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  1. We were just there and recieved the cutter spray upon check in. We were there a week and outside quite a bit at all hours and it rained quite a bit. I never even saw a mosquito. We didn't use the bug spray at all and never got bit.
  2. I looked at availability last week for just this coming Saturday night and there was full and partial available for that one night. They must be gone now. I wanted to add a day at the beginning of our stay and was just curious if it was completely booked. Jason ended up adding the one night to our reservation, which is for a premium site.
  3. Crowds at the Fort have been quiet during the weeks and most weekends were busy. This weekend was really quiet though. Except for the great golf cart incident. I'll have to tell you all about that one later unless someone already has.
  4. Thanks, Dave. I was just reading your Christmas TR earlier. I read through 18 pages and didn't find out why you hate Disney! Then I went to your FB page and couldn't find anything there either! I'm dying to know! Your story with Jasmine and Anna had me laughing so hard though. So funny! You have a beautiful family as well!
  5. I'm so sorry I haven't kept up with this. On the 13th, we had a death in the family, Bill's grandpa. This resulted in him having to fly back home for a few days. In all the craziness, I completely got off track with my TR.
  6. Flowers are covered up in some places. Below freezing here tonight. We are supposed to go to Epcot tomorrow but I don't know if I want to brave the cold temps. What has happened to me?
  7. Lots of sirens and firetrucks this morning all going to the horse barn up front. They were evacuating the horses and stopped the busses for a few minutes. Looked to be a problem.in the HVAC.<br /><br /><br /><br />
  8. We noticed them in the cabins as well. They are a little noisy early in the morning, but all in all we haven't noticed any problems with them.
  9. Voices of liberty, a favorite of mine<br /> <br /><br /><br /><br />
  10. <br /><br />Plaza Sundae with mint chocolate chip ice cream<br />
  11. Voices of liberty, a favorite of mine<br /><br />At the Meadows Trading Post<br />
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