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  1. They are expensive to buy, need to be maintained and the pads need to be replaced yearly so no we do not carry one. We are trained and certified in BLS (CPR) and I am also trained in ACLS though.
  2. We are staying at Coronado Springs in May as I have a conference and decided to take the family. What things are you allowed to do at the other resorts? ie pools etc We are going to use the resort as entertainment and skip the parks this go around.
  3. I wonder how intrusive the construction is going to be. I have a conference at Coronado Springs in May. I'm taking the family with me. Hopefully it won't be too annoying.
  4. Glad they took care of you. They have taken great care of me in the past. Between the FROG rallies and the Forest River customer service, I will only buy a forest river product for my next trailer. Just like Dblr and the OP, I have seen them fix major items out of warranty for friends. They have bent over backwards for owners. They even assisted me with my new brakes and bearings repair out of warranty this year.
  5. Thought I would cross post this here to help them out. if anyone is near Jonesboro Arkansas, there is a dog that went missing after a roll over car accident. Apparently their black Scottie was killed and the Wheaton colored one ran off. original thread link to pics of dog and contact info
  6. the week we stayed in disney there was a 40 ft toy hauler parked in overflow for the entire week... this was back in August.
  7. we stayed there on our way to disney in August. It was clean, had a nice pool and sites were reasonable. Nothing fancy but it served the purpose for a safe, clean overnight. There is a flea market next door on Saturdays and vendors will stay in the campground. We never felt unsafe in fact quite the opposite. They offer good Sam discounts also.
  8. We were there last week and honestly they weren't as bad as they are here in NC. I was surprised at how well behaved they were. Maybe they just preferred the taste of our tent camping neighbors? Or maybe it had something to do with the lovely alligator DH and DBIL saw swimming in the canal between the pool and the 1300 loop. He was the friendly sort and even stopped and turned to say hi to them.
  9. that was not there when I did on- line check in just over a week ago
  10. just to be clear if you choose to recall instead of the eternabond method, you do need to remove the old caulk before laying down new caulk. Also make sure you know what your roof is made of and you get the appropriate caulk. I have never used or bought eternabond but it does sound like a good idea to have. We wash our roof 1-2x year. DH gets up on the roof every trip to blow off any debris before closing the slide. While up there he checks on things like the caulking.
  11. let me just say, I experienced a few sudden stop situations towing home from disney on sat. I had several drivers cut me off, one try to merge on top of me, cars screeching to a halt for an accident as I popped over a hill, and a driver deciding standing on his brakes on 95 was a good idea. He must have seen that purple squirrel that keeps distracting the fiends. In all of these situations I was thankful I had my truck instead of my old armada because I had enough truck to safely and quickly bring the trailer to a sudden halt. I did use my brake controller but that is what it's there for. I'm not sure i would have stopped in time everytime or been able to control the trailer when forced to Make a sudden swerve if I had the old Armada that was over on tongue weight but under on overall tongue capacity. These are the situations that a marginal tow setup can get you into serious trouble. Now as for waiting til spring, we researched and looked at trailers for over a year before we made the leap. I thought I understood what I needed to know and had properly matched a TT to my TV. I had shopped by gvwr and kept that under my TV max capacity by well over 1000 lbs. Well as they have told you, you don't know what you don't know at this point. I had no clue why I needed to know tongue weight or how that applied to me. I knew I needed a wdh and had an idea of what it did but didn't fully understand any of that stuff. I didn't even know what questions to ask. I learned quickly though. I learned the difference between a wdh, a wdh w/ integrated sway control, and friction sway control. I learned what was appropriate for a larger trailer. I learned that I knew nothing. I learned that towing an rv is an awesome responsibility. I learned towing a marginal set up is a white knuckle experience that will exhaust you on a short drive. I learned that it doesn't matter if you tow 1 mi or 1000 mi from home, unsafe is unsafe. I then learned how expensive it is to trade for the truck I needed to tow this monster we purchased. Then I learned how pleasant towing can be with the right TV and right equipment set up correctly. now I'm learning that no matter how much research you put into it, you will upgrade your Trailer much sooner than you thought because something prettier, shinier and more suited to your desires and camping style will come along. We have self control (mostly due to limited finances) so that shiny pretty new 5er we want is on hold for a couple of years. in the process I have had to learn another hard lesson, not all diesels are created equal and so we would need a new TV for the 5er. ouch. my point behind rambling is ask lots of questions. let those answers generate more questions. Do some more research. go sit in those pups and imagine your camping in them. Act out your daily activities in it, think about where you will put things and then when you find out what fits your desires, look at the weights. determine what you will tow with after you decide on the trailer so you can properly match the two. if you find that the trailer that makes you happy is too large for the odyssey then you have your answer. rather than bow the money on a smaller less desirable pup than you want, save your pennies, trim some fat in the budget and get a safely matched rig that suits your needs.
