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  1. What do you mean they have no food for purchase? They’ve got oatmeal for breakfast and for lunch and dinner you can get Batuu Bits Crispy Galaxy Snack Bits with Spiced Chermoula Dip $8.00 Whatever that is. I too was able to grab a couple solo lunch reservations in November. But I’m definitely not going there for the beer or food. I don’t really drink alcohol but will have a beer on occasion but who the heck wants lavender or banana flavored beer? I wish they would have at least one normal beer and a couple of food options
  2. You can have mine too. I too like cookie dough but in small servings.
  3. We renewed are passes last month and the renewal was just over $800. But that’s with the 15% discount for renewing. I believe the regular price was around $950. So they are cheaper through Sam’s then they were before the price hike.
  4. A few weeks ago a friend took me to Cast Connections and they had tons of Mickey rice crispy treats. Don’t remember the price but they a lot of them.
  5. That’s crazy! we were there Memorial weekend and the line was about 1.5-2 hours long both times I visited AK. Luckily i had FPs both times.
  6. My son would love an authentic R2-D2. He better start saving his money because I’m not buying him one. 😂
  7. Have a great trip. Im waiting to board my flight to Orlando right now. See y’all there.
  8. I personally am looking forward to riding the skyliner. And I know DD will be bugging me to buy her a Skyliner pin
  9. You know I’ll take you up on that. The Nickle Plate, at the golf course, is we’re i saw alcohol on the menu.
  10. Had to google it. Looks like an awesome place. Plus they have beer and dole whips. Just curious but do you buy the all day pass or simply pay for each ride you want to ride?
  11. Again. Does this guy think die hard fans are just going to leave when asked? They will go kicking and screaming! no die hard fan is going to be ready to roll after four hours. Are they going to limit each guest to one turn on smugglers cove? if not I can see people getting off the ride and right back into line. Making wait times even longer. I wonder when the last time this guy visited a park with his family and actually waited in line for a ride.
  12. You know what happens when you assume? Lol! When was the last time Disney limited the attendance to any park? They’re crowded in January now a days I was at animal kingdom opening week of avatar. We went one Tuesday and Wednesday and it was a nightmare. The CMs tried there best to control crowds but it was worse then the MK on Christmas Day. 6+ hour waits. I hope your right that they keep the wait times to 2 hours or less. But i doubt it based on past experiences at Disney. And do they reallly expect these die hard star ward fans to leave? i guess we will have to wait and see.
  13. When avatar first opened there were wait times way inexcess of 4 hours. Are the storm troopers going to pull people out of line after 4 hours? Its going to be a cluster (insert expletive here). I get the idea behind a 4 hour limit. Good idea but it’s jist not going to work. I can see it now...yes sir. I understand you waited in line for over 4 hours but we have a 4 hour time limit so we can let other people wait in line for 4 hours and then tell them to leave also. The road to hell is paved with good intentions!
  14. My DD went to the kids center at AK lodge and loved it. We had dinner and drinks at the lodge and when we went to pick her up she didn’t want to leave. Maybe a local babysitting service could come out to your campsite and watch the kids. Maybe they could take them to the camp fire and movie. While y’all go out for a few hours. Happy anniversary
  15. I heard it will start May 15th. Can you confirm or deny this rumor? if possible I’d like to order one for our May 23 trip.
  16. $199 per person! thats $600 for my fam. And for $600 I’ll take myself, DW, and DD to the California grill. We would great food, awesome desserts and the best view of the MK fireworks.
  17. Love the update. But now I’m hungry 😋 I’m planning on hitting Epcot 3 times in 3 weeks. I might just have to try some of those vegan meatballs.
  18. What? Did they fire you! 😂 just kidding!. Btw. How does a campground in Tennessee get the name Texas T? Are the owners from Texas?
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