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  1. I heard a fatty came down and created such a tidal wave in the landing pool that three people were crushed/killed. Okay, I made that up. And at 245 and 6 foot 4, had I trudged up a bunch of steps when they could have weighed me at the bottom, the weight coming down the slide on that run would be my weight plus the staff person that had to give me the bad news.
  2. If you pick a slow night, and a less popular showing time, I'm told you can pay for Cat 3 and you get moved up to Cat 2 or even 1 if it's really slow. Ticket window ladies won't mention this and will still push the expensive ones at you, but if you are going to be around on a Tuesday or something like that it's something to think about.
  3. Seems to me a longer nap could be had in Carousel of Progress. If'n you had earplugs. Or the Hall of Presidents. Or perhaps on the upper deck of the Paddlewheeler. The possibilities are endless.
  4. As of today it looks like construction is complete. And the gate is still closed and locked.
  5. I suspect that was the original road when the landing strip was in use.
  6. When we got back tonight I went down and looked, and can't quite tell if more was thrown tonight. I'll be around most of the day tomorrow and will hopefully get more cast offs. It would be great to slice this in chunks large enough to attach a spike to for hanging on a wall. More later...
  7. Okay, here is the first haul. http://postimg.org/image/u4c7ixcdr/ This is what they are taking it from, http://postimg.org/image/uopg3zu49/
  8. Lou, I think you have hit the nail (spike) on the head. I can't be there today at 1400 ish to grab more, but I can tomorrow. I'd love to get you as much wood as you think might be needed for a give away. These chunks would slice nicely into slabs to display the spike on. I left my table saw at home though. Would you be interested in picking up a stash of it from my campsite and facilitating the slicing? I am keeping the long ones for now (if I don't figure out something cool, I can always slice them at home and deliver them to the deliverer down here) but all the rest are short pieces a
  9. As outlined in TCD's thread about the construction permits, work is continuing on the BBQ area. We got in today and I picked up my Kenny cart and took a quick tour. Found they were replacing roofs on some backstage buildings directly behind the pavilion between there and the bathroom. There is a new roof going on the old River Country Ticket booth too. They were also replacing many of the rotted timbers and supports. When I was there they were loading up the old wood onto a truck. I asked what they were doing with it all and they said the were going to throw it away. Soooo...... I h
  10. So, will access be closed off even after construction? I kind of liked walking along the old swamp trail. I'm sure I saw Uri out there once.
  11. Okay, now I'm confused. The picture is taken pointing at the intersection, and beyond that is where the new DVC site is going to be, right? If that is the one I'm thinking of, I understand the three way moniker because there are three roads that come together (or one road with a T intersection). Where does the fourth way come into play with the addition of a stop sign? Are we counting the cart path as part of the intersection?
  12. Oh, I see. My mother lives right near the bridge to Sanibel. We have a place on San Carlos with a view of the bridge this year. We like to rent a boat and go up to Cabbage Key, or down to Hickory and go shelling. Great fun, great area.
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