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  1. I was at WDW a few weeks ago and spoke with a few of my former co-workers in the Events Group that had already been called back and they told me that PEO, Park Events Operations was being restaffed and that private parties and events were on the books.
  2. It was just a matter of time before this guy showed up.
  3. I bet all of you familiar with DIT's infatuation with the downward evolution of the cinnamon bun thought you had heard the last of it. Just don't bring up Disney.
  4. How in the world did this thread go from FF dying to Moose?
  5. She cracked me up when she first told me that story long after we became friends, it cracks her up too. To paraphrase her "Who is this guy and why is he just showing up here?"
  6. What's sad for me is that you are one of the few Fiends that have evaded me, and that was hard to do, just ask Ray.
  7. They sure are great memories. I met so many great folks during my hundreds of unannounced vists to the Fort. I've remained close to many of them. I do remember the note Fred. Ahh the famous TCD FWRR spikes. Even though I handed out a lot of them at the Fort I think I still have some in my trunk. The best thing about the spikes is the story of how TCD hunted them down.
  8. From my point of view, how Disney treats CMs/retirees now is not much different than they've been treated during normal times. They've always gotten the leftovers. Disney gives them stuff when it doesn't cost them anything. They're allowed into the parks when the parks are not overly busy. Disney loses nothing by letting them in. They give them discounted cruises and resort stays if they know they won't sell out. In all cases Disney still makes out because as guests, CMs and retirees go to the restaurans and buy Disney crap. IE, it's the same old, same old. The treatment didn't bother me
  9. Thanks for the kind words. We're enjoying our completely new life but I do miss FL and not being a CM at WDW. Sorry to hear about your girls ending to their Disney careers, I know how much they loved WDW. For me Disney was always a love hate relationship and ended on a positive note, at least I got all my Disney perks. Hope everyone in your family have done well through the pandemic mess.
  10. I'd love to attend but I'd have to drive a whopping 45 minutes just to see some Fort Fiend knuckleheads. For those who remember me, I retired from Disney and now live north of Atlanta. I will show up at Stone Mt. to annoy as many of you as I can. It'll be just like old times at the Fort. And you thought you had gotten rid of me. I expect some apple pie.
  11. Heard from a little bird that you knuckleheads were having a ten year party so I thought I'd crash it. It's not that I like any of you, well maybe a few, but what the heck, if there's free food, I'm there. No, I haven't changed. There is free food ........right? Great job Jen and Chris and I hate to admit it, but, Mo too. Who's got the apple pie and where's Snarky? And DIT, I still have more reputation points than you...I think.
  12. I've known Hilda for years, especially when she was a CM. I stop by and chat with her every time I see her at the Fort. I simply made an observation and expressed my opinion and was neither endorsing or condemning the original post. For you to react as you have is little much. I've been off here for a long time and didn't realize that expressing opinions is now subject to approval by other posters. I'll go back to where I was, but if any of you see me at WDW, and you will, stop and say hi.
  13. Looks like advertising, and good advertising at that, to me. As long as that's her business phone number, from a business point of view, wouldn't Hilda approve?
  14. Travisma could have, and should have, taken the lead from Dave's post and posted a photo of slave Leia, but what does he do? Missed opportunity. I'm wondering how he got that photo of Dave, or is that Bob?
  15. The first six items and the fact that it's going to be built.
  16. Keep in mind that some of those elements are confirmed and some are guesses and rumors. The bridge is in the latter. Not a bad idea. Except for the costume, pretty close. Funny stuff, love Bob Newhart
  17. I don't think it'll be as elaborate as some of you are imagining. Here's what we think we know: The entire resort will resemble a star ship. It will be very expensive. Buffet breakfasts, lunches, and evening dining are included. Exclusive park admission into Galaxy's Edge. Amenities include a pool area, water garden, fitness area and cantina. Stays are two days long. It may be operate on a limited schedule. Due to the two day 100% immersive experience, resort hopping is unlikely. All indications point to it being adjacent to Galaxy's Edge. It appears
  18. But maybe they'll also do what they do on the ships, charge more for the rooms with a real view.
  19. Unfortunately I have not seen Donnie in a long time. Glad he's ok. Better late than never.
  20. I don't think I'll be at WDW carrying a light saber by the time the resort is built.
  21. I will not run if nominated or serve if elected. I think it's time for Mayor Donnie to take his rightful position.
  22. I've been working at DHS a lot lately, mostly at the SW dessert party, and yes, I have to wear a silly Star Wars themed costume and often have to carry a Light Saber when escorting guests to the Center Stage area for the show. Hopefully there are no photos. But I digress, CMs have to enter through the entrance off Osceola Pkwy which takes you by all the SW construction. I've noticed a huge area being cleared and based on unofficial reports, that's where the SW resort will be located. It's known that the area in question is the parking lot expansion, but only half of the site is for additional
  23. And that dummy is a whack job Uber driver called Loyal Millett, who lives in Utah and has nothing better to do than to submit roughly 1000 proposals, and counting. It's sad that OTPN saw fit to post this article which absolutely has no chance of seeing the light of day. Mr. Millet needs to seek professional help.
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