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  1. https://www.npr.org/2021/10/12/1045309046/ruthie-tompson-disney-animator-obituary
  2. They are building a Bucees in Sevierville, TN. https://www.wate.com/news/buc-ees-to-built-worlds-largest-convenience-store-in-sevierville/
  3. Oh I 100% agree about taking the boat over to MK. It is so relaxing. A couple summers ago I went on a trip with my girls. We stayed at ASM. We had to take the boat over to the Fort from MK just because I missed it so much. Oh we got some dinner while we were over there because my daughter absolutely loves getting chicken at the Fort.
  4. Taking the time to just walk the trails at AK is something I keep telling myself I need to do. It seems like I am always rushing off to do something else in the park or hopping over to another park. This past January when I didn’t do any park hopping (day at MK and day at Epcot) I think I began to understand why people might choose not to park hop. The slowing down opened my eyes to so much. Looking forward to seeing where you are headed next.
  5. I’m in. Thanks for taking the time to share your trip with us.
  6. Alabama recently also adopted that law about keeping right. It doesn’t seem to be followed here either.
  7. I have no clue, but look at the current availability for May for all three tier groups and it does make you wonder what is going on.
  8. Hopefully this will help those of you having a difficult time getting park reservations. I didn’t know this was even possible. https://chipandco.com/disney-world-to-start-canceling-park-pass-reservations-that-are-not-connected-to-valid-admission-429003/
  9. I can’t answer your question, but wanted to say “Welcome to Fort Fiends!”
  10. Would you believe I never got to try one of those ooey gooey cinnamon rolls before they were just taken away?
  11. Something that is probably going to add fuel to the anger some of you are feeling. Rachel and I just finished watching this weeks episode of American Idol. They announced that the nine contestants who made it through this round are being flown to WDW. They will be staying at one of the resorts and going to all 4 parks.
  12. Oh I don’t disagree about how poorly the pass holders and CMs have been treated. But like you said they are looking at it from where can we get the most money. I especially hate the way they treated the CMs. From the beginning it bothered me that they expected them to work to bring “magic” to our trips, but they were unable to enjoy said magic during their down time.
  13. I was just looking at the May reservation calendar. My daughter is going to be there with her friend and her friend’s family. The parents have annual passes. My daughter and her friend do not. I am hoping they already made their park reservations. For the week they are there those with APs have availability at all four theme parks. Resort guests and theme park ticket guests it shows only openings for AK and Epcot.
  14. My mistake should have said state and local not just local.
  15. Thanks for the reply. Not living there or even traveling that way regularly, I don’t generally pay attention to the local government workings.
  16. Avoiding the morning commute is wise if you are able to do that. DH always does that. When we lived in MD he would go into work later and leave from work later. It worked for us too because at the time I was working too and our son was in daycare. He took our son to daycare and I picked him up.
  17. So why are there so many fatalities? Is it the roads themselves (construction, narrow, etc) or just the volume of traffic on it each day? I don’t typically travel on it. So curious is all.
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