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  1. It is neat, but at a cost of a monthly fee any month you use it. I'll stick with the Central Florida Expressway Authority E-Pass Xtra. The Xtra is EZ-Pass. So, this one pass will cover all tolls in Florida, the few tolls in Georgia, the few tolls in North Carolina and the 18 EZ-Pass states. I cancelled my SunPass account and my EZ-Pass account and now just use my E-Pass Xtra. https://www.cfxway.com/
  2. With the new system it is easy to "miss" telling them about pets. If you forget to do the little drop-down menu when booking and check the pet box they never know you have one. More an more people are just bypassing check in and going direct to campsites. Even when I have checked the box, I have bypassed check in and have not signed the form.
  3. As I've said several times, I've never had a bad site at the Fort. We got one we didn't fit in, but never a bad one. Maybe we are lucky.
  4. Whle many like site specific reservations, it is bad in that sites will go empty between reservations. Plus, if I'm on a FHU site and want to extend a night with site specific reservations I may not be able to even though there is another site available as mine may be booked.
  5. Be sure to let us know if you see any difference in the check in experience.
  6. As a few have pointed out here, word on other forums is that many are now seeing that faxed requests are not being noted. I know that in the past I have recommend faxing about 4 days before. Many say 10 days to two weeks, but I figured that just gave them time to loose the fax.
  7. My gut feeling is that this change will make the Fort the same as any hotel. The front desk staff will always be able to see what is occupied, vacant and pending arrival. They can sell a vacant site for one night without a problem. Where I see the possible issues arising are special requests. A system that has apparently worked well for many years (faxing requests) could be in peril. I'm being told by another travel agent who works the Fort a lot (sorry Jason) that the faxes are being forwarded to the new assignment group. How long will this last?? To be honest, I have never faxed a request. I have noted on my reservation some things at times, like "back side of 1900 loop, outside" but even that was rare. I like the surprise of seeing where they put us this time and we have never been disappointed. On one occasion we didn't fit on a site but other than that time have always been happy. I'm hoping that this is an issue just because it's change. Nobody like change.
  8. One of the most confusing things is tolls in Florida... The majority of the country has figured tolls out, join EZ-Pass - No, Florida has to do their own thing and confused it while doing it. So, understand there are multiple toll agencies in Florida. The two you will deal with the most are the Florida Turnpike System (their toll transponder is called SunPass) and the Central Florida Expressway Authority (their transponder is called E-Pass). But, the Central Florida Expressway Authority accepts both EZ-Pass and the Florida SunPass. So, those of us who have an EZ-Pass account from out of state can't do everything with EZ-Pass. So, what do we do? Well, originally I just broke down and purchased a SunPass. When traveling the Florida Turnpike/429 to Disney this will work the entire route. But, if you have an EZ-Pass you must put it in the RF cellophane bag to keep from getting “double billed” when you travel on Central Florida Turnpike Authority roads. Their toll plazas will read both tags and bill both. So, if you don't have a SunPass as you travel south on the Florida Turnpike stop at the first turnpike service plaza (Okahumpka Service Plaza Mile marker 299 on the turnpike). They have a toll pass vending machine or you can purchase the pass at the plaza store. The SunPass comes in two styles, a stick on pass that can not be moved from vehicle to vehicle or a plastic transponder with suction cups that can be moved from car to car. Once you have your transponder you need to set up an account. They have you covered here as well. You can either use the free WiFi at the service plaza with your device to set up the account or they have an account kiosk that you can use. You will need to “deposit” funds in your account, but you can use a credit card to do this. Now, I have changed. The Central Florida Expressway Authority has now come out with an E-Pass Xtra. The Xtra is EZ-Pass. So, this one pass will cover all tolls in Florida, the few tolls in Georgia, the few tolls in North Carolina and the 18 EZ-Pass states. You can set up “limits” on the account, so lets say when you account gets to a $10 balance they can automatically charge your card for XX dollars to bring it back up. https://www.cfxway.com/
  9. When we were there last week they had just completed a lot of plantings along he entry road to the 16/1900 loops. It appears to me that the big Christmas display in the 1800 loop will have lost some space to set stuff up. Maybe they are cutting back on all the big displays that folks bring
  10. Congrats!! I think you will be happy driving instead of towing......
  11. This is the key. We looked for many years and knew it when we saw it.
  12. Well, we just sold our trailer on Tuesday and pick up the Newmar Mountain Aire (OK, 2012 - I'm not rich) September 10th. We always travel with 2 German Shepherds as well as at least one cat so a Class A seems to be the right fit. Look for the floorplan that fits your needs and go from there.
  13. Well, this is about as certain info as if you got it from a bus driver or castmember cleaning the sites..... It is being reported that Orange County Sheriff's Office is beginning to schedule Deputies Sunday from 2P to 5P to help folks evacuate the Fort.... That is all
  14. Well, I can say - just before they eliminated non expiring tickets we purchased 4 10 day tickets. We have added 2 of them to our MDE accounts (1 each) and still have 4 days. Before we got them we had tickets with “pluses” on them. So, when we got our annual passes this year we went to guest services to make sure the AP’s would be used rather than the non expiring days. Not only did she set that up, she reminded us we had the “pluses” to use from the old tickets. At the same time I talked to her about m6 old A-B-C-D-E tickets. She said bring them back, they have a chart that tells,the, the $$ value of each ticket to credit toward current ticket media.
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