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  1. Smigglers run to me is an easier to handle ride than Star Tours. As long as the two pilots aren’t little kids who bang the ship into everything.
  2. I have updated the printable park maps for Food and Wine and Galaxy's Edge. Disney hasnt posted a new one with Club Cool and Starbucks closed yet. https://www.facebook.com/pg/JasonWithMouseCounselors/photos/?tab=album&album_id=3100216616687504
  3. I agree with much of what he said. I will say though Smugglers Run has something going for it FoP does not. Almost anyone can ride it. It’s a simple lap belt restraint and the open feel eliminates the claustrophobic effect of Mission Space. As some one who will never be able to ride FoP or Mine strain I am super excited for a new ride I can actually ride.
  4. Mike is on Facebook also and may have posted there. I havent see it yet.
  5. Bragging rights go to Mikeypro. He was the first guest to check into the Fort this morning just before 7am. For a time anyway a Fiend has the Fort all to himself. Haha
  6. According to Disney Worlds weather update page the Fort re-opens tomorrow. https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/en_CA/weather-updates/
  7. Oh yes. I definitely did and it is awesome. While it is on the expensive it is leaps and bounds over the toy ones you can build or the cheap plastic ones you buy. The experience was awesome. If you are on the fence I don’t think you will be disappointed. Expescially for a Star Wars fan.
  8. Minimal storm here. Some wind and rain but only some loose palm fronds down and tiny twigs. Rain was heavy at times last night but puddles are already shrinking. My flight home tonight was cancelled. Now flying home tomorrow night. Disney extended me here at Caribbean Beach for the same price I would have paid for my tent site of $61.88 and got me late check out of 1 pm.
  9. No such luck. Tent pop up sites are going to Caribbean Beach. Full Hookup and above are going to Riverside. Cabins to GF I am in my room at Caribbean Beach now (pirate room yuck)
  10. Just notified. Out by 3 tomorrow. Headed to find out where I am going.
  11. https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/en_GB/weather-updates/ Still nothing here for me.
  12. I saw that. The manager I spoke with said if they do need to close and evac they will be using the push notifications to tell us. My phone is by my side. People getting calls though are being told the Fort is closing. I think it is more just closing to new guests to keep a potential evac easier to manager IF needed.
  13. They are pro-actively moving people not here yet. As of 30 minutes ago though still not closing.
  14. Currently staying at the Fort thru Wednesday. There have been reports on a Facebook group that the Fort is closing Tuesday and Wednesday due to Hurricane Dorian. I called several levels of call centers up to Guest Services assigned to handle storm changes and they state currently the Fort is business as usual with no timeline for closing. For good measure I went up to the front desk and spoke with 3 front line CM's and the management CM at the same time (this place is dead and they were all waiting and ready to help clients). They re-iterated business as usual. They stated they do have a plan in place IF it is needed but with the hurricane moving at 1mph it would be premature at this point. The manager said the best thing you can do is to make sure you My Disney Experience app is up to date, your reservation is linked, and you have push notifications turned on. IF they need to contact people about a closure they will push a notification out to the affected people instructing them to contact Disney with regards to the situation. If and as I hear any new information I will update this post so we have it all in one place.
  15. Having a great time. I am flying home Sunday. I move my flight as soon as I saw MCO was ceasing operations at 2 am Monday.
  16. Of course you would. You are just as nuckin futz as I am . lol
  17. Not going anywhere. My flight is next Wednesday. I assume at some point Disney will make the call they want us out of here and I will see where they can put me. I have a lightsaber appointment on the 3rd. I will be the idiot walking sideways in the wind to get there.
  18. So the night before last I never fell asleep. Had to be up at 3:30 to shower and head to the airport for my 7 am flight. I cant sleep on planes. Got here and set up with friends who are letting me borrow their hybrid for the week. Went to Disney Springs to pick up my ticket and meet the owner of Mouse Counselors to use some free tickets he got to the NBA Experience (if you like basketball or really love it the place is cool. Me not so much but I took picture to share with clients) then had dinner at Homecoming. Came back to the camper and worked till 9. Then I crashed. Hard. My alarm was set for 3 am. I apparently turned my alarm off during the night. Didnt snooze it, or acknowledge it, turned it off (have I mentioned I have a history of doing things in my sleep?) Woke up at 5 and missed the beginning. By the time I got there the land had closed so I joined the virtual queue and got boarding party 27. Got my notification I could enter around 8:20. Took a little bit of playing and swapping some options around but got my live stream running. Here is a link to the video posted.
  19. They definitely made some smaller options at this resort.
  20. I'm sure they are all service animals....
  21. I have already decided my left kidney is not needed and will be selling it to pay for this whatever the pricing ends up being. WDWNT though has had some knocks for putting out anything that will get them clicks lately but this has been speculated pricing for a while. It may be my only trip anywhere for the year but it will happen.
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