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  1. Thanks for the info... I went vegan (mostly) last Jun. We're very thankful for dining options that are at least vegetarian...we allow ourselves a little dairy/cheese cheat while we're visiting Disney. We'll definitely check out that restaurant next time we come (Jan)... We're amazed to see more and more vegetarian choices around the parks. My favorite is the Tusker House lunch buffet. They have a really good selection of veg. dishes.
  2. Love the shooting sports!! Just wish that ammo prices would come back down to earth... I have resorted to shooting mostly .22lr with my son. We both built custom 10/22's this past year. Tack drivers! Shooting Wolf Match...and man is it accurate. I still qualify every six months with an H&K USP40CLEM... Grew up shooting with my dad...he started me out with a 410 when I was six...and let me shoot his 12ga when I was six too...sat me on my butt real quick. He and a friend reloaded...so they had me carrying a .300 WinMag when I was 8...going deer hunting with them (of course my cartridges were only loaded for 2200 f.p.s. so as to not knock me out of the treestand). .30-.30 when I was 11... and so on. Picked up Archery hunting when I was 13. Shot on the High School Small Bore Rifle Team. Small Arms Expert in the Air Force, P38 concealed carry on C-141B. FLETC trained on the H&K. pistol. Lot's of good training over the years. I learned a lot from my dad and granddad growing up...and have passed a love of the sport on to my two boys. Can't wait to take my Granddaughter to the range when she's old enough. I don't push the sport on anyone...but I will go out of my way to pass down the knowledge instilled in me by my dad and granddad to others. Safety!, Etiquite!, Ethics! and Marksmanship! I feel it's important to promote each of these when handling any type of firearm.
  3. Thanks Lou! That was a very enlightening post. It still looks to me that your Drivers are very safety concious operators...and they have always be friendly and courteous to us. Logistics...it just amazes me. For the layperson (me)...it's easy to picture the "perfect world"... but I'm not constrained by actual limitations. For example, I have no idea what it takes for a Driver to be qualified on a paticular route --- and how impractical it would be to be able to redispatch busses as they pull into a station...just based on how big a crowd there is standing by a particular bus stop. I think of the easy part...and don't have to worry about the details to make something like that happen for real.
  4. Lou, while I have the most reverent respect for the drivers...the "Disney Transportation System" leaves a lot to be desired. Did you know that Otis put a push button on elevators starting back in 1907. 105 years later...buses still do the stupidest things. While waiting over 40 minutes for an EPCOT bus to come to Ft. Wilderness...we see three buses come for Animal Kingdom. The first one had a couple of passengers..the other two left empty. Why on earth they would cue a bus to one destination every 10 minutes...while other destinations go for 40 minutes is beyond me. With the number of smartphones there are out there....Disney should invest in a computer system that would cue buses based on demand... For example....the program would allow the passenger to scan one of those coded squares at the bus stop...it would add the passengers request to a cueing system. The computer could then route available buses based on NEED. It would have the benefit of giving passengers better service...and could potentially eliminate wasting gas driving empty buses around. Just saying.... It sure would be nice to see the leader in technology step out and really institute something ground breaking. It would be like being able to call an elevator car to your floor...something we've been able to do for 105 years!!!
  5. For those of us that enjoy HOPS along with the MALT... the 50's Prime Time Cafe at Hollywood Studios carries Sierra Nevada Torpedo's...yummy! Hope they become available in more venues in the future...or beers of similar style.
  6. That's a big no-no! All pets must be kept on a handheld leash that is 6 feet or shorter or confined in the interior of the owner's personal recreational vehicle. For pop-ups and tents, pets must be secured in a container, such as a portable cage or kennel. It's funny... I think Ft. Wilderness must change their pet policy all the time. We bought our 5th wheel because at one time they changed the policy to prohibit pets unless you had a "hard sided" camper with air conditioning. Maybe they change it with the seasons...I haven't been wary to the changes over the years. We would take our Samoyed tent camping with us. We had a crate in the tent...but I normally stayed around the campground with him...while my wife did the parks. Believe me...I wouldn't tent camp with my DOGs when it's hot... If they're uncomfortable --- more than likely I would be uncomfortable too. I know that doesn't stop folks from doing it. I've seen the tent loops packed in August --- when it feels like 98 degrees even in the middle of the night. Now those are some tough campers there!! We would normally curtail the tent camping between May-November...because it's just so darn hot down here in South Florida. Now with a 5th wheel...we camp EVERY month in the year! It's been my experience that the rule enforcement is very lax. I can't tell you how many pets are on 20' leads, or owner's set up outdoor runs for them. I thought somewhere it said up to two pets...I can't tell you how many runs I've seen with SIX at a time. (maybe they converted for weight??? Six little dogs weight less than my Two big dogs???) :)
  7. Dogs are usually pretty quiet at night. Everyone usually does a good job of picking up after thier pets. You might step in deer droppings if your not careful...but usually not doggie pooh. If you're at the North End of the campground the noises are usually... 1) Magic Kingdom Fireworks, 2) That obnoxious boat thing that goes around the lake with the lights and music, 3) The clip-clop of horses drawing a wagon... If you're at the South End of the campground the noises are usually... 1) Epcot Fireworks, and 2) Magic Kingdom Fireworks... I think you can hear them both pretty well from the South part of the park. If you're up past midnight...you might catch the occaisional hiccup...as my wife and I pedal back from the Outpost bus stop on our bikes...after a night at Ragland Road :) whoopee!!! ---- shush...let's try to be very, very quiet :doublebeer: Almost forgot...stay away from the bus stops. They run pretty late...and everytime they stop they kneel...which gives off that obnoxious BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP...noise. Years ago we stayed in a tent loop near one...it almost drove me MAD!
