️ Thanks in advance. LK
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