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  1. I would love a nice hat to fit my head. We were there a couple weeks ago. I missed the new blue shirt in my size by one day. I saw a few at medows in 2xl. Went back the next day all medium and large.
  2. We made a small site. Ran water and power. Nice place to store the camper.
  3. I agree that they needed to check it out. Because if it was a meth lab there are some hazmat and explosive items to consider. But something has to be said about whatever indecent that started the whole mess in the first place. And it is truly a strange thing to have pop in your head. And it seems like this fella being grumpy by his own admission doesn't make the best choices. Atomic bomb??? He missed the whole filter between thoughts and mouth speech.
  4. That sounds dangerous. But very, very good!
  5. I am from Naples. And to be honest never camped around here or on the way. Always just wanted to get to the Fort. Fort Desoto sounds really cool but I would go way out of the way to not cross that bridge towing my trailer! There is a cool campground on Fort Myers beach where you camp right on the beach. Going to try that one one of these days. Also my kids loved Lion Country Safari and the KOA there. Not anything close to the Fort in quality but hearing the Lions roar in the mornings sure scared the poo out of our dog. http://www.lioncountrysafari.com/koa/koa-overview/ We hav
  6. I was kind of over the whole Orlando Bloom thing by the third one. I thought they ended it well and it was time to move on.
  7. I was thinking something along the line of Mater's Jamboree with a claw up above maybe moving around?
  8. That sounds like a fantastic adventure and lots of memories made there, Nothing like a key locked in a trunk story to retell for years. Enjoy the new adventures!
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