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  1. I got talked into going to the Fort for the 4th once (Bob). Never again. We had lots of fun with the rest of the Fiends but our days and nights got switched around. We were up all night and slept most of the day.
  2. I am so glad that he got there! Now I don't expect to hear anything from you for at least ....well two days anyway!
  3. I can't wait to hear how the reunion went. Enjoy your time together!!
  4. Let's see. I have sailed Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Disney and Celebrity. If I can't be on a Disney ship then hands down I would choose Royal Caribbean. I have also sailed out of Port Canaveral, Tampa, Miami and Bayonne, New Jersey. Tampa is not a bad port (sailed from there 3 times) but the Gulf can be rough seas. Miami was wonderful to sail out of but if driving past a lot and I do mean a lot of homeless people bothers you then this is not the port for you. Miami security was bit more intense. I like a 4 or 5 day cruise the best too. Tampa has a great itinerary. We did the Key West, Gra
  5. Hands down River Country but make it for the exclusive use for Fort Wilderness!
  6. Glad you made it home safe and sound. It was great meeting both of you!
  7. Heard you had a rough start. Hope today is the first day of a wonderful, memory making trip!
  8. just don't let them flow through that hole in your head! :rofl2:
  9. It was nice running into you at the bus stop. We were on a search for food. If I had known there were freeloaders at the Meadows pool, with chicken, we could have just went there!!! :rofl2:
  10. She looks good, Jason. Mike and I were happy to be a part of bringing Maria to her new home. I hope you and Sil have many happy years of camping with her!
  11. Which can only be topped by the Lorna, Richie and Matt Show! :rofl2: :heartsmiley:
  12. I'm in. Never fast enough to grab a picture but I love seeing what you're up to and reading the comments that our Fiends come up with. :)
  13. My idea of night time EMH is Kathy's coffee under Bob's awning. And my touring plan is looping with Fiends!
  14. That was a bump...not the ghost of KFK. :rofl2:
  15. Just posted it to FB we are two hours from home! :banana:
  16. Just posted it to FB we are two hours from home! :banana:
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