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  1. I was wondering the same thing, I always assumed they would make some kind of transition or something for it, but honestly forgot about it since the new land opened. That space port story is a cheap out why part of star wars isn't in Galaxy's Edge. WBI
  2. Great catch! That's something no one else has mentioned, and with the treehouse rage right now you know those will be popular. WBI
  3. I don't think so, from what I saw just a new dock to the east of the existing one. WBI
  4. It appears that the floating dock is a replacement to the Cast Member dock that is being removed due to the Reflections DVC construction.
  5. I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed but WDWNT has been posting some artist renderings of the new Reflections resort. They have been rolling them out a little at a time, like they do everything else to get more clicks, but that got me to thinking, where are they getting this info. So I did a little digging and the first thing I found was this: Permit Plans I'll let you click through and look at the details in that post, but some highlights are a new dock next to the existing one at the Fort, parking right next to Pioneer Hall, I mean that literally, look at the handicap spots, and their appears to be more cabins than we first thought that are not right on Bay Lake. Oh and if you want to see what the inside of the rooms and new building look like check out WDWNT. WBI
  6. Good job! You kind of have to do that every cruise now. WBI
  7. Speaking of the last cruise... I saw someone familiar got a repost by the official DCL Instagram feed. That's a pretty big deal! It was a great picture! By the way we do the same, no bottled water, just bring yeti type cups, on DCL anyway. On our recent Royal Caribbean cruise we had the drink package so drinks and bottled water were included. WBI
  8. Dave, Not sure if you're still interested but I saw on Amazon today that a couple of the TenToes paddle boards are on sale. I'm assuming they are a previous year model or something. Amazon
  9. ha I haven't been on Dinosaur since before W was born so over 5 years. And I've never been on FOP so yeah no clue. But I'll be riding it for the first time on Monday at 8:35am! WBI
  10. Josh posted some pictures recently of a woman and child on the terrace of Club 33 in MK, so I guess it's open. WBI
  11. I saw it is on it's way to Miami where it will home port at their brand new terminal. Which will be the largest Royal Caribbean terminal, and it looks pretty fancy. I agree though the size and amount of people don't sound appealing, BUT I've read some good reviews and the ship does look pretty amazing. Maybe one day if there's a good deal I'll be able to talk Lisa into going on it, for research purposes. WBI
  12. I didn't know about this promotion ahead of time, but the wife asked me to bring her a coffee so I found out while at Starbucks. Sadly by noon they were all out of the cups so no reusable cups for us. Also the app and website has been down, tons of complaints online. WBI
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