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  1. WannaBeImagineer

    Cruise questions

    Good job! You kind of have to do that every cruise now. WBI
  2. WannaBeImagineer

    Cruise questions

    Speaking of the last cruise... I saw someone familiar got a repost by the official DCL Instagram feed. That's a pretty big deal! It was a great picture! By the way we do the same, no bottled water, just bring yeti type cups, on DCL anyway. On our recent Royal Caribbean cruise we had the drink package so drinks and bottled water were included. WBI
  3. WannaBeImagineer

    30A Camping in Grayton Beach State Park

    Dave, Not sure if you're still interested but I saw on Amazon today that a couple of the TenToes paddle boards are on sale. I'm assuming they are a previous year model or something. Amazon
  4. WannaBeImagineer

    Where in the World??

    ha I haven't been on Dinosaur since before W was born so over 5 years. And I've never been on FOP so yeah no clue. But I'll be riding it for the first time on Monday at 8:35am! WBI
  5. WannaBeImagineer

    Where in the World??

    Dinosaur ride in Animal Kingdom?
  6. WannaBeImagineer

    Club 33 at Magic Kingdom Construction

    Josh posted some pictures recently of a woman and child on the terrace of Club 33 in MK, so I guess it's open. WBI
  7. WannaBeImagineer

    Largest ship docks at Canaveral.

    That ship is adults only right?
  8. WannaBeImagineer

    Largest ship docks at Canaveral.

    I saw it is on it's way to Miami where it will home port at their brand new terminal. Which will be the largest Royal Caribbean terminal, and it looks pretty fancy. I agree though the size and amount of people don't sound appealing, BUT I've read some good reviews and the ship does look pretty amazing. Maybe one day if there's a good deal I'll be able to talk Lisa into going on it, for research purposes. WBI
  9. I didn't know about this promotion ahead of time, but the wife asked me to bring her a coffee so I found out while at Starbucks. Sadly by noon they were all out of the cups so no reusable cups for us. Also the app and website has been down, tons of complaints online. WBI
  10. WannaBeImagineer

    MK Main Entrance

    Thanks TCD!
  11. WannaBeImagineer

    MK Main Entrance

    Thanks Carol, I'm thinking I'll stick with that way on this trip also, GPS says its slightly faster but I also want to see the new MK entrance area.
  12. WannaBeImagineer

    River Country

    I still don't get why they don't build a resort like this on Seven Seas Lagoon instead of by Bay Lake, you could have monorail, boat and bus access and charge more money, not to mention better MK views. If they killed the original wilderness theme why not build the Four Season wannabe over there? And don't use the poor soils excuse, they'll be driving piles and doing wetland mitigation in this proposed location, they could certainly do it on Seven Seas Lagoon. WBI
  13. WannaBeImagineer

    River Country

    Just to recap for everyone, the old plans showed the following: Moving the TCD ranch to the outpost Moving the Backyard BBQ pavilion behind the Settlement Trading Post A large parking area where the TCD Ranch is now The new parking area had a large path along it towards Pioneer Hall An access road and utilities coming in along the road that connects to Wilderness Lodge The new resort had it's own marina Now all that being said, that resort made it all the way through permitting, had 3d models made and they still didn't build it so all of the above info might not even apply anymore. WBI
  14. That's for the cheapest I could get. Right now I have an Alamo reservation for an intermediate with a free upgrade, I also have a $10 off coupon, and a group discount. I just did another quick search on Kayak and a they are showing an economy (Chevy Spark) for $198 through Dollar. I'll have two car seats though so I probably need more room than that, but I am going to keep trying for something cheaper. WBI
  15. I have a rental car reserved for airport in Fort Myers, FL for Veteran's Day weekend. I tried all the discounts I could find and the lowest I got was $213 for Thursday at 11pm-Monday at 7am. They charge that as 4 days. I did miss out one one pay-now deal that was $167 but now the prices have skyrocketed even higher than I paid. I have no idea what's going on but that's the worst I've ever had for the amount of time I'll actually have it. WBI