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    fladogfan aka Gretchen reacted to DaveInTN in WDW & Advent Health Building 24 hr ER at Flamingo Crossings   
    My sources tell me they will be offering special trauma services for people who’ve just received their Disney hotel bill.   
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    fladogfan aka Gretchen reacted to DaveInTN in After Hours Boo Bash coming to the Magic Kingdom starting in August.   
    I’m sure this will be reasonably priced.   
    lol...I can’t even keep a straight face to type that.   
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    fladogfan aka Gretchen reacted to Grumpy and Grandma in Port Canaveral to be Cruise Crew Vaccination distribution site   
    Port Canaveral on Friday became the first U.S. port to coordinate COVID-19 vaccine distribution to cruise ship crew members, in advance of a possible return to cruising in July.
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    fladogfan aka Gretchen reacted to Grumpy and Grandma in We all knew it!   
    Along with the fact that there is NO enforcement of the KEEP RIGHT law.  Far too many people drive below the posted limit in the left lane whether it be on I-4, 27, 192 or any multi-lane road with a vast majority on their phones so people weave to pass.   I also agree with Andrew this state has the WORST planning and zoning that I have ever encountered not only at the State level, but also at the County level. 
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    fladogfan aka Gretchen reacted to twiceblessed....nacole in What is happening? Is FF dying out?   
    The race was always to be first for a trip report and then the bet was, how long before the post was hijacked 
    Yes!  We stayed there in 2018 and had the females (I'm guessing as no horns) take residency right behind our rig.  It was great!!
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    fladogfan aka Gretchen got a reaction from momof3kids-Yvonne in What is happening? Is FF dying out?   
    Guess we haven't lost our touch
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    fladogfan aka Gretchen reacted to Lou... in The Decline of WDW...A Pictorial Illustration by DIT   
    I bet all of you familiar with DIT's infatuation with the downward evolution of the cinnamon bun thought you had heard the last of it. Just don't bring up Disney.
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    fladogfan aka Gretchen reacted to DaveInTN in The Decline of WDW...A Pictorial Illustration by DIT   
    Say what you want.  Blame it on COVID.  Blame it on greedy executives.  Blame it on politicians.  But I'm here to settle the argument.  Blame for the decline of Disney can be placed with one group, and one group only. 
    The bakers.  My proof?
    Circa 2010

    Circa 2015

    Circa 2019

    Circa 2021

    I rest my case. 
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    fladogfan aka Gretchen reacted to dblr....Rennie in What is happening? Is FF dying out?   
    Just like old times 
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    fladogfan aka Gretchen reacted to Tri-Circle-D in We all knew it!   
    The corruption and malfeasance has been from the Governor’s office and Legislature more than it has been from local governments. So we now have horrible roads, schools, and our environment is a disaster. But at least we don’t have a State income tax, and you can go wherever you want without a mask. Paradise.
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    fladogfan aka Gretchen reacted to Tri-Circle-D in We all knew it!   
    All of the above plus unmitigated government corruption and malfeasance. It is absolutely shocking to see the amount of unchecked development that has been allowed along the I-4 corridor with no improvement in infrastructure or provision for the astronomical traffic that logically flows from the unchecked development.
    But if you have enough cash and know the right crooked politicians, you can build a toll road going to nowhere on or near land that you own and then build all kinds of residential units that will dump out onto the overcrowded interstates. 
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    fladogfan aka Gretchen reacted to Travisma in What is happening? Is FF dying out?   
    Some counties have lifted bans, but the larger companies have not stopped requiring masks in those counties, WalMart, Costco, Lowe’s, etc.  
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    fladogfan aka Gretchen reacted to djsamuel in What is happening? Is FF dying out?   
    Desantis wanted local control when it suited him as a means to avoid a decision on a mask mandate.  I thought local control was a good idea.  Then he pulled the rug out from everybody when it was politically expedient to do so by telling local governments they cannot enforce the very rules he said they are the best to decide on.  He also required bars to incorporate very expensive precautions in order to reopen and then one week later issued a huge "never mind" and told everybody they could fully open.  Bar owners were not happy and most continued to adhere to some level of precaution.  
    I too prefer small government and I voted for Desantis.  I never will again.  He is too wrapped up with building his brand.
    As far as masks, all I will say is there is a reason surgeons wear masks in surgery, including cloth ones.  It is to protect the patient much like wearing a mask now is not to protect the wearer but to diffuse the air exhaled by a person and limit the distance any airborne viruses may spread. Imagine you were throwing a golf ball at a wall 30 feet away.  With no barrier, you would hit it every time.  Put a chain link fence up between you and the wall, and maybe only about 20% or less of the balls you throw would make it to the wall.  That is all a mask does.  
    I'm not interesting in debating but I wanted to give another side to this since you mentioned it.  I'm done with this conversation.
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    fladogfan aka Gretchen reacted to djsamuel in What is happening? Is FF dying out?   
    Desantis never had a state wide mask mandate.  When he was still of a somewhat sane mind, he said that because Florida was so large, each county should decide if they should mandate masks.  Then, he reopened the state, and made the ruling that no county or local government could level any punishment for violating a local mask mandate, persons or businesses.  Very hypocritical in the sense that he used local jurisdiction as a means to avoid being the person mandating masks and then turns around and bans the enforcement of any local decisions regarding masks.  The only thing that has limited the rise is the fact that most people continue to wear masks and ignore him.  Here in Clermont, if you go into a store, 99% of the people are still wearing masks.  Lake County never had a mask mandate and the vast majority of people still are wearing masks.  
    Orange County is looking at gradually lifting the mask mandate by the end of the summer based on vaccinations and infections.  At that point, I would not be surprised to see Disney lift the mask requirements.
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    fladogfan aka Gretchen reacted to h2odivers...Ray in What is happening? Is FF dying out?   
    As a long time AP holder I paid for unlimited, unrestricted access to all 4 parks.  With the ability to park hop as I please.  Because of the pandemic those items, which I paid for, were taken away. I get it. Things had to change to accommodate as many guests as possible.   But why is it the AP seems to be hurt the most?

