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  1. MLM5.. aka Judy

    Townsend, TN - Memorial Day Grand Gathering 2014

    I love spending time with all of you but meeting her dad made this trip super special for me :)
  2. MLM5.. aka Judy

    Stone Mt?

    That was one of highlights of my trip.. I'll never forget the mans face on the covered bridge when I ask him if we were near a walmart :)
  3. MLM5.. aka Judy

    Dolly Is Upping Her Game

    I agree! I was skeptical until we were gifted annual passes and I can tell you it's totally worth it!
  4. MLM5.. aka Judy

    Disney store Frozen merchandise

    We are going to be there starting the 4 th of October for a week
  5. MLM5.. aka Judy

    Disney store Frozen merchandise

    I have felt the sting of the Elsa/Anna shortage.. (mom is personally a Olaf fan) This is Isabella's (4) first real OMG mom I need this thing and no where to be found.. or should I say no where to be found for a reasonable price, the swimsuit and cover up are going for over $100 on amazon and even more on Ebay.. sorry baby girl, not happening. I found some cute DIY costume ideas on Pinterest, she'll be rocking one of those for her birthday and probably the October trip, I will attempt to use one of our fast pass things for the meet and greet otherwise she wont be meeting them..
  6. MLM5.. aka Judy

    Gettysburg 2014

    Hey, that's exactly like my little cracker box :) I take the back cushions off the sofa and put a toddler bed rail on it, perfect for my 5 year old :)
  7. MLM5.. aka Judy

    Is Disney messing with the dining rezzies again?

    yes, it was booked in December, I did ask about transferring a few weeks ago when I knew the date for booking dining was coming and was told the same thing, must be done within 30 days of original booking. I will keep in mind your insomnia Jason and will never do this alone again!
  8. MLM5.. aka Judy

    Is Disney messing with the dining rezzies again?

    Jason, I kick myself in the arse daily for not using you, specifially now, you just wasnt there in the wee hours of the morning when Dave said booking and I didnt waste a second before taking his money...lol my lack of patience is often my downfall, I'd love ANY day during the week of 10/6 - 10/10 for a party of 7.. still no luck trying to get the darn thing booked
  9. MLM5.. aka Judy

    Is Disney messing with the dining rezzies again?

    Sweet GAWD!! yesterday was our 180 day mark for BOG and same thing here.. not able to book anything .. I guess I'll have to sucumb to the phone method but I dont have hight hopes that we are going to get in
  10. MLM5.. aka Judy

    HDDR - Which Category?

    i just booked Cat 2 for the saturday we are arriving the 6:15 show... we've never been so I'm sooooooooooooooo excited :banana:
  11. Universal parking is $16 to $22.. that caught me off guard and SMB.. So I guess in comparison, Disney isn't that bad.
  12. MLM5.. aka Judy

    TOO BIG??

    the Armada sits outside, my garage is also full of man crap (most of which is mine) :)
  13. MLM5.. aka Judy

    Ma'am, You Forgot the Check! -- WWW 2014

    I assure you life will never be the same :heart:
  14. MLM5.. aka Judy

    Universal Studios and More..

    yes, In fact I "might" have gotten out of my chair and did a little happy dance when I found out about it.. then sulked a bit when I saw the opening date.... I don't know what happened to my Irish luck... but it sure doesn't work for this girl..