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  1. so we have an older (2000 maybe) viking pop up that we used to use alot, but then the family and our responsibilities grew and we haven't used her much in the last few years other than for our daughter to have sleep overs in the back yard. i recently discovered that the corner moldings needed some attention with one in particular having been far gone for a while and water was able to leak into the plywood frame on one of the rear coners of the camper exterior. the attached pic (grabbed from web and edited) shows the area i am talking about. anyway, i am looking for instructions on how to go about A.) minimizing the damage until spring when i can get out and work in this and B.) how to do the repair. i would think that the corner molding could be removed, pry back the exterior (fiberglass or whatever sheeting) and then i am wondering if it is possible to remove the first few inches of plywood frame from each of the two sides that come together at that corner, replace it (how would i fuse the repaired section to the existing section?) and then reseal. is this something i could do on my own? (minimally handy but certainly not a carpenter - and time is not my friend - if i can't do it in one weekend, i may have to take it to a professional.) as of now, i dont believe (from my interior investigation) that the water has gotten far enough in to damage the interior of the camper, so i am hoping this is just and issue of exterior framing.
  2. loriandmatt

    Troll's Photo Essay

    Welcome Norm (or should i call you Troll?) love the TR and the unique way you present it. the captions are a hoot and being a photographer (in another life...a long time ago) i appreciate your eye and angle. (and yes, after closer inspection i did get the "make up your mind" caption. but i had to look twice.)
  3. loriandmatt

    February 2011 Trip Report From TCD

    holy smokes! BEST. DAY. EVER. (OK, maybe not EVER, but this is a great day!) i log on after a few days of being a way and TCD is back....AND he posted not one but two TR (yes, one was small but still awesome).....AND i was slow enough at work to blow off about 3 hours reading the entire way thru them....AND i met a Troll, who also rocks at the trip report thing. (great eye man, great eye!) Geeze, if i go home and my husband has brought home take out and offers me a foot rub it would realy be the BEST. DAY. EVER. ( but that ain't gonna happen, so i am going to just ride the high of the awesome trip reports and TCD's return to the world of discussion forums.)
  4. loriandmatt

    Dining Question

    geeze, i totally forgot about your other questions.... at DTD, for a birthday celebration i would do Raglan (sp?) Road....or skip the formal dinner, grab a Margarita from the dock side bar/stand (one of the best Margaritas i have had on property, and i have had plenty) and stroll/shop. as far as dining hidden gems....the fish and chips stand in UK at EPCOT. the same as what you can get in the rose and crown. spectacular!
  5. loriandmatt

    Dining Question

    not sure how old your son is, but my vote for a special occasion dinner is the California Grill at the top of the Contemporary. book it for about 45 min to an hour before the MK fireworks. sigh. they pipe in the music/soundtrack. it was magical. (i had the scallops and my huband had the steak. we both claim they were the best of each that we have ever had. 'course that could have been the bottle of wine talking, but i digress.) note: even if your son is young, we did see plenty of families there, even though we didn't have our kids with us that trip.
  6. loriandmatt

    Has anyone been to this place?

    i am always down for a walk thru the woods. any info on where this place is in relation to the Fort? a website or an address that i could google perhaps?
  7. loriandmatt

    Fantasyland Expansion - SOFT OPENING!

    i know some WDW purists are not into this expansion, but i personally am giddy about it and can't wait to see if it lives up to the concept art...which is spectacular. can't wait. (DH was yapping something the other day about...when our passes expire this summer, taking a year off WDW and doing something else next year...blah blah blah. YEA RIGHT. I want to see this area when it is sparkly and new!)
  8. loriandmatt

    Where to stay with a family of 5, or 6

    we once took along my MIL and my niece so we were also looking at lodging for a party of 6. did the onsite math and it just was not adding up. family suites were more than two rooms. POR has those trundle beds, but still....too crowded. i started looking off site and thought the magic would be crushed. i was totally wrong! We stayed at Windsor Hills and rented from these folks. http://www.themagicorlandorental.com/ (can i do that or did i just break a rule? crap. don't kick me off jen. perhaps i should put a legal blurb in here about not being affiliated....blah blah blah) loved the house. great decor. the kids loved the mickey themed room. very very clean. best part.....3 full bathrooms!!! tons of room, its a 3 bedroom house with a full kitchen and pool. no lie....commute to WDW property was 5 min tops. the price was CHEAPER than two value rooms on property. the private "splash pool" was small but more than good enough to dip in. the main pool at the resort was very nice too, but being zero entry it was quite shallow. but that is my one and only gripe...and that ain't much. i could gush about it more, but will hold that until solicited. one side note....off site is only less expensive if you were already going to rent a car or have one with you anyway. if you have to add in the cost of a rental, it may be cheaper to just get the two value rooms onsite. don't get me wrong, onsite rocks and if conditions are right, it is the way we go. however, if i have a group larger than 4, if i could afford a cabin at the Fort i would go that route....but i can't. off site was an affordable, attractive, fun alternative
  9. loriandmatt

    Cooking fish at your campsite?

    foil packets on the camp grill. we keep cajun and lemon pepper spice shakers in the camper and hook up the catfish with the cajun and most others with the lemon pepper. as long as you are at the store pick up some of those handy prebagged/cubed/seasoned red skinned 'taters and pop those in a packet too. a yummy meal with no clean up!
  10. loriandmatt

    I visited Disney once!

    yes, but only if you dictate what i and my family can do while you are there mooching.