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  1. It is among the many abilities we have lost as a country. Until a pandemic like this virus comes along and we discover that it's probably not a good thing that we outsource everything to other countries. But, we can't blame it all on outsourcing.... The last oil refinery we built in the US was many years ago. Why? The Not In My Backyard (NIMBY) folks and environmental laws. Well, shipyards are in the same category. For a vessel to fly the US flag it must be built in the US under the supervision of the US Coast Guard. Then, once constructed and put into service it must be staffed by
  2. The Jones act exists for one reason, to support the US maritime industry, or what is left of it. Current ships flying a flag of another country can not just decide to become US flagged. To fly the US flag the ship must be built in the US under the supervision of the US Coast Guard. The cruise industry could decide tomorrow that they wanted all their ships flagged here, but we do not have the shipbuilding capacity anymore to supply them the ships. There is currently one (1) US flagged cruise ship.
  3. Not that I have seen anywhere. This is supposed to be a second Castaway Cay type option for the new ships hitting the fleet.
  4. Tough to get a reservation , But Huntington Beach State Park in South Carolina. It's in Murrels Inlet, just below Myrtle Beach. You can drive up for the Myrtle Beach experience, but retreat to the ocean front state park. The north loop is water/electric, but the south loop is full hook up. Both loops are on the land side of the sand dunes, but each has a boardwalk over to the beach. While you can't "see" the ocean from your site, you can sit outside by a campfire and listen to the waves. https://southcarolinaparks.com/huntington-beach/camping#jump
  5. While a lot of money, it pales in what they are spending to add additional ships to the fleet. This is just prep work for those ships. DCL guests have already shown that they will pay a premium bor mor "Disney Island" time by booking back to back cruises as well as double dip Castaway Cay sailings. Additionally, this gives them the space to add dining "upsell" opportunities on the island.
  6. Prevost doesn't make motorhmes, they make the chassis. It's like my Newmar is built on a Freightliner chasis. Prevost delivers the chassis to small independent coach manufacturers like Millenium, In this class you are generally looking at a cool million and up. https://millenniumluxurycoaches.com/
  7. A couple of trips ago the site next to us had a Class A, a pop up and two tents. Each night they had an open firepit and had fires that could put the Texas A&M bonfire to shame.....
  8. The fence is about 4 feet tall. Our Husky/German Shepherd Dog mix is an escape artist and can jump or just climb most fences. I have to keep her and our German Shepherd Dog busy and excited or she will be over the fence. She has "excaped" a couple of times but like at home, all I generally need to do is hop on the golf cart and honk the horn and she comes running as she loved to ride the cart. There is a public dog park over in Clermont, but it's really not convenient to the Fort. We generally just use it when we sty at Lake Louisa State Park before the Fort.
  9. With the new text your site number I have avoided the check in on my last few trips. I've left a car and golf cart trailer in the overflow lot with no issues. But, as Jason points out, Disney has no consistency in procedures or rules.....
  10. My first trip to the Fort was in 1974. I've seen a lot of changes. Campsites taken over by rental trailers. Fort Wilderness train gone Building of the cabin loops Slow erosion of theming and holiday decorations. Ever increasing Prices I could keep going, but every time there is a change folks accept it. Newer legions of RV enthusiasts find the Fort and declare it the nicest campground of all. They accept the way things are because then never knew the beginning. The construction site looks horrible. The previews of the new resort are
  11. It is neat, but at a cost of a monthly fee any month you use it. I'll stick with the Central Florida Expressway Authority E-Pass Xtra. The Xtra is EZ-Pass. So, this one pass will cover all tolls in Florida, the few tolls in Georgia, the few tolls in North Carolina and the 18 EZ-Pass states. I cancelled my SunPass account and my EZ-Pass account and now just use my E-Pass Xtra. https://www.cfxway.com/
  12. With the new system it is easy to "miss" telling them about pets. If you forget to do the little drop-down menu when booking and check the pet box they never know you have one. More an more people are just bypassing check in and going direct to campsites. Even when I have checked the box, I have bypassed check in and have not signed the form.
  13. As I've said several times, I've never had a bad site at the Fort. We got one we didn't fit in, but never a bad one. Maybe we are lucky.
  14. Whle many like site specific reservations, it is bad in that sites will go empty between reservations. Plus, if I'm on a FHU site and want to extend a night with site specific reservations I may not be able to even though there is another site available as mine may be booked.
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