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  1. Great report Dave!! I was nice to you guys again even though it was a brief meeting :wave1: . Looks like you guys had a blast at the parks. The pictures make me kinda sad we didn't go to any parks. We too won't go back for awhile our girls are just too busy and with a new baby due this summer it's just too much work. So keep up the great trip reports!
  2. Crazemama26AKA Janelle

    What the Fort?! PFGCCM

    Well I seem to recall a picture of one of those in somebody's trip report(TCD??) but I think it was wearing silver??Not sure though. If one would of came up to me I would of peed my pants from laughing so hard and maybe taken a picture of it(the person not my wets pants :wetpants: )
  3. Crazemama26AKA Janelle

    Shipping a box to the Fort??

    Well I've decided to have it shipped here and hopefully it will arrive by 12/14 and my DD can bring it down with her when she flys down on 12/14. If it doesn't come by then I will have my mom mail it down to me at the fort a couple of days before we get off the boat so it will be there waiting. Fingers crossed that this will work otherwise I will need a cage for my girls :rofl3: I still may need one anyway.
  4. Crazemama26AKA Janelle

    Shipping a box to the Fort??

    Thanks for the replies! Carol, would they hold it for a week or so? They say it will ship on 12/14. I understand what Grumpy and Grandma are saying cause if it gets lost somewhere in the shuffle at the fort I would be out $750 and I would be sad, very sad.
  5. Has anyone ever shipped a box to the Fort? We are going to order a screen room for our new camper and it takes Jayco 3wks to make however we leave on Dec 12th. I was thinking about having it shipped to the Fort. The one hang up is that we don't check-in til Dec 22 and will be on a cruise from 12/15-12/22 so there's a good chance it will get there before we do. Any advice? Suggestions?? I thought about having it shipped to my parents and then having them ship it down a couple of days before we get there so it would be there on Fri 12/21 but they are not very reliable so there's a good chance it won't get shipped. Ugh! I really want this to help cage keep my twins in or atleast slow them down.
  6. I am way beyond tardy :kickinass: to get a golf cart for x-mas. So anyone have any suggestions on where to rent a cart this late in the game? My DH had hoped we'd have a toyhauler by now so we can take our own cart but it's not looking very promising. So any suggestions?? We will be there from 12/22-1/3ish Thanks,
  7. Crazemama26AKA Janelle

    Need a plan....ideas and suggestions welcomed!

    Can you use a pop up site? There's one avail now on the disney website for 12/25 -12/31. You just have to play with the dates.
  8. Crazemama26AKA Janelle

    Christmas/New Years 2012

    We will be there starting on 12/22 and staying til sometime after new years or until work calls and we have to go home :banghead: . Looking forward to meeting some new fiends and see some from last year :wave1: . We will hopefully be in the 1500 loop unless I can get a upgrade.
  9. We will be in a pop-up site.
  10. Crazemama26AKA Janelle

    Who here is handy and wants a cheap pop up??

    Good now I will tell my husband it's all your fault :kickinass: cause you said so... Your funny :rofl3: the only way possible to keep those two contained is a cage and it must be a very strong one with a roof and a lock and key. Those two give me a run for my money every day. I've wanted a screen room since I saw TCD's it really add's extra floor space. They are really expensive so I've been trying to find one for cheap on craigslist. The canvas isn't too bad I've actually seen worse and after it was cleaned it looked like new. It's all the water damage from the roof that would be bad.
  11. Ok, so I have an addiction to craigslist :'( my DH won't go with me anymore. So I found this little beauty on there tonight http://madison.craigslist.org/rvs/3305361313.html I'm sure there's some massive water damage but if anyone is handy they maybe able to fix it. Tenting can be replaced or depending on the damage it might just need to be bleached and then re waterproofed. I want the screen room for our camper. Ack! I will not email, I will not email, I will not email......shhh...too late :blowup: I'm gonna need a new home any suggestions?? :hugsmiley:
  12. Crazemama26AKA Janelle

    My Craigslist Find!!

    I agree with you about the toilets being too small and we always use the CS at the fort cause they are so nice. TMI alert!! :wave1: you've been warned.. A bucket works for the top end however for the bottom end a bucket won't do and unfortunately for us both top and bottom come together :flush2: I could stock up on astronaut diapers?? :rofl2: But well that's just icky.... Sorry for the TMI but I warned you!
  13. Crazemama26AKA Janelle

    My Craigslist Find!!

    Thanks everyone I'm pretty happy with my find. You guys and gals are right pop-ups are super easy maintain and you can fit them pretty much anywhere. Another thing for us is that we only really camp at the Fort(I know shocking)so I can't see having a big trailer and maybe even a loan on something that we don't use very often. My main concern with a pop-up though and this is a big one is no bathroom. I know the fort has great bathrooms but every time we go on vacation my kids or I get sick :barf: (remember last year??)and the thought running to the bathroom in the middle of the night makes me want to stay home. So I've been watching this: http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/wsh/rvs/3154995070.html We might go look at it this weekend :jumpforjoy
  14. Yea I know but I'm lazy and don't want to drag it all the way to the comfort station to empty :flush2: . If all I can get is a pop-up site I'll take it though this late in the game I can't be picky. I talked to Judy today she had just left for the fort. Lucky :heartsmiley: She said she had about 10 other ressies that she was still working on to get the rest of their dates for the holidays, but she did say she thought she had a pop-up site available so we will see. For now we are planning on being at the fort from 12/22-12/31. I would like to stay til the 1/2 but I think I might be pushing my luck with the schools.
  15. Lol! From what I've read on here I thought late afternoon would be best :rofl3: