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  1. When IOS updates it sometimes requires that Supergeek update the app to be compatibility and until he does and it is verified it is removed from the store.
  2. Just spoke to Jen and they are looking into and hopefully it will be resolved by tomorrow.
  3. I suspect the latest IOS update requires changes. I will send a message to Supergeek to see if that is the case.
  4. I have seen in a Facebook group that he still is but is buried at the moment.
  5. Information taken from the Disney Parks Blog. https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2020/10/disneys-hollywood-studios-piloting-new-approach-to-virtual-queue-for-star-wars-rise-of-the-resistance/?fbclid=IwAR0Ww1LzZOVWNWxhqEChSU8q89_-dzYsKdohhjBQR7zEFZs6VseuT2G2HE8
  6. Sharing a notification I got about an email going out to Fort guests staying through Halloween night. Your Clients may be receiving email communication from us if we have their contact information, and if they have a reservation at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground between now and Oct. 31, 2020. The message shares details on Halloween activities at the resort. An example of this email is below. SAMPLE GUEST COMMUNICATION THAT YOUR CLIENTS MAY RECEIVE FROM US Dear ___________, Thank you for choosing the Walt Disney World® Resort and Disney’s For
  7. All Star Movies will be opening on February 9, 2021 and bookings can now be made for that. No dates on the rest of the All Stars or other resorts with out opening dates. Early 2021 Florida resident and General Public discounts are now available. The verbiage below is the General Public but Florida Resident is pretty similar though with a better discount through out the time frame. Sadly these discounts do not include Campsites but you or someone you know might needs a hotel stay during this time frame. If I can help you with that please let me know. New Walt Disney World Discoun
  8. Travel agents received notice today that All Star Movies will open February 9, 2021 and we can start booking for those.
  9. Kind of. Still working through the pile and the new ones that are coming in. Email headed your way as soon as I get chance.
  10. Around 1 am the remainder of 2021 opened for booking for resorts with opening dates. If anyone has a request for end of 2021 send it on over and I can see if we can get you booked. [email protected]
  11. Sailings onboard the Disney Fantasy will be cancelled through December 6; the Disney Dream and Disney Wonder through December 11; and the Disney Magic through December 12.
  12. My guess is partially the neighboring states but I am thinking they are trying to lure in those who arent willing to fly right now but might make the drive if the deal was good enough.
  13. Not to my knowledge. Just wanted to be sure if some one goes looking their eyes dont pass over the category looking for Partial. I don't believe that word even appears in the category description in anymore.
  14. To add to this if you are looking at the booking sites it no longer says Partial. It say Tent or Pop-Up Campsite as the category name now.
  15. Most of the time the Bungalows have to be called in. With the limited inventory vs/ DVC point inventory they often dont load them to the site. Now if only i had a client who wanted to book one so I could use that knowledge. LOL
  16. Been slogging my way through clients and was going to come post all that myself. Thanks for sharing it.
  17. I have seen some people moved up in site level at no charge if a category is full.
  18. Even at reduced capacity right now the amount of time to edit each photo and process it would get excessive. They have the same policy for nudity, signs with not allowed language, and any behavior deemed risky.
  19. This has been policy since they reopened. Photopass will not take your picture with the mask off and ride photos are all being screened for masks as well now in addition to the usual other things they screen for.
  20. Transferring CM's and early maintenance/dry dock
  21. I am a big fan of the Pern books. Another pair of authors I quite enjoy is David and Leigh Eddings.
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