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  1. Yea I was surprised at how deep the water was at the end of the slides. The water coming off the slide was almost like a rip current too, you had to swim to the side or the you would get pushed out in the lake.
  2. Very nice. Looks like a great time. Kids of all ages love the Fort.
  3. Wow, It's just hitting me that the last time I was at the fort we did several things that it's looking like we did for the last time ever. I always thought I would be able go back and enjoy old favorites. Things always change I guess. I am afraid by the time I do get to come back I won't know the place at all.
  4. Hopefully they'll be more about the fort next week. They really didn't talk about the campground much. They are beyond jinxed with RV frigs two new riggs two different refrigerator manufacturers and both of them had issues right from the start. Strange they didn't figure out that the refrigerator didn't work right off the bat. I would think they would have had refrigerated things from the old rig to go to the new rig. Good customer service of Dometic to give them a back up frig.
  5. FYI The episode on Fort Wilderness drops tonight at 8 Eastern.
  6. I saw the ears was wondering if they got them from ya'll. (it's at 7:33 on video) I would love to meet them. They both seem so down to earth. Have really enjoyed watching their travels.
  7. These people have found a way to live a great life. Check them out. They are using one of TCD ideas (List of Fun) on having a great trip only stretching it out to the whole summer. They release a new episode every Sunday. PS If it takes you longer than 10 seconds to figure out where they are this week turn in you Fiend Card.
  8. So there are no special offers? First page is very slow to load and when it does load and you go to special offers there is nothing there... which is good because nothing is about all I can afford right now.
  9. $210 for a 3 year-old....on the other hand adults pay only $15 more than a 3 year-old! wonder why it wasn't sold out?
  10. I'm in .... We camped at Lake Manatee a few times in the early 2000's .... nice little campground as long as its not race season. You could hear the races from across the highway during the season.
  11. If that's the case then security concerns when inspecting coolers at entry makes the most sense.... I would hate to have to stick my hands in coolers all day digging in loose ice. picking up a small bag would be a lot faster and easier.
  12. Wow, I was not thinking there would be this much change at the fort. I guess the shoe tree will be a goner. Even if the tree makes it they will for sure not leave the shoes.
  13. Adding sites is good thing, especially if they get their own amenities. I won't be able to stay in them but maybe I'll have a better chance of getting a regular site.
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