    disney choose to sell new tickets to the parks. (Regular tickets.). Therefore limiting the access to people like myself that had already paid for tickets.   
    What would you tell someone who bought a 7 day pass last month but when they arrived at WDW were told they could only go 4 times to the parks?  

    Effectively that’s what they did to AP holders. 
    If I was in charge I would have let AP holders but their AP on hold until they (the AP holder) were ready to return to the park or until the park Reservation system was removed and things went back to normal. 
    And/or offer AP holders a big discount on their renewal to make up for the LOSS they (the AP holders) suffered due to the pandemic. 
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    fladogfan aka Gretchen reacted to Lou... in What is happening? Is FF dying out?   
    From my point of view, how Disney treats CMs/retirees now is not much different than they've been treated during normal times. They've always gotten the leftovers. Disney gives them stuff when it doesn't cost them anything. They're allowed into the parks when the parks are not overly busy. Disney loses nothing by letting them in. They give them discounted cruises and resort stays if they know they won't sell out. In all cases Disney still makes out because as guests, CMs and retirees go to the restaurans and buy Disney crap. IE, it's the same old, same old. 
    The treatment didn't bother me even when I lived next to WDW because I already had been to WDW enough times to last me a life time, I prefer Universal anyway. And I had enough Disney junk and had been to the restaurants that I wanted to eat it at enough times. The lack of cruises was the only thing that affected me but that will probably change when the new ships come on line, plus there are other good cruise lines.
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    fladogfan aka Gretchen reacted to Tri-Circle-D in What is happening? Is FF dying out?   
    More poor treatment of castmembers and reneging on retirement benefits. Park entry is part of the compensation and retirement packages that castmembers were promised. Except when Disney reneges so they can sell tickets to day guests.  Pure greed.
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    fladogfan aka Gretchen got a reaction from momof3kids-Yvonne in What is happening? Is FF dying out?   
    I agree with what you all are saying.   Good to 'see' you Lou and TCD so glad your girls have found other jobs.  Their youth and education probably helped them.  I know former cast members with years at WDW in salaried and 'helping' Tigger  positions and they still trying to find a new job.  Two in my neighborhood went ahead and retired, at least that freed up a couple jobs.  I haven't even tried to get a reservation to get in a park yet.  Now have learned I need to navigate that system to make, if possible, resies for out of town friends coming in Sept.  rats
    I hate not being able to just say let's go walk around a park on the spur of the moment.  However, even tho many people and fiends said they felt very safe at WDW I still haven't even been back to Disney Springs let alone any parks.   I do have my 'jabs' tho so hoping  to be there soon, if I figure the system.
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    fladogfan aka Gretchen reacted to DaveInTN in What is happening? Is FF dying out?   
    I’m glad to read that your girls have landed on their feet. I would have expected nothing less.  I wish them the best in their post-Mouse lives.   
    Anna is 13 years old.  Yes, we’ve combined Anna’s trademark Russian attitude with teenage angst.  Life in the DIT household is pretty active.  While most of our friends are now empty nesters, we’re still firmly in Disney princess territory, which is really annoying for me being the anti-Disney guy I long have been.  Like the country song said...I was anti-Disney before anti-Disney was cool.   Lol.  
    So all of these changes at Disney haven’t impacted us...we weren’t returning to WDW anyways. But I’m sorry for those of you affected, in particular those who were or still are employed there.  This COVID stuff has derailed many careers, but none more upsetting than our young adults who are just beginning their lives and then everything went sideways.  My older girls are dealing with their own setbacks.  But at the end of the day they are learning skills of resilience that our generation never really had to.  This will serve them well eventually.   If you’ve ever read the book The Fourth Turning, this was actually all predicted by demographers who study generational change.  The current 20 somethings have a lot in common with the Greatest Generation, who survived the Depression and won the War.  This group of young folks will do great things, IMO.  
    Anyways, sorry for the hijack.  Back to our regularly scheduled programming.  Yes Disney sucks.  No I’m not on Facebook or any social media.  Yes I miss the old days on FF.  But I will always cherish the memories of the interactions on here and my family’s 10 years of camping at the Fort.
    Onward and upward.    
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    fladogfan aka Gretchen reacted to Tri-Circle-D in What is happening? Is FF dying out?   
