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  1. Yep. The big decorators seem to have gone. I'm sad about that....... Dave
  2. At Epcot. If you walk around the right side of the building at Journey Into Imagination With Figment, it's a ghost town. I've used it 5+ times and not a soul in site.
  3. We all like to have a drink or two, but damn.... I hope they kicked his ass out of the park! Have a Magical Day! Dave
  4. Wow! And I thought Christmas was over the top. Halloween has definitely taken over the decoration scene. Really impressive decorations. Thanks for posting.
  5. I haven't tried Halloween, but I do decorate a tad for Christmas. I try to keep it low key and not over the top. Dave
  6. When I do laundry at campgrounds I ALWAYS set a timer. I ALWAYS get back before my laundry is finished. After someone's laundry is finished, they have 10 minutes or its moved out. Set your timer or look at your watch! No excuses.......
  7. You dare test the wrath of the Disney elite security? Dave, you are the man!!
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