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  1. Some other friends were just told that they only gave them out if you had a car in the overflow.....unless it was because the Holiday rush was over.
  2. They stopped issuing, unless requested, since they scan your MB when you go into the park. There really is no reason to print one off unless you're leaving a car in the overflow.
  3. DVC Members have been asking for campsites for decades so this would be the appropeiate place.
  4. Local news talked about a traffic back-up of over a mile on World Drive going to the MK
  5. Thought you were referring to them disappearing periodically.. Except for the fence around the old playground, all was pretty much back to normal. Tree looked good too.
  6. There were several available yesterday and they even added regular chairs which I've never seen before. We thought it was unusually quiet for Christmas Day. Over a dozen parking spaces open up front and the only about 18 vehicles in the grass by the HItch/Un-hitch. We did see a new parking area in the grass by the riding stable and even it had a lot of open spots. Only 4 GC's in the grass by the Outpost bus stop and probably 20 GC's still available for rent. Even the GC's on the road were sparse yesterday.
  7. Our local store was almost completely out of all Christmas stuff yesterday.
  8. Except "What DISNEY wants DISNEY gets"....can't say that applies to all local governments.
  9. Except the "WILD WOMENZ" would monopolize them in February...
  10. I blame local government for that, Lake County is a prime example. There are numerous "Golf Cart Communities" between 192 and Saw Grass, but the county didn't require or build any sidewalks along 27 for carts to use. They just spent tons of money to upgrade 27 and did nothing to upgrade the walks.
  11. With more and more "work from home" jobs along with the fact that several "high tax" states such as Illinois are losing over 6.5 per 1,000 FL is an ideal place to go.
  12. Another litte "TID-BIT".. For the current year, Florida's population is expected to increase by 332,637 people. Between 2020 and 2021, it's estimated the population will grow by 324,025 people, and 314,977 the following year. For the 2022-2023 year, estimates are for 305,560; 294,727 for 2023-2024 and 284,673 for the following year.Aug 13, 2019
  13. There are 2 new hotels currently going up further West on the N side too. It also looks like the work is being done at the intersection of Avalon and Western Way which is supposed to connect it to Saw Grass Bay on 27. The shopping center is also under construction on the S side of W.W, again further West.
  14. We enjoyed both Coral Reef and San Angel Inn, not impressed with BOG and it was noisy. As to Trail's End it's all good, just depends on your schedule. Also look at Via Napoli.
  15. Since the 2 partners in ELITE have names totally different from the two names on GREENBERG's "SORRY WE"RE CLOSING" and the fact that they are based out of FL CAMPER"S INN and not the office that Holowinski used on 192 tells me there is no connection. Also is they were connected why is one of Greenberg's rigs still sitting on his lot(Holowinski's) here? It used to be when it was brought in they always connected it to power,, it isn't now. I still say it is just totally name confusion. This is also nothing close to what Greenberg even attempted. From Elite: Vacation for your dreams! November 14, 2019 We are taking everything out of your hassle - You start your RV CRUISE in Orlando - staying for 3 days then we will move your trailer to Daytona - where we staying 2 days and then taking a trip to Key West where we stay for 3 days. No need to pack and unpack. Your “Hotel Suite on wheels” will be moved for you with our trucks while you traveling in rental car or motorcycle.
  16. I think the "Elite" that was on Greenberg's site is being confused with Elite Camper Rentals. Greenberg also had a rental site at our park which is Elite Resorts and our park was mentioned on his web-site along with the FORT. There has been no activity here since he closed. As to the "theft" reference vs repo. If I remember correctly the Sheriff was on site at the FORT when the rigs were towed out. A search of "ELITE CAMPER RENTAL'S" address is a lot at "FLORIDA CAMP INN" RV Park on US-27.
  17. All the Florida TV media who were on it say it's the "best I've have ever been on" and that DISNEY did an outstanding job.
  18. They opened at 7 this morning instead of 8 and the wait time is currently posted as "EVENING"..
  19. We were going for lunch and the guard at AOA actually suggested that. We just went to Coronado Springs instead, no problem.
  20. Found out today that AOA, POP CENTURY & CARIBBEAN BEACH are all on a HARD PARKING CLOSE until JANUARY. If you do not have a reservation you cannot get in for any reason. This is apparently to stop people from parking and hoping on the SKYLINER to get to H.S. and Star Wars. Not sure if it applies to BOARDWALK, but I would think it does since BOARDWALK is usually very restrictive over the holidays already.
  21. Glad you got it fixed. Lippert pretty much .has a monopoly since they bought Dexter's frame shop back in 2012.
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