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  1. Lol. See it’s always the dads wandering around while the families get ready.
  2. Me and my son are always pointing out hidden mickeys. My wife thinks we’re crazy. We even find hidden pine cone mickeys in our yard from tine to tine that me or my son set up. I think she will eventually start seeing them also. She hasn’t had enough pixie dust yet
  3. Not sure if this has already been brought up. So I figured I would bring it up. I have participated in the July 4th parade before and Halloween one. When I say participate basically I mean as the last cart passed I jumped on my cart and followed. I followed because most of the time the carts separate off and start looping in a big line. It seems fun and I’ve met a few fiends this way. Most nights and mornings I go looping. In the morning I actually rise early while the family sleeps in. Go to trails, grab a cup of coffee. I usually have some things I want to check out that I have seen on past trip reports. Then loop some. Grab another cup at the meadows and walk around. At night I typically kid the family up and loop and then end at the light show. Or if we were at a park go to the light show and then loop. Which brings me to my idea While surfing the sections tonight I started thinking about our upcoming trip. The days always have a different schedule and we don’t always do the same thing. One guaranteed thing we do every day is loop. I usually see other looping at the same time and they usually end up at the parade. Or follow us out and we see them start looping. So would it be a fun unofficial thing to do to say if you want to loop meet at let’s say the dog park every night at 9pm. Some nights you might be the only cart, but on weekends and holidays you might end up having a few carts. It’s a place that if you pulled up you know what the other carts are most likely there for. There not picking up food at trials end or watching g the movie. You can start looping with maybe some short interaction. Start with the 300 loop then on to the 100/200 loop cross over to 400 then 500- 1400-1500-16-17-18-19 loop down to the 4 way and on. End up at the light parade golf cart parking for the parade. Then you might have the opportunity to chat some more and check each other’s carts out. Let the kids play on the beach and more. And of course head to the 3000 loop for some kungaloosh at the hospitaly house. Lol. Of course the morning one is also an option, but probably more unrealistic. But the mornings usually are awesome for exploring. Most of the time I might bump into another father over by the bat house or back by the river country fence trying to peak through. We usually chat it up a little. Most are either doing the same thing I am. Letting the family sleep in or letting them all get there showers. Just some ideas. I figure just a meeting place doesn’t make anything binding. Like meet here this day at whatever time. But just an informal way to create additional meeting opportunities. What’s everyone think.
  4. We sat down at 730. We were a little disgruntled because we wanted to go to the sing a long at 8. The manager apologized and gave us 40% off. Our waiter was awesome, and of course the food was great. So after we got over being starved we were fine. Missing the sing a long just gave us more time to loop. So we still had a great night
  5. Well tonight is 7pm and they still haven’t sat the 6:15 reservations. They can only tell you they are running behind
  6. We are here this weekend. We decided to just stay at the campground. Getting our energy up for the easter scavenger hunt. Lol
  7. We checked in to loop 500 on Thursday. Didn’t have any water. We went to trails end for dinner when we came back after 9 we had water back.
  8. What’s open at Hollywood Studios, and is it worth going. This used to be one of my families favorite parks. We loved the street performers. We haven’t had our passes the last year, but just got them as birthday presents for the family. Last we heard most everything except tower of tower, rockin roller coaster, and toy story were closed. So we are trying to see if we should plan a whole day there on our upcoming trip, or maybe just shoot over for half a day.
  9. We finally got it after trying a couple times a day. Yesterday my wife was down in bed all day. She kept checking every 15 minutes and it finally popped up around 630 pm
  10. He was at the beach bash. He came out more than once and walked around for about 20 minutes at a time. They also cancelled the campfire and sing a long at the theatre location the same night
  11. We did it for thanksgiving dinner this year. They had Christmas clothes on , and sang 1 or two Christmas songs. It wasn't much added to here clothes for Christmas
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