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  1. yesterday when were at the rv show, they had a booth and I picked up their flyer. was thinking about staying there on our trip up to Georgia this summer. We have stayed at Skidaway (not sure of spelling} 2 times and like it there, but would like to try something new. how close is it to downtown?
  2. I know I asked before and think you sent me one, do you have the svg's on the Disney things she made? does she mind sharing them? let me know. I have been trying to make some things for our new to us MH but sort of got lazy, plus I couldn't make up my mind on what colors to use. The wood is beautiful in it, but dark. I wanted to use something bright, so I picked red, well that doesn't really lighten it up. I brought a comforter for the bed and picked yellow, that helped, so I began running with yellow. then I realized I did black, red, yellow guess who's colors that matches?
  3. Crystal River is a beautiful area as well as Homossasa we stay at encor in crystal river. This time of year they take passport America we are getting a site for 3 nights for $81and some change and that includes tax. We haven't has passport in a few years but on this rese alone we paid for the membership which is $44 if someone buys it and uses who they know as a referral then the following year they get $10off each referral
  4. that is sooo cool. What a great GM to do that for your family. See there is pixie dust at Disney
  5. Just realized that this post was old lol, so I am quoting Carol from 2015
  6. I agree about doing it wrong LOL, I don't think we did enough research and felt like we were lost. We are so used to Disney and knowing our way around. I think a big attraction is their shows and we did see one, but planning is the key at Dollywood (I think) we are going back to Townsend KOA in June, we might give Dollywood another shot, anyone going to be in the area last week of June?
  7. if that doesn't work for you, there are a few campgrounds in the Ruskin area, also Simms Park, not sure where it is listed, but it is also in Ruskin. we are planning on being there Friday, maybe we will run into you
  8. It was great meeting up with you, wish we had more time to spend, next time! We spend a lot of time there, since it's about 20 min from home. We used to do all the major holidays at the fort, but it just became to expensive for us to do that, so now we spend them at Lazy Days. I love looking at rv's new and used so this gives us a really good way to spend some of our time. We love Exit 10 (restaurant on property), Mike who is the bartender has become a good friend, his service is great. The front porch is where they serve breakfast and lunch, and they give you 2 tickets per day
  9. I know Jeff and Cheryl were there and they are heading to Lazy Days which only had,tonight open, but we will give the our rese that we had for the weekend if they need it Lynn and George were also there in the pop up and they,are heading to all sports
  10. I have been therr for at least the last 10 years and I agree with TCD. I don't know if you have ever been there, but stand in the parking lot and watch the amount of outsiders come in, some of them even bring their own golf carts. I think it is an outrageous amount of outsiders
  11. Are they willing to share the svg for it? I have machines. 2 cricut and the cameo
  12. I'm confused (nothing new) I thought your trip this year is over Christmas
  13. I have both machines. Does she have the svg for the mickey and would she be willing,to share?
  14. There is a Elite Resort in Salt Springs that is really nice seem to have lots for the kids
  15. When will you be at lazy days. I would love to come meet you and your family, and also see the new camper
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