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  1. Enjoyed reading along. Note to self: book Boma breakfast next time.
  2. Glad you had a fun trip and that your persistence paid off for the dole whip 🙂
  3. That sounds promising. Enjoy your vacation!
  4. I don’t see why not. Even if they didn’t let you pull your car in you could park at the stores/marina that are right in front of it and you could walk in. Keep in mind they have a beach house that is probably about a mile from the resort. It’s doubtful you could gain access to that. You may be able to walk through to the beach but I seem to remember you needed your key card (probably magic band now) to get in to the actual building and pool area. We’ve been there once and really liked it. Have wanted to return but just haven’t made it back yet. Edited to add: I just looked back to find a quick overview I posted about it back in 2012. Can’t believe it’s been that long. If you’re interested it’s here:
  5. Definitely plan a year in advance, especially if you plan on staying in any of the National Parks. We had to book exactly a year in advance to reserve a tent cabin on the Yosemite Valley floor. Also if you may be renting a car with a different drop off location we found the earlier the better, and look for a company with no drop off fee. We reserved a Ford Expedition pick up in LA, drop off in SF, we paid around $700 for 12 days. As the months went on that price climbed to over $2000!
  6. We flew into LA, spent a couple of days at Disneyland plus a day for Hollywood/Warner Bros tour. Then we drove inland, first to Sequoia/King’s Canyon which was beautiful. Then we headed north to Yosemite which was phenomenal. Those national parks were places I will never forget. From Yosemite we drove over to San Francisco. We made our base in Half Moon Bay, just south of SF and from there did day trips to SF, Monterey, 17-mile drive, going down the coast as far as Big Sur. We flew home from San Francisco. Our trip was 12 days total, us and the three kids in a Ford Expedition. I honestly felt the drives were manageable and we didn’t overdue it. True, we didn’t really get to do anything in depth but we were able to experience the huge variety that California has to offer.
  7. I’m enjoying your trip report. Love the tea pictures, we go almost every trip and just managed to get a reservation for our trip next month.
  8. Just read your report, really enjoyed it. I had to laugh as it went on, as each time Sinead’s name came up I started rolling my eyes. I mean, she had to have some idea what it would be like tent camping. In July. In Florida. Hope you got some peace once she moved.
  9. Joining in! I haven’t been to Universal in probably 25 years. But every time we’ve offered to do a Universal trip the kids have opted to do Disney (again!). Maybe your trip report will help me convince them.
  10. I’m late to the party but I just have to comment that it’s nice to see you got a pedicure for your classic hammock shot.
  11. Finally logged on to read the rest of your report. Looks like a fun year, hope 2018 is even better!
  12. You might be right on that because we did get it with the sandwiches and desserts. Usually they're pretty accommodating, they wouldn't let you order just the cheese plate?
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