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  1. They are pretty flexible on "Florida residency proof". Having the bill in your name will work but IMO the easiest thing is to open a bank account using a Florida address. https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/en_CA/faq/tickets/proof-florida-address/
  2. I didn't see this posted anywhere so figured I'd add it here. Mousesavers.com recently posted the 2019 prices for Disney Resorts (including Fort Wilderness). The full link is available here but I'll try to post the data (not sure how the formatting will come out). Date Range Season Tent or Pop-Up Campsite Full Hook-Up Campsite Preferred Campsite Premium Campsite Jan 1 New Years $150 $177 $190 $197 Jan 2-J
  3. Other than Dec27 and Dec28 (and even then, shower forecasts in Florida are often wishful thinking), that's actually pretty ideal Disney weather.
  4. I have to agree with you that there does seem to be a lot of empty sites when the campground is "full" so there seems to be room for improvement there. Having said that, I would strongly encourage anyone that tries to book something and can't to send DisneyWorld a message suggesting they expand Fort Wilderness and mention that you were trying to reserve and weren't able to (I've done it on a few occasions). There's tons of space if they wanted to and it just depends how much they want to grow. In my opinion, to really do it right, they should look at expanding to the West of the c
  5. Honestly, I've experienced the same thing several times !!! It never even occurred to me that we could use them with an RV. I don't really care about the sewer since when we go to Fort Wilderness, it's often just for 2 or 3 days and I often don't even bother connecting the sewer for short stays like that. Our moho is relatively large (40') so I'd probably want to drive around the loop to make sure we can fit before booking but it's something I'll keep in mind for future trips (especially if it's just 1 night to complete the trip (e.g. we want 4 nights but can only get 3 nights in a regula
  6. We have a Splendide 2000 combo as well in our moho. It was in there when we bought our moho used and I thought it was a silly thing to have but we love it and think it's awesome (We're 2 adults and 2 kids). It is tiny (not much bigger than a microwave) so you can't make very big loads and it probably doesn't wash as well as our home machines but we use it pretty much every night when we are camping with hookups and I actually love that it's a combo unit since you can put the clothes in to wash before going to bed or going out for a while and it's dry when you wake up or come back. There
  7. I've always thought it was just tents and popups but Disney reservations website says : While Full Hook-up sites say the same except adds " Sewage hook-up " So it would certainly permit ClassBs and I guess, to them, they don't really make a huge distinction and probably allow anyone in that doesn't mind not having the sewer hook-up.
  8. On a related note, how long to most campers leave their XMas Decorations out at FW? We're only arriving on the Jan 7th but love to walk around and checkout the decorations. I'm worried we'll be too late this year.
  9. Thanks for the info. That's great to know. I know that we hadn't used all three at the first park so that would have been the issue.
  10. We've never stored our mh near Disney but have been storing in Florida over the winter for about 8 years (first near Orlando Intl Airport, then near Sanford Airport and now near Tampa Airport) and we've never had a hard time finding a place. We've paid $35-$65 / month. For us, proximity to the airport was more important than proximity to the destination. We drive the RV down to Florida in the Fall and spend a few weeks before flying back home, then fly back and use for a few weeks at XMas time and finally come back to get it around Spring Break or Easter and drive it back North.
  11. I'm not sure if this has changed or the park member we asked did not know how to do it but we asked to do this last spring (used a couple of FP+ in the morning at MK and then, in evening, went to Hollywood Studios or Epcot (can't remember)) and we were told that you can only use Fastpass+ at one park per day and if you park-hop, you lose the ability to book any at the new park that day.
  12. FYI, we just arrived at FW and found out that the Meadow pool is closed until Dec 20th Guests do get to use the pool at Wilderness Lodge.
  13. Ha ha ! We'll probably be at the Meadow pool until we leave at around lunch time; maybe we'll run into each other there Mike and Sue from Ontario, Canada
  14. Thanks for the info on the thread - I hadn't even see it. I've replied to it now but we'll be leaving before most are arriving
  15. Not quite sure yet. We hadn't expected to be able to get a res over XMas so had planned on being there from around Dec16-Dec20 but to get the res, he made it longer and it's extending over XMas so now we might rethink our stay and spend XMas there. Also depends what / when we can get elsewhere (we're planning on spending a week in the Fort Myers area as well)
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