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  1. I was there. My pick up and golf cart trailer were out in the lot.
  2. I'll be honest, if I needed an RV spot and a trailer was taking it up, I would move it...... I have seen very few trailers wit a boot on a wheel, and 10 ft utility I can lift the front and move around.
  3. Google says out travel time to the Fort is a hair over 8 hours. Even with this “short” travel time I always break it up into two days for several reasons. First, the Google time is always a little short for us as we tend to stop more often than required. As as I get older I like to stop and walk a little which the dogs happen to like too. The big big reason is that I hate getting to the Fort late in the day. The on line check in and texting site numbers has worked very well for us. On our southbound trip, I stop at Three Flags Resort in Wildwood. This is where I-75 and the Florida Turnpike split and is a little over an hour from the Fort using 429. So far, by saying we will arrive 9-9:30 we have always had a site when we arrive. For the Northbound trip home, we stop at Twin Oaks RV Park in Elko, GA. If you believe Google, this is 1:45 south of Atlanta city center, but in reality you are only about an hour south of the Atlanta traffic. While I try to time my Disney trips to travel thru Atlanta on the weekends, stopping here allows me to time my travel they Atlanta a little better. All of this allows me to me to get home early in the day so that I’m not tripping to back this trailer into the garage in the dark and gives me time to clean it up and leave it in good condition.
  4. I will push the speed to 70 at times, but very seldom anything above that. Towing an RV is a “system” in my mind and all parts need to be operating correctly. If anything is not right, the speed comes down to account for it. First in my book is the tow vehicle. I have always believed in overkill. I see too many people getting out a calculator to determine to the “ounce” what they “can” tow. I tow with a F-250 Diesel, single rear wheel. Even with this tow vehicle, I’m well below the limitations. Even with a substantial tow vehicle I know I have limits. I have had RV salespeople look me in the eye and tell me I was fine with a new camper. When I ran the numbers I was over 3,000 pounds over. Next is the hitch. After most people buy the camper they are looking to “save” on the hitch. They look at price over functionality. I did a lot of research on hitch systems when we transitioned for a pop up to a travel trailer. In my mind all roads eventually led to the two hitches designed by Jim Hensley. The original, the Hensley Arrow and the newer redesign, the Pro Pride hitch. I won’t go into the details here, bu there is a difference in a hitch that costs $399 and one that costs $2,000. Following up on the hitch is making sure the safety chains and breakaway brake switch are in good condition I then look at tires. I covered that before, so I won’t repeat myself other than to say no older than 4 years, proper pressure, speed rated for 80 and a tire pressure monitoring system. The weather also comes into play Rain, fog and high winds will slow me way down or even get me off the interstate. I’d rather be late than in the ditch. Maintenance - this is the one that is too easy to ignore. Repack the axle bearings, adjust the brakes Storage - This is the hard one for most folks. Both of our campers (we have a 35’ Coachman and a 15’ Aliner) are stored inside a steel building in the mountains. They are seldom too hot, seldom in freezing temperatures and are protected from the damaging UV rays of the sun. All of these are my feelings/opinions. Yours may be different and I respect that.
  5. I’m a firm believer that new tires and checking air before every trip isn’t sufficient. Yes, I replace my tires ever 3 - 5 years. Yes, I check and air up my tires before every trip, but....... i take it it one step further, I have a tire pressure sensor on every tire on both the tow vehicle and the trailer. So far on three occasions even though I had new tires that were at the proper pressure before the trip I have had alarms that caused me to stop. Two of the situations were screws I picked up from the road and one was a valve stem that began leaking. In all three cases I had sufficient time to pull to a place of complete safety and address the situation in a place other than the side of the road. One of the the three, when I exited the highway there was a tire store at the bottom of the exit ramp. In all three cases, once I stopped, even though the tires were drastically low on air, they appeared fully inflated and they passed the “kick” test. I fully believe that that the vast majority of “Chinese Junk Tire” failures and “old tire” failures are really road hazards that have caused a loss of tire pressure that caused a catastrophic failure. In all three of my instances, had I not responded to the alarm and stopped towing I’m sure I would have a failure. Most times when a tire overheats and fails you end up with little evidence to prove what happened. Everyone should have a TPMS on all tires.
  6. Well, we are in the 2100 loop now. Just road the cart through 2000 and 8t is quiet.....
  7. I’m here now, nothing seems different than any previous trip.
  8. Well, how did they know I was arriving on May 25...... Missed it buy two days😫
  9. RV manufacturers are producing more and more units. Couple that with the cost of developing a new campground and you end up with too many folks wanting to go camping at fewer campgrounds. Basic supply & demand says the prices are going up.
  10. Well, we don't plan on selling either of our campers soon. We hve a 35' TT for long trips and an Aliner fro short trips or the camping we prefer, up into national forest land. This is our year for Disney. We have Annual Passes this year that expire in October. We will get our moneys worth out of them, but not renew. While we will return, the trips will be sporadic and few & far between. When a trip to sandals or a Cruise can become cost effective compared to a Disney camping trip you know the world is standing on it's head.....
  11. As has been said, its a Facebook Group. It is run by a couple of travel agents and while they seem to give out fairly accurate information they do have some "quirks". They won't let anyone talk about ticket brokers like Undercover Tourist because they are not (according to them) "official ticket sources".
  12. I really believe that they eliminate most of the problems with this when they started requiring payment up front. To use this, even assuming a $50 dinner for two is going to have to tie up $600 for six months and then deal with getting refunds. Not it something I would do
  13. They are going to try. Same thing in the S/E, they are opening a few stores in Publix areas.
  14. Story of my life.... I ddin't see it in the activity thread=== Sigh........
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