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  1. I was recently at the Fort over the Halloween Season and noticed the same thing. I also noticed that many of the more permanent residents were not there as well. Maybe they all had to leave when they closed the Fort down at the beginning of this pandemic. I'm not sure. I'm hoping it wasn't some new management policy that encouraged them to leave.
  2. Thanks I'm going to do all three, call the suggested restaurants direct, and check out Disney Dining. I'm also going to disinvite the vegans to make the party smaller and then get a birthday cake from Publix and have it at the camp site.
  3. We are trying to get reservations for a big party (15-17) for dinner any place on property (Disney Springs or one of the hotels). We could sit at smaller tables. We don't need one table for everyone. We are not having any luck. There is one more degree of difficulty, four are vegans but I can't worry about that. We are pounding the app but are having no luck. Anyone have any suggestions? We will look into off site places if they are close by.
  4. Thanks for your report. I'll be their on August 12 for 5 days and again in the middle of October. I've heard from others that the pool is not crowded. That was going to be a deal breaker for us if that was closed. I understand that the Trails End is still closed but they have take out chicken. I hope your TT gets straightened out. I know how frustrating those mechanical problems can be.
  5. Does anyone know if the boat and bus schedules have been changed do to this soft reopening. The only thing that I've heard is that someone claims to have waited an hour on the pier for a boat to the MK. I've seen people take videos of themselves riding buses that don't seem crowded but how often to they run. I know the Trams aren't running yet in the park parking lots. I don't look forward to getting all my steps in before I even get to the MK or HS.
  6. This is an important thread to follow. I've had a reservation at the fort in August for over a year and I have not been cancelled. My wife was able to get reservations at DW and HS while we were there but it involved many hours on hold. Now we are thinking about cancelling because the first report we heard from the fort stated the pool was over crowded and Florida has not yet gotten the virus under control. We could be happy with just driving the cart around and hanging at the fort if the pool was doable. If there are people who have first hand experience at the fort it would be nice to h
  7. Well it was our 49th anniversary on June 5th and our trip to the Fort had been cancelled so we decided to go to DS just because we were really missing Disney. I just want to report on our experiences so other people can plan accordingly. You have to park in the Orange parking garage which is the furthest garage from the older parts of Disney Springs. There were lots of spaces on the first and second floors so parking is easy. You are met by friendly CM's who direct you to a quick moving line for a 1 second temp check while still in the garage. As you walk through the mall you notice that
  8. I was wondering if the more permanent residents of the Fort have been asked to leave? How are they fairing? Can they leave their 5th wheels parked and return to their usual spot when the crisis has passed?
  9. How did chalk art go from a creative thing that little girls did, to vandalizing thousands of box cars and buildings throughout America? Is there something in the chalk that effects their brains in some way? Does all that purple and pink chalk dust up their noses turn them into zombies? The Fort and all the parks are closed until further notice and this is what is upsetting you?
  10. The changes and big price increases have me concerned but it is still the best place to camp. The big boom in RV sales over the last few years has created an increase in customers who have heard how great the Fort is. Everyone has stayed at a so called high end resort or campground that cost almost as much as the Fort with none of the amenities of the fort. The big price increases have reduced the number of times I can afford to go to the fort but I still go. The problem I am now having is that there used to be certain months during the year that were quiet or not busy. That's not the cas
  11. If you do not get your desired time and date be flexible and pound the app. What I mean is break up your party into small digestible bits and chose the time first then figure out the rest of your day around your fast pass schedule. Pounding the app means that whenever you have spare time get on the app and see if anything has opened up. While I drive to the park my wife gets on her cellphone and constantly checks on availability. There are always cancellations. I got on to Flights of Passage two weeks after it opened as I was driving to the park and my wife told me to step on it, we h
  12. OK, so I have been on smugglers run and I thought it was fun. I expected to find myself on another planet and I was not disappointed. It was not a plush environment however. When I went on Smugglers Run the advertised wait time was 45 minutes. The line was mostly under shade or in an A/C space ship maintenance area with lots of tech detail and talking robots. The time it took me to get in a Pilots seat was actually 25 minutes. You experience may be different. I like Animal Kingdom in general and expect to be back often. When you look around you do see areas that can be used for future att
  13. I stayed at the KOA in Kissimmee a year ago when I was in between Fort Reservations. It was very clean and well run. It is not cheap but no KOA is. It had a clean pool and the other campers were not noisy but you do get urban noise. There were no trees to back into. The drive to the main entrance was just a few miles.
  14. Where will we be able to watch the fireworks if they take away the beach?
  15. My wife signed out of the app and then signed back in. It all refreshed but I also understand that this is not working for some people.
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