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  1. Thank you so much everyone!!! I did go, it was amazing!!!! I see that kind of stuff with the flashlights turning on and off, shadow figures etc...I actually got to witness these first hand and am now a total believer! Didn't really go there expecting to see what I saw, figured it would just be a fun "scary" night. WOW....that's all I have to say!!!
  2. Thanks Dad and everyone helping. Ohhh yeah by the way Dad, you have quite a few very unflattering pictures of me on that trip report! hahahaha And here's a link to the page if anyone needs it! :) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Edinburgh-Manor/338082976253324
  3. My dad told me about this place and told me I am crazy enough to fit in....hahaha. I have been to Walt Disney World a couple of times and hope to go again soon. Young kids and school are in the way at the moment. A couple more years then here I come!
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