  12. we brought our own wifi modem. well technically it's the one we rent from time Warner cable. worked great the whole time. No signal issues with that plugged in.
  13. we requested the 1300 loop for last week. We booked through AAA. They put the request on the reservation. I called a month out and the day before to confirm the request. Both times it was confirmed. Arrived the morning of and they tried to put me in 700 loop where there was a ready site. I looked the site up on my handy dandy fort fiends site app and didn't want the site. I told them no and I wanted my request. they did give me a 1300 site after some argument but I did have go wait a few hours for it.
  14. Pony rides are still up and running in their usual spot. I took my dd for a pony ride just before leaving this am
  15. welcome back to the buses. We hit Epcot tues. Yesterday was AK in the am and DHS in the pm. Something happened to the buses that one didn't hit the fort for an hour in the am. Cost us the magic hours. DH and I took it in stride. The lady next to us not so much. I felt bad for the drivers dealing with her. First was one going to DHS, the lady tried to find out where the bus was (in a not so friendly way). that driver was no help, just said he didn't know and drove off. Next was a very nice guy going to Epcot (marcelino was his name) who helped us out by calling to find the bus for us. 2 buses were less than 5-10 min out. She then proceeded to tear into the poor Epcot driver about how this was messing up her day at blizzard beach. She went on and on. more than one person tried to explain to her that a bus was almost here. The poor guy just stayed calm and patient with her. She stopped yelling at him when the AK/BB bus showed up. She then tore into that guy. He then got back on the bus and made an announcement about not talking to the bus driver but questions will be answered at stops. He then drove nice and slow (I think it was drivers revenge on her) and stopped a few times, turned on back lights and add comments about kids staying still (no one was moving other than an autistic kid whose parents were controlling him). Finally got there and all I could do the whole ride was think about poor grumpy Lou and wonder how many of these ladies you have had to deal with. my sympathies. welcome back to everyone else's vacation.
  16. We went to see Sofia yesterday. Ordinarily she is right next to the Disney Jr show but because it was raining the moved her to a more covered area in the back of the magic of animation. Here is a pic of my DD with her in the rain safe area and we sneaked my DD past the ropes to get her in for a pic of her at the Enchancia backdrop. We came later in the day so we missed Jake
  17. just an update.... used one of the above suggested for golf cart, they were great. :) Ended up skipping the scooter and only had a significant amount of pain at the end of the 2nd night at the parks and for a few hours late in the day on the 3rd day. Did fine on the 4th park day. Skipping the scooter worked out. Tomorrow is a down day at the fort and then time to head home on Sat.
  18. I will check out the pony rides tomorrow and let you know. I know they ave been keeping a string of horses up at the trail rides. I also noticed a few draft horses up there. didn't even know you could tour the horse barn or I would have been banging the doors down earlier this week. I think when I checked in and asked about the trail rides and pony rides at the trail ride desk, the lady told me pony rides were at te ack of the ort. she didn't mention them being closed.
  19. here are 2 pics from DD's first day at the magic kingdom yesterday. Her face after meeting Ariel made everything worth it.
  20. stopped at pecan park rv resort in Jacksonville fl last night. easy on/off the highway. large paved full hook up sites. nice pool. friendly staff. Clean well cared for rv park. only downside it is on the airport flight path (one exit up from the airport on 95). with ur air on the only thing we really heard was a fighter jet flyover (well actually 4 of them) but that was early in the evening. With AAA it was $44/night. without it would ve been $49/night. I highly recommend overnighting there.
  21. website shows no availability but I think we planned this late breakfast as a brunch and then we will just ave a light snack later or an early dinner depending.
  22. We will be arriving this sat 8/10 and leaving sat 8/17. We have park hopper for 4 days. We are planning AK for 1 day, Epcot for 1 day, MK for maybe a day and a half leaving us a half day free for whatever we need to go back to or go to Hollywood studios if finished other stuff. The CRT is tues at 1015. I think we might relax sun after driving all day fri and 3-4 hrs sat. Thinking AK on mon, mk on tues, not sure which parks on the other days and which days we will use as down time. might be open to starting on sun if that's what the in laws want to do.... they fly in on sat and will be staying off property. The whole week I get to recite to myself, "I will take a deep breath and i will not kill my MIL" by the way what is ADR?
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