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  1. The large chains can offer volume prices or lower prices on new units and will have more of a selection on hand for you to see. They also have seemingly large service and parts departments but don't let that fool you . It will still take you a month of Sundays to get you unit serviced even with an appointment.
  2. DinDavie

    300 loop info

    Thanks for your help
  3. For the past several years I have found my favorite spots in the 1600 loop but this year we got a deal in the 300 loop this August. Can't get the site app to work nor find a loop map with the site numbers. If some one can tell me the site numbers in the 300 loop that back up to the canal I would sure appreciate it. Don't need comfort station access but I do need a site wide enough for slides and an awning. The last time I stayed in the 300 loop I remember that some of those site were narrow. If anyone is in the Fort on August 23 - 27 stop by and say hello.
  4. DinDavie

    From North NJ

    When you get back could you advise me about how you drive went. I travel to Caldwell often and avoid I-95 by going up I 81. I-95 is 77 miles shorter in distance but driving thought the DC area was always a nightmare. How did it go for you?
  5. DinDavie

    From North NJ

    I suggest that you try to have a few camp grounds picked out ahead of time and then call around noon the day of your arrival to make a reservation. It is busy on I-95 on that weekend.
  6. If you are going during any part of the spring, summer or fall you may prefer to be close to the pool. It could get steamy in a tent so bring a small fan and sleep on a cot so you get good air circulation.
  7. DinDavie

    Dapper Days at Epcot

    I've never submitted a Trip report before so here goes. I live in the area now so this was supposed to be just a day outing that involved riding all of the same rides I have already been on at least a dozen times. I was not thrilled to learn that we had to dress up for Dapper Days. In reality all I had to do was wear a t-shirt that said "Remain Calm and Be Dapper" on it. The Star Wars cap did seem out of place. I splurged on a new pair of Keds. As I approached the Main entrance I noticed I may have been a bit under dressed. Most guys were dressed in formal wear including colorful vests, bow tires and light colored pants. Shoes (not running shoes) were polished. There was one guy with a full on waxed handle bar mustache that he topped off with a straw boater hat. He was the definition of dapper. As my group walked past the entrance we noticed that the Disney characters posing for pictures were doing a steady business but, the real stars were the all the people dressed to the nines. They would pose at various locations with their own photographers or use the Disney Photographers. There were many double daters and small groups of friends who enjoyed walking around Epcot and being seen. It seemed all the women really tried to be more beautiful than the next. On this day it seemed that the real show was on the side walks and not in the attractions. People watching was the main attraction. I guess we will be going back but I will have to up my game. A colorful bow tie and real boater hat may be in my future. I'm still debating on the value of a yellow vest however.
  8. DinDavie

    Dapper Dan Days

    Thanks for all the reply's. The website was very instructive. I have a hat and t-shirt that says "remain calm and be Dapper." As for who told me I was going, that would be DW and DD. I have a very important task of pushing the baby buggy around with the grandson in it. I am much relieved that I will not have to sing.
  9. I've been told I will be participating in Dapper Dan Days at the MK or Epcot. Does anyone know what this is like when and is a costume required? I think I'm being scammed and don't want to be the only one in a striped vest and Boater hat. PS, I can't sing either.
  10. I went last year in the last two weeks of August. Florida Kids go back to school so it is less crowded with the exception of the pool at the Fort. Everybody staying at the Fort is in the pool in the after noon. I hope you like people because it can get a little tight. While the water is wet, it is not cooling. I would also suggest that you bring a hat for everyone in your party and wear a cheap T shirt at the pool so you and yours don't look like that guy who glows in the dark when the sun goes down.
  11. DinDavie

    Talking Mickey getting the boot

    My son in law does a prefect mickey voice, lives just north of Orlando and once worked at the Magic Kingdom as a trumpeter in the parades. He would be perfect for this job if they allow Mickey to be close to 6 feet tall. Hm, maybe not.
  12. Wekiva Springs State Park has camp sites with up to 50 amp service and full hook ups. The springs are a constant 74 degrees. The only problem is getting in. Its always crowded. Its off I-4 north of Orlando and west of Lake Mary
  13. I'm one of those people who don't post much but I read this forum every few days. So I hope this site has a long and prosperous future. This forum figures into my near future plans to sell my house next month and move to the fort for a month or two while I look for a house in the area. Discussions about how hard it is to get a reservation concern me greatly. I've noticed that I've become a thread killer so I don't post much to keep the discussion going.
  14. We were there in October and asked for chef TJ because we had two vegan children and one adult in our group. He was busy with the Food and Wine at Epcot but the chef that was on duty was still a big hit with everyone. It seemed that the chef on duty was trying hard to develop his own reputation and everyone left very pleased. I did not know that vegan food could be so good looking and tasting.
  15. DinDavie

    Disney potty training....

    My daughter was 3 when she potty trained herself at the Magic Kingdom. I guess the toilets seemed like an adventure to her. After she did it once she was excited to use every porcelain facility we walked by. She's 40 now and will try to potty train her youngest at MK in December when she comes down from NJ. I hope you have the same kind of luck. It sure makes life easier.