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    Man, I really don't want to try that with a pole.
    But if I want those photos, I better start practicing.
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  1. Looking forward to reading more. Happy to hear about the weather being good for you.
  2. It was so hot when we did this a few years back. As much as I love horseback riding. It did feel like a lifetime. LOL
  3. Sorry about the rain damage. The set up looks great though.
  4. Have you thought about having a house sitter? Then your dog could stay in his own home and they could try to follow all your normal routines with him.
  5. I love trip reports but this is just as good to me.
  6. This was a great way to spend lunch time. Thank you for posting the video.
  7. The Yachtsman - The cost is $45 per person vs For the Contemporary - $2,950 per person, based on adult double occupancy. Space is limited!
  8. All caught up. What a great trip without stepping one foot into a 'park park'. The water parks are fun. We enjoy both but my boys like the wave pool at TL better. I would love to see your Dollywood photos. It has been years since I've been.
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