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  1. http://www.fortfiends.net/forum/topic/10531-mama-aka-oldekoot/?p=299856 is a little pro/con from our trip to DL
  2. And the radiologist report is in ... and doesn't sound good: Impression: No significant change. Persistently visible fracture line with minimal distraction at the proximal metaphysis of the fifth metatarsal. In other words - It's still fractured and hasn't healed much in over 5 months. The Doctor's Notes don't say what he told me, either. Now I can use a shoe WITH the Walker; I'm supposed to be mostly NON-Weight Bearing (stay off of it totally); yada yada. This SMB!
  3. In Adventureland ... "Keep looking, I know the Safari Ride is in here."
  4. Maybe the doctor is the one that needs a lesson in reading X-rays ...
  5. Actually, more healing than expected. Take the boot off and wear a shoe some to build the muscle tone back up. When it starts to ache some - and it WILL start to hurt, put the boot back on. I'm taking this with a grain of salt until I see the Radiologist report next week. Last time the doctor said 40% healed and the Radiologist said minimal change o/O ...
  6. Minimal change in the foot - even with lots of calcium, D3 and the bone growth stimulator. I see the doctor again on January 8. Not expecting big changes, but there should be some evidence of healing.
  7. Getting closer to the cause ... not the best news, but it opens up some treatemnt options ... http://tothedopeyandbeyond.blogspot.com/2014/12/endocrinology.html?spref=tw and going somewhere I really tried to avoid ... http://tothedopeyandbeyond.blogspot.com/2014/12/wheelchair-clinic.html?spref=tw
  8. Unhijack for a moment ... The Fort doesn't get free dining become we are the black sheep of Disney Resorts. We park our 'cheap' RV on an "cheap" site; cook our own food instead of paying Disney prices at their restaurants; we bring our own golf carts instead of playing the "reasonable" prices for a Disney cart; cheapskates like campers at The Fort don't deserve free dining. </Snarkasm>
  9. A little hindsight - the hills were VERY rough on me. Not that they are that high, but they are steeper than any around here. I had to put a lot more stress on my arms and shoulders than normal. The strain on my injured arm along with having to wheelchair or walker around (and Whine & Drown Half, I'm sure) has developed into what I'm sure is tendonitis. I see the doctor about my foot tomorrow ... and no wheelchair and an further injured arm will - hopefully - stir the pot and get some faster action frm the VA. We shall see ..
  10. They will also warm and plate a large batch before serving any. If you get one of the first plated servings, it's cold.
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