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  1. tim5055

    An discount specifically for campsites!

    Well, how did they know I was arriving on May 25...... Missed it buy two days😫
  2. tim5055

    We’re Done

    RV manufacturers are producing more and more units. Couple that with the cost of developing a new campground and you end up with too many folks wanting to go camping at fewer campgrounds. Basic supply & demand says the prices are going up.
  3. tim5055

    We’re Done

    Well, we don't plan on selling either of our campers soon. We hve a 35' TT for long trips and an Aliner fro short trips or the camping we prefer, up into national forest land. This is our year for Disney. We have Annual Passes this year that expire in October. We will get our moneys worth out of them, but not renew. While we will return, the trips will be sporadic and few & far between. When a trip to sandals or a Cruise can become cost effective compared to a Disney camping trip you know the world is standing on it's head.....
  4. tim5055

    Disney Campers?

    As has been said, its a Facebook Group. It is run by a couple of travel agents and while they seem to give out fairly accurate information they do have some "quirks". They won't let anyone talk about ticket brokers like Undercover Tourist because they are not (according to them) "official ticket sources".
  5. I really believe that they eliminate most of the problems with this when they started requiring payment up front. To use this, even assuming a $50 dinner for two is going to have to tie up $600 for six months and then deal with getting refunds. Not it something I would do
  6. They are going to try. Same thing in the S/E, they are opening a few stores in Publix areas.
  7. Story of my life.... I ddin't see it in the activity thread=== Sigh........
  8. They are up to something new... https://www.actionnewsjax.com/news/trending-now/disney-buys-up-900-acres-of-land-south-of-walt-disney-world/890360385?fbclid=IwAR19O9X9vyLAnoKM8n9X9pTdwwry0JNOE24_l1ACWRQQbYloj4gALCAHiCE
  9. tim5055

    WTF.....Talk about a cash grab

    What is the ship & itinerary? We have always cruised on aft facing cabins (Disney and Royal Caribbean) and have always been very happy. We have felt vibration when maneuvering/docking but never had an issue with normal sailing. But, that could also be because of booking two wine packages and bringing bottles on with us.....
  10. tim5055

    Thoughts on the Fort

    OK, Felica made it home without issue towing the golf cart. I stopped in Elko, GA so that I can time my trip they ATLANTA tomorrow. Today I would have hit it at rush, so no go. I stopped at Twin Oaks RV park. Just off I-75 at exit 127. Lots of pull thru sites. Seems to be a nice place. It even has a small dog park area. I seem to have timed it perfectly, as soon as I was in my site and dropped the stabilizer and it started to rain. I’ll relax tonight, start 9ish in the morning and slide thru ATL after the morning rush. http://twinoaksrvpark.com/
  11. tim5055

    Thoughts on the Fort

    Well, I knew it was time to go when the Fort charged my card last night for incendentals..... We were up a little after 5 for Felica to pack a few things and for me to load the golf cart. She left around 6 headed home. As it stands our house has been without power for 24 hours now. One of the neighbors called and was told to expect 2 - 3 days more without power. Felica is going to drive they and hopefully get the generator going. She has never started it, so I’m crossing my fingers. On a a good day without stops it’s about 8 hours without stops, so she has a drive ahead of her Once the sun is up I’ll start packing up and get on the road. Until I know how the roads are I’m not driving into the mountains. I made a reservation in Perry Georgia for the night and I’ll take it home Tuesday is the roads are clear. Crossing my fingers that the power is back on before Felica gets home.
  12. tim5055

    Thoughts on the Fort

    Warren Trutwin https://www.flickr.com/photos/baylake/ He has lots of options, and will modify images if you like. He does single sided, double sided and optional woods over the normal pine. I want ant to say it took 6 weeks from order to delivery, but Christmas is his busy season. I can’t remember the cost, a couple hundred I think. Payment up front via PayPal.
  13. tim5055

    Fax # for the Fort

    When making reservations you can ask to be assigned to a specific loop, and they will even note a specific favorite site, but remember nothing is guaranteed! I would never fax anything until 4 days before arrival. Until that time the Disney reservation system still has the reservation. At the 4 day point it is released to the resort for “room” assignment. If you fax it too early it just gives it a chance to get lost. Reception Outpost Fax 407-824-3508 Now, with that said I will give you my personal opinion. Make your site selection known when you make your reservation so they can note it on your reservation. You are much better off requesting the things you like about the site/loop rather than the site/loop itself. For example, if you like the site because it is near a comfort station, then request that, if you like it because it is in the back of the loop and is quieter request that. The problem with asking for a specific site/loop is that the site assigners really don't know why you wanted that site/loop. If your request is not available they really don't know what you might find as a comparable site. Here is my “sample” fax: ************************************* Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort Via Fax - 407-824-3508 Attn: Site Assignment Team Friday, February 15, 2018 Resort Confirmation# (????????) Howdy! On (February ??), my Family and I will be arriving Fort Wilderness Resort We would be most grateful if you could possibly accommodate a few requests for (????? Loop) (????) Site We have reserved a (Partial/Full Hook Up/Preferred/Premium campsite and have a (?????) camper. (At the very least, make sure they have the following information) Type of camping unit (i.e. trailer, tent, motorhome/coach etc.) Length of your entire rig including tow vehicles and toads Number/location of all awnings Number/location of all slides We really love being close to a (bathouse/bus stop or whatever reason for that loop/site) and it would be very magical to receive any pixie dust if at all possible. We understand that these are requests but if you can help us out to the best of your abilities we would be grateful. We appreciate any assistance you can provide in making our wonderful vacation more magical. Thanks, Name e-mail Phone ?????
  14. tim5055

    Thoughts on the Fort

    Speaking of music, did you hear all the oldies being played night before last? I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from and then yesterday walking her dogs along the canal I found the source. We walked the can from the 1800 loop and when we got to the gate at the end there was a huge tent set up on the fairway of the Four Seasons golf course next door. They were in the process of taking it down, so it was just a one night shindig. Someone paid big bucks for that party as this was not your run of the mill tent. It had HVAC and metal/glass doors. I watched them disassembling the doors and it took two good sized guys to move one door. Like I told you at your site, we met that one helicopter parent to his dog at the dog park, so we have been avoiding it. We have been riding the golf cart to the dirt lot past the group camp8ng area, walking across the street and taking the dogs down the levee along the canal. We actually walked down to the back side of the STOL Port. I have only ever seen it from the road, but from the back side there are permanent construction buildings back there. I had to look it up on the satellite view to see where we were. I was surprised, form the campground it was only a 3/4 mile walk one way.