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  1. Jason, You know I love you 🙂 Your on for the Yacht Club part 🙂 Jim says he is sorry.
  2. Bob, Thanks! You were in time, I dont go until next year 🙂 2020 .I forgot about the Pirate Ship Cruise! That is a great idea, and Mickeys Kitchen, I think we did and you are right, that is a good one! As soon as I can I will book that. I really appreciate the info! Laura
  3. Hello all, I have been away for awhile as my Mom fell ill. I have just booked a Campsite for Sept 27 - Oct 10th 2020. I feel like i have forgotten everything! We are in Meadow Premium. I am wondering a few things if anyone has any input, first I have not been keeping up on the new dvc going up next door, anyone else camping during this time frame? Will it be terrible due to construction? Have I made a mistake? My 6 year old Son is at an age now where he can do some neat things, I am sad to see the Mickeys Back Yard BBQ is gone as that was a great experience, and Hoop Dee Doo will
  4. Wow, well the cabin prices are sure not moderate. I messaged you on FB as I could not remember your email address hope that is ok. We are going to try to do a combination of campground and Yacht Club then. :) We always wanted to swim at stormalong bay.
  5. Do I read it correctly, Cabins no longer qualify for the full Disney Dining Plan? Just the free quick dining plan? When we last did the Cabin/campground we were able to get Free full dining plan
  6. We have been lucky enough to go a couple times with Cast Member friends. It is COOL! I love the back part the best where you see stuff from hotels like, old decorations or props. Old Popcorn machines, and even a blow up bellhop from the haunted mansion! We came home with some really nice dish's and silverware/table cloths from the yacht club and coffee cups that I am drinking out of right now. We also found huge garland sets that light up and actually had Christmas balls and Mickey shaped bulbs on it they were I think $10.00 each and nicer than anything you could even begin to find on frontg
  7. Hey Laura, my name is Jim from Glendale Heights, IL. I was looking at some older postings of yours and saw the pictures of the Wilderness car. Have you had it back to the Fort since you purchased it? (Nice get by the way) It looks great! Incidentally, were at the Fort until tomorrow.


  8. And thank you all for the great pictures! Sincerely, Freezing and cold in Wisconsin.
  9. WOW with these displays I think I would just pack up my measly inflatables and pumpkins. I barely have the energy to load up the decorations I have much less put all that up. Well done! Laura
  10. The description of how they came into ownership is strange to say the least. I am surprised Disney did not have any and all Disney References removed as they usually do with I think everything that gets sold. Just does not have the same nostalgia as trains. Weird listing. I won't be whipping out my checkbook for this one.
  11. Can you post the Stuffed shrimp recipe? Or, if it on FB I am Laura Conroy Soprano Geez I am hungry now....
  12. Holy Smokes! My Husband is on the Atkins diet and I showed him your pictures, now I will have to step up my game! Where did you get so many great ideas? And I only have a regular grill do you think these things would turn out ok on a regular grill? I have never even heard of the Egg! Laura
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