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    I'm a long time WDW fan! I'm a WDW blogger and podcaster at WDWmousenger.com, and I talk and write a lot about The Fort! My parents brought me here 2 months after it opened in '71, and every year after. The Fort has always been my favorite Disney place, and as soon as I grew up I bought an RV and started coming here to camp! I like it better than the resort hotels! Now I'm raising a new generation of little Fort Fiends who love it as much as I do!
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  1. Hi Melissa! I can't even tell you what a great time you'll have at the Fort! I've been going to Disney since I was little when it first opened and my favorite place to stay BY FAR, is the Fort! Even more than the deluxe resorts! The Meacham's are great people. I've used several of their units. I also have a Disney podcast (WDWmousenger) that you can find on iTunes or stitcher and I had the Meacham's on as guests to talk about what they do. You might enjoy listening. I also did a couple of shows about the Fort's history, too, that you might like. And as for favorite loops, there are se
  2. Disney built the Fort. The construction was overseen by Keith Kambak, who had been sent by Dick Nunis to drive the US looking at campgrounds to determine what were the best features and practices so that they could use and even improve on those things for their own to be built at WDW. I did a show or two about this on my podcast (WDWmousenger.com) and wrote several articles about it on mouseplanet.com if you'd like to hear the background and some cool stories about it!
  3. TCD</blockquote>Thanks Tri Circle D! Yes, you're right it started as Blackbeard's Island, and your map is awesome! I still kick myself because I found an original first year Fort brochure on EBay and let it get away...it showed a map similar to that one. Thanks for reading, see you at the Fort sometime! Rod
  4. Hi everybody, my newest article is out at the link below. I wrote about the history of Discovery Island, which most of you guys remember. For those who may not, it's the island right offshore from the Fort's boat dock. Here is the link: http://www.mouseplanet.com/10975/Loving_the_Outdoors_the_Disney_Way__A_Look_Back_at_Discovery_Island Have a great weekend! Rod Wheaton
  5. We just rented canoes back in January. There was almost no seaweed and the water levels were nice and high, the only problem was they didn't want us to take the entire loop around. They wanted us to go to the larger canal then turn around and come back. Since I was with a couple of guys we actually went past the point to turn around and was able to come all the way around the other side although there were a few branches and bushes hanging down into the water. I wish they would put in some effort and clean it up, because that is a very nice round trip canoe ride to take.
  6. I've run marathons there and stayed at the Fort for 5 years. Never had a problem with the buses. Still, for Wine and Dine I like to drive to EPCOT, drop my car, and catch the bus to the starting line. Then after the after-party at EPCOT I also had my car there already.
  7. And so you know, I cover some of these things (like the Fort's long gone RailRoad) over on the podcast as well. You can find it at WDWmousenger.com or on iTunes and stitcher.
  8. Thanks, guys! I'm thinking of writing about Discovery Island next. The more I keep researching, and I'm only writing a fraction, has me considering writing the book about the Fort more seriously. There's a lot of fascinating stories. I have an interested publisher.
  9. Hi guys, my new article in the series I'm writing about Fort Wilderness just came out this morning. This time I'm writing about River Country, Disney's first water park. I'm sure some of you remember it well. I used to love going there when I was a teen. Here's the article if you'd like to check it out: http://www.mouseplanet.com/10944/Loving_the_Great_Outdoors_the_Disney_Way__River_Country_Disneys_First_Water_Park
  10. You guys mentioning the old marshmallow marsh makes me want to dig way back in my old trunk of pix at my moms house and find pictures from going on it as a teenager...
  11. Yes, I knew the idea of Walt seeing the windmill was silly. The story goes he saw Riles island from the air and fell in love with the place, but nothing about a windmill. I thought there might be an older windmill other than the one I know about. I think on Discovery Island there was a cabin that was occupied (before the land was purchased) by some hunters as a hunting camp and prior to that was actually a ham radio operators station. Most of what I've read on that is somewhat unconfirmed, and I know some of you have been staying here since the place opened and thought maybe someone might hav
  12. Hi everyone! Some of you know I have a Disney podcast and write for a few mags and sites about the Fort. I got an interesting question from someone and I want to know does anyone remember this that can shed some light. Here is the question: Do you remember the old windmill at fort wilderness it was said to be the original one Walt saw when he flew over the property. And the little prototype cabin out back they were thinking of adding them to the fort as little honeymoon cabins? I'd like to answer them, but don't remember much of either one of these items...any of you guys know about them??
  13. That is a GREAT idea...I got a message from a fellow runner over at AK lodge that they have one if I want to ride over. Disney people are great.
  14. Thanks you guys! I could do it easily on the laptop--but then that's what I need the charger for! Can't say thanks enough
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