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  1. BouncingTiggers

    Trick or Treat 2017

    I'm just glad they are having it. The last time we went was Halloween 2015 and that was just ridiculous. Seemed like they had decided to let anyone and everyone into the fort. I'm sure everyone remembers that one.
  2. I don't see trick or treating om the fort's Halloween schedule. Are they doing it this year? Any idea where the time can be found? I called guest services, but they didn't know what was happening either.
  3. BouncingTiggers

    Fax Leter

    You're the best!! I just started trying to find the copy I had and bam you have it linked right here.
  4. BouncingTiggers

    RV loans

    I use Bank of America for my current camper. They had good rates and the process could not have been easier.
  5. BouncingTiggers


    I hope everyone has made it through unscathed. Just can't imagine a storm like that hitting at night.
  6. BouncingTiggers

    In 68 Days

    That's awesome!! 78 days left for us
  7. Congrats on your new camper!! Where in new england are you located? We are in northern ma right on the nh border. The fall is a fantastic time to head to the fort. Just be aware of how late in the season you go. If you plan on stopping overnite while traveling. Many campgrounds close mid to late November. As far as sites go we have always preferred the preferred sites. This is mainly do to their location close to the marina. If you plan on renting a golf cart or taking bicycles any level will be good.
  8. BouncingTiggers

    Greetings All

    Welcome!! Built-in baby sitters!!! Why didn't I ever think of that
  9. BouncingTiggers

    Hat Giveaway #3 Come and Get it!

    Nice looking hat
  10. BouncingTiggers

    Big Vaca with a Big Family

    Our table was not sturdy enough. We bought one of these & it works great. http://www.amazon.com/ciao-Baby-Portable-Chair-Black/dp/B0072IINY8/ref=sr_1_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1460595346&sr=8-1&keywords=Folding+high+chair
  11. BouncingTiggers

    Time to start planning trip to New England

    We usually go 95 through NYC, then once in CT go 91/84/90/495 to NH border. I've tried all the other routes mentioned and always have found it easier just going across the GW Bridge. Of course I always hit it at night or in the morning. There aren't many places to stop north of Delaware. The Timerlane one listed above is convenient. We have also stayed at Four Seasons Camground in NJ. If you want to stop north of there good luck as pickings are slim.
  12. BouncingTiggers

    Wooden Musket Mickey Sign

    If I beg and plead oh great one will send me the info too?
  13. BouncingTiggers

    Walt Disney World's Middle Class Problem

    Great article. I've actually had that same though run through my mind a few times. Even though I'm enjoying it is it still wortn it?
  14. BouncingTiggers

    Thoughts on ditching the dinette?

    It would be a great spot for a kegerator. Forgive my spelling.