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  1. Or get an electric kettle. Something like this: Electric Kettle on amazon I use one for French Press Coffee. Also used one like this to make my wife hot tea in the Hospital after she had a procedure. Nursing staff was in Awe.
  2. Just got here and it is very quiet compared to previous trips.
  3. For the evening hours you were not allowed on any rides if not a resort guest. They just scanned everyone's band before allowing them into the Que.
  4. This seems to me to be idiotic at best. The pins are not locked to the PAPER card that now has the appearance of being locked. Looks like a huge waste of money on locks that do not accomplish anything.
  5. Just got home from a Disney Cruise. Bring a travel mug/ large mug to get drinks from the drink machines on the upper decks. They provide small cups. Also bring your own snorkel gear if you plan on snorkeling at Castaway Cay. The rental is steep. Don't bring any towels, the ship provides all the towels you need, you just need to pack them off the ship. At Port Canaveral, they never checked how many bottles of wine we brought on board. I also recommend that you slap a luggage sticker on a case of water bottles or two, depending on how much water you drink, and turn it in with your luggage.
  6. Just got home from a 7 day Star Wars Day at Sea cruise. Port Canaveral didn't even blink at eye at the switch, or any other electronic device. Had a great cruise.
  7. I find it easier to take the Motor Cruiser(Green Flag) to Magic Kingdom and then catch the Launch(Gold Flag) around 7 Seas Lagoon. I think it is quicker and you don't have to walk as far and I like riding the boats, except for when it is in the low 40's...
  8. I sent an email to the cruise line help email. Here is the response I got: Elizabeth (Disney Cruise Line) Jan 31, 5:08 PM EST Dear Specularius, Thank you for choosing a Disney Cruise Line vacation! I would be happy to assist with information regarding bringing electronic items onboard. Personal, battery-operated DVD players may be brought onboard the Disney Cruise Line ships. Gaming units (such as
  9. Any update on this? We are headed out on a Star Wars Day at Sea cruise on the 2nd of March and this is vital information. This cruise is to celebrate our daughter's 21st B-Day.
  10. Looks to be a very large sewer treatment plant.
  11. Try a klondike Dark. It is exactly the flavor of a Mickey bar just without the stick.
  12. I too want to say thanks for all the work and money it took for such an awesome display. I enjoyed it tremendously.
  13. That was the most people I have ever witnessed there. People had chairs lined up on the beach to save "their" spot and by noon the entire beach was covered.
  14. Here is a video. Hope everyone enjoys. https://youtu.be/LB209ewg2to
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