    Good to see you here, Dave. I bought my camper when my oldest daughter was 8, and the twins were 4, and those first 10 years were the best. Like you, we made many last minute weekend trips, and never had a problem getting a site or feeling ripped off.  I didn’t like what came next, but I accepted it, and we just camped less, but still enjoyed it when we did. 
    What finally did it for me is seeing how opportunistic and greedy Disney has been during the pandemic.  The park pass system blocks out passholders so they can sell those spaces to day guests at a higher price. Even though park attendance is about back to normal, there are long lines everywhere because they are understaffed and not operating attractions at their capacity.  They are too greedy to even have the trams running in the parking lots. They should have used this time to complete the construction projects that were already in the budget, but even that would hurt the current balance sheet too much, so the MK will have no new attractions, and the Magic Kingdom train isn’t even going to be running for the 50th anniversary.
    So congratulations to Disney. They win. Their stockholders are happy. Their executives are very happy. They sure made a bundle by picking the pockets of castmembers, DVC members, and passholders. Not to mention the millions of “loans” they got from us taxpayers that they will never pay back.  They won big.
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    fladogfan aka Gretchen reacted to lightbikes in What is happening? Is FF dying out?   
    You are correct.  I do not do Facebook either.  I only follow three forums and this is one of them.  I would be very sorry to lose this one.  Even though I do not post very often I check it regularly just to follow the news of WDW and the Fort.  Although we haven't stayed at the Fort in years, largely due to the cost, we always do several visits there when we are in the area if only to chat to the CMs we have met over the years or catch a meal or visit with friends who might be staying there. 
    I would be sorry to see this forum migrate to Facebook.
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    fladogfan aka Gretchen reacted to momof3kids-Yvonne in What is happening? Is FF dying out?   
    I know for myself that when I first joined Fort Fiends I was a SAHM. My children were between the ages of 8-14. I had more time after they went to bed to post and comment. As they got older and as I started working part time my time became more limited. I also agree with Carol about the ease of posting pictures for Trip Reports is gone. Sadly, I don’t have a solution for that. 
    My thought is this rather than focus on the past, why not continue to just post when we feel called. When I need prayers or positive thoughts I know I can turn to Fort Fiends. If I need advice on places to eat either at Disney or even places outside of Disney Ike Memphis, I don’t ask my friends on Facebook. I come here to Fort Fiends.
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    fladogfan aka Gretchen reacted to momof3kids-Yvonne in What is happening? Is FF dying out?   
    There is already a page on Facebook for Fort Fiends. If you have not already liked the page here is the link. 
    Also, it is imperative that we “like” the posts and comment on them. I have been slacking in this area. 
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    fladogfan aka Gretchen reacted to momof3kids-Yvonne in What is happening? Is FF dying out?   
    When I joined Fort Fiends my girls were still in elementary school. My son was just starting high school.  They are all grown now. It’s difficult even trying to plan a weekend away sometimes where we can all go. Like I mentioned in the Defeated Creek GG thread. Our lives are moving in different directions. 
    I was thinking the other day about it and I was thinking it is like a neighborhood. When my family moved in to our neighborhood it was brand new. Like just a few streets done and most of us had small children. You would constantly see children playing and lots  of neighborhood planned activities As the children got to be older the neighborhood became more “quiet.” Some of the original families have moved away and new younger families are moving in. I am seeing an increase in neighborhood activities. 
    I think the same will happen here so long as we remember to let people know about Fort Fiends. Yes people can go on Facebook, but let’s be honest how many of us cringe at some of the advice given there. I do not go to Disney or camping nearly as much as most of you. When any of my friends outside of here ask me for advice or a question, I always say, “ Well what I learned from my friends at Fort Fiends is...” 
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    fladogfan aka Gretchen reacted to dblr....Rennie in If your Traveling to the Fort on I-95 you need to know about Buc-ee's   
    Thanks Gretchen I do too. Been about 6 days since i contacted them and still no answer. With all the room on their locations just the safety factor for us is a plus, then they are usually cheaper on fuel but after we would get done shopping in their store whatever we saved on diesel would probably be left in their store.
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