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  1. BigTom

    Three weekends and three camping trips

    Hope you enjoyed the trailer, we had a lot of good times in it.
  2. Don't know if VA will cover one, but they are fairly cheap on Craighlist and replacement batteries are fairly cheap on Amazon. I have 2, a smaller on for indoor use and a larger one to take to parks and such, paid 300 for one plus about $70 for new batteries and $500 for the larger on with good batteries. Have ridden the small one all over Fort Wilderness with no problems, the larger have taken to Flywheelers and used for 4 days without recharging on dirt paths.
  3. Get yourself a handicap scooter, not only will you have a place to put your snacks, etc, you also can have a seat to sit down and a battering ram to get through the crowd .
  4. I also use a scooter at times, don't need one daily, but can not stand and walk all day, also near 80 myself. I bought my own, they are fairly cheap if bought used and the batteries are not expensive. You can get a good one for around $300 and a set of batteries are less than a $100 delivered to your house, making it cheaper than renting a couple of times. So I do not have any objection to anyone using one if they need it, but I have seen young healthy people renting them just so they don't have to walk and have seen kids being pushed in rented strollers who were healthy and old enough to walk all day. We use to take our grandkid when they were younger 3-4 years old and they walk with us until we would leave the park. So I agree, legitimate users should be able to use scooters, but if not a legitimate user they should not be able to rent a scooter. Just my opinion.
  5. Another problem is they rent to anyone, it doesn't matter if they have never driven one or not. WDW is not the place to learn to drive an ECV. I think they should do away with rental ECV and strollers and require people to bring their own and enforce the rules about size and age to drive. Also the golf carts at the Fort could be on the same system, follow the rules or lose the privilege of having a cart.
  6. BigTom

    Back to back sites

    I have been in 1504 with my son backed up to us in 1630. Small ditch between, has water in it during wet times, but small enough to step across. We liked the set up there, Had Jason set us up. Also have been in 2003 and son backed up to us in 2200 loop, but there is a large creek between the camp areas.
  7. BigTom

    We’re Done

    My thoughts on this matter. I have not camped at Fort Wilderness in over 2 year and even sold my camper, but I don't think anyone else will be much longer either. Think like a bean counter, take the 1500 loop, small loop, 30 some odd sites bring in app $3000 a night when fully booked in peak season. Replace it with a 6 story hotel with room on top 5 floors, 20 rooms per floor, renting for $300 each per room. Same piece of ground now bringing in #30,000 per night. Guess $5000 more expense per night so increase would be $25,000 per day increase X 365 days and potential income from small piece of ground has increased by 10 times over campsites. Fort Wilderness will soon be just a memory like River Country.
  8. I agree, I live in the Fort Meade- Bowling Green area would not even consider living in a tourist area, although we do get a lot of snowbirds in the winter time. Florida is narrow enough that I can get to either coast in about 1 - 1 1/2 hours. Check out Homeland, Florida, small community, close to Bartow, Winter Haven, and Lakeland, not far from Tampa and very friendly people. I live just south of there and if had to move would be my next choice. Also the center of Florida is close to it. (about 5 miles away) Disney World is only 60 miles away also.
  9. BigTom

    SDMT queue removed

    I just got a smart phone, my son thought I needed it and bought it for me and set it up. He didn't like my flip phone which worked part time.
  10. BigTom

    Tent camping in July with Family!

    I don't see the problem Sinead is having, you are camping and have to expect to rough it a little. She would never get invited to go with us anywhere again.
  11. You have to show ID with Florida address for each ticket holder when picking up tickets
  12. BigTom

    Other attractions

    This what I was thinking about when starting this post, just around here are a lot of small attractions that are not worth a full vacation, but are a good way to fill in days on a trip to break up the days. Just around here, and this is not considered a tourist area, we have Bok Tower in Lake Wales, Soloman's Castle in Zolfo Springs, Royal Lippizan Stallion ranch in Myakka City, Manatee viewing area in Sun City, air boat rides on Kissimmee River, you can take swamp buggy rides, and a lot of small towns give history tours and have history museums, Bartow used the old County Court House to house a museum. If interested in buildings, Florida Southern College has a large assortment on Frank LLoyd Wright designed building and offer a tour of them. A lot to see and do in central Florida and not in the center of the tourist areas, So not as crowded and expensive as other areas.
  13. BigTom

    SW 2018

    Excellent report, enjoyed the whole thing and think you are a super mom for introducing your kids to a lot of what this country has. I can't imagine my wife even thinking about a trip like that.
  14. You know there is something about being older and wiser. All so I worked for a company that was safety centered, main idea was think what might happen and don't take a chance.
  15. BigTom

    Other attractions

    Gators do most of their feeding after dark and are wary of humans. I have been swimming in all kind of water in Florida for over 70 years and never been approached by a gator. Splashing in shallow water like that child in WDW at dusk is just calling a gator to come to supper, but you don't even see many during the day light hours, which is why most visitors to Fla will only see one. Go out late at night and you will be surprised by how many are swimming around. By to what I mentioned to start with, vacation are a good time to teach your children a little history about the places they visit.( I know you will have to research a little before hand, but you might learn a little to) For instance the Seminole wars were the longest lasting and the most costly both in lives and money of all the Indian wars. And you thought the West was wild.