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    Man, I really don't want to try that with a pole.
    But if I want those photos, I better start practicing.
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  1. The Yachtsman - The cost is $45 per person vs For the Contemporary - $2,950 per person, based on adult double occupancy. Space is limited!
  2. alexwyattmommy

    Happy Eighth Birthday Snarky!

    Happy Birthday Snarky!
  3. All caught up. What a great trip without stepping one foot into a 'park park'. The water parks are fun. We enjoy both but my boys like the wave pool at TL better. I would love to see your Dollywood photos. It has been years since I've been.
  4. alexwyattmommy

    Three trips to Disney can make a year good!

    Looking forward to more.
  5. Sorry boys, but the best thing about 1968 was MY birth. Glad to see you doing a TR Dave.
  6. alexwyattmommy

    Discovery Island little known fact

    After a few drinks, that could look like a miniature bear.
  7. alexwyattmommy

    A Surprise Trip to the Fort!

    Night time photos are hard. You make it look easy. Thank you for sharing them.
  8. alexwyattmommy

    A Surprise Trip to the Fort!

    Thank you for taking the time to clean up the window grime. Those photos look great and I wouldn't have known how hard you worked after the fact to make them so. Wonder why they don't clean the windows? How was the sushi?
  9. alexwyattmommy

    Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2017

    So pretty!! Thank you for taking all the photos and sharing them with us. You have the best daughters.
  10. alexwyattmommy

    A Surprise Trip to the Fort!

    I wanted to post earlier, but lost connection. Thank you for taking the time to give us a trip report. I love your photos.
  11. alexwyattmommy

    Got there early and stayed late

    Thank you for writing this up and giving us pictures. It has been fun tagging along with you all so far.
  12. alexwyattmommy

    A Disneyland Flickr album ... TR (kinda)

    Thank you for posting the link. I now want a Mickey pretzel.
  13. alexwyattmommy

    They Call it Labor Day for a Reason.....

    Biscuits and gravy or biscuits tucked into oatmeal? The Mickey waffles are calling my name.
  14. alexwyattmommy

    They Call it Labor Day for a Reason.....

    What roller coaster is that? Looking forward to more.
  15. alexwyattmommy

    Halloween in August Trip Report

    Now I want a plush hippo. =) Nice mine ride photo.