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  1. We are actually going after two years away. We will be at the fort on Oct 2nd. we would normally store are camper between trips to the fort and go 3 times during the winter. Were not doing that this year due to costs and unforeseen future issues with fuel cost and Covid but same as most we are just tossing interest due to cost and rules
  2. Thats Awesome I have done LOR displays there for halloween and christmas. Have not ventured into pixels yet but want to. Very nicely done !!!!!
  3. Also consider that there is maintenance. Batteries, pads expire and also the machine needs to be tested and calibrated annually. Its not a bad idea to have it but be honest with yourself. Unless you are going to keep it with you at all times 911 is more likely a better answer.
  4. No I don't however they are at the comfort stations and pools. Also there is an app called pulse point that shows where they are in some areas. also alerts if some one in your area needs help. ( did not work in the fort area)
  5. Today entering the magic kingdom the guy in front of me set off the metal detector. They did the wand search found he had a leatherman tool. Measured the blade on it and gave it back to him and said that it was fine have a nice day.
  6. we tried this Killed two ice makers in about three years they are not all that good the ice melts fast as it is not deep frozen and that just makes a watered down drink. they both also became very noisy and took up space
  7. Meet them they went home for the holidays and a few other personal things they needed to attend to. just easier for them to leave it her then move it and risk losing the site. I can understand the whats and whys (hope I can afford to do the same when I retire) very nice people (they may be reading this) but they are still nice people
  8. I have seen bats lately at the fort near the bus stop lights not sure where they live but could be from the bat house
  9. Take a flashlight to the canals at night and look for the red eyes I always can find a few
  10. I know what it has cost me to be in this site the last two weeks and I sure wish I had that kind of disposable income.
  11. I saw a Bird flying around the pool today if that helps
  12. Its not that site Im aware of that one as well. That one has been occupied many times on this trip
  13. I kind of did I live in Indiana I went through Mount Eagle to get to the fort and its interesting but Im down to 55mph in that area.
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