  8. We used to tent camp there before they changed the pet policy to require a "hard sided camper with air conditioning". The first couple of times...we were in dedicated tent loops...and had no problems. Then once they put us in an RV loop. There wasn't enough of that sand/shell aggregate to put tent pegs into for our size tent. Then they sent us to another loop...same problem --- and worse yet...it was right next to the busy loop road...so car headlights would have been beaming into the tent all evening. We finally drove around and found a site and called them to see if it was available...and it was. I honestly am amazed at how clueless their reservations department is. This past week...we requested a "pet friendly"...and "on the canal"... We gave them a list of site numbers for reference. When we got there --- they where clueless. We asked if any of the sites where available --- they said NO. When we got to our site...the site right across the street from us was empty (one of the ones we had requested)... and guess what?? Nobody was EVER in that site --- the entire 6 nights we stayed there. We didn't even get our "checkout" envelope this time! It's going to get ugly trying to manage 700+ sites with absolutely "NO CLUE" what's going on in the front office. At least the guy with the leaf blower came around three times this past week to blow off that "On CANAL" site that wasn't available when we checked in. Next time...I guess we need to send a scout ahead to go looping to see what sites are actually open before we pull into the registration lanes. We like having the canal behind us to walk the dogs at night --- without dragging them through the campground where they would cause disruption. They are Samoyeds...and pack dogs love to bark for attention where ever they go. If they see people or dogs...they bark...as if to rally the pack! If we can slip out the back of our campsite onto the canal --- it helps keep things a little quieter for everyone else. We usually walk them along the canals to the Waggin' Tails Dog Park...also to prevent disrupting as many people as possible. We reallize that not everyone camps with dogs...and we try not to impose on their solitude if we can help it.
  9. My advice.... DOn't Do it!! You'll become a slave to the tonga toast --- as I have. I can't remember a stay when we haven't made the MANDATORY journey to the polynesian for obigatory Tonga Toast, and a french press of Kona Coffee. It has become a VICE. The other dish that has me enslaved is --- Candele Pasta at Via Napoli (Italy, Epcot - World Showcase) Just so you know --- It is HABIT FORMING!!
  10. Here's our "biggie" ear Mickey Lamp... What a blast it was to plug-in...and watch light up!!
  11. Wow...we're putting our globes together --- trying to decide on ABS or Aluminum for the post. Wish we could find a milk jug like that around here... That looks amazing! Now, every other Mickey LIght Post will look like it's missing it's body! Guess we'll settle for an umbrella stand for starters... Thanks for posting the pictures of that beautiful Mickey Lamp!!!
  12. +1 Fabreeze... I cook bacon outside on an electric skillet. Teflon coated, wipe up -- easy clean. My wife found it on clearance for $15. I use electric pole power...and don't waste propane. Keeps bacon smell outside. Highly recommend it!
  13. Sorry the details are not too sharp...but I have taken such a trip. We drove from Altus, Ok to Charleston, SC with an 8 mo old. We left after diner and drove through the night. Our little one, Corey (now 25, Married, and Father to a beautiful 8 mo old little girl) slept in his car seat comfortably thru the night. It's a technique anyway... I would probably do it that way again. On a long trip --- plan a stop or two along the way. Dad, go to hotel and sleep all day. Mom and kids go to a zoo, water park, playground...Have a big day and wear everyone out. Have a nice meal together...then hop in the car and drive at night. Dad will be refreshed and not distracted...everyone else will battle for who snores the most. Of course, this would not be a prudent idea if Dad is uncomfortable driving at night. But it worked out very nice for us...a quarter century ago (WOW time flys)
  14. Ahhh... Brazilian style... Now that's a feast! I'm suprised they don't have the Frango do Passarinha on the menu. One of my favorites. But they have lots of good choices.
  15. Chuggs

    Dog Walk

    Thanks! Yeah...we try to camp along the canals when we can. The 300 loop or 1800 loop. That lets us escape the loop in the early morning without having our Samoyeds talk (bark) to everyone on the way to Wagin' Tails. The male, Conner, in particular...thinks that if he barks at everyone --- he'll get them to come over and pet him. They're both eager to meet people...or better yet --- other doggies. The canal banks are a great way to skirt the loop with minimal ruckus. For some reason...(worn totally out)...they aren't quite as energetic on the way back to the loop from the dog park :) We've seen deer and wild turkeys walking the banks of the canals. And there is a bird of prey...Hawk, I think...that hunts along the grassy area between the 300 canal bank and the entrance to the dog park. I guess that's why we don't see more rabbits than we do.
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