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  1. Glad Luna will be heading to her forever home soon. I know you will miss her, but I'm sure she'll be loved by your SIL. -Cindy
  2. Lou I love her name! and I'm so happy you get to keep her. I know you missed Lil Lou so much when he came home with us. The girls were very upset last week as it has been a full year since Lil Lou was hit by a car. We still all miss him so much! We talk about adopting another kitten all the time, but honestly, we just aren't ready. Lil Lou left an indelible mark on all of us and we'll never find another kitten like him. He was a love, crazy and just plain made us laugh. We still have our other two, Jack who's 5 now and Misty who's 8. There are two neighborhood cats that visit every day; Fat Bo — who is really, really fat, and who just wants to be friends, but my cats are not interested. And Ninja kitty - a very small, thin all black feral (i think) cat who Jack is buddies with. We've even had to remove the cat door as Jack taught Ninja kitty to get inside, and he sprayed in my living room YUCK! I'm trying to get Ninja kitty to trust us (feeding him when we see him, talking to him, ect; but so far, no luck. He wont' let me within 5 feet of him... and he's fast! I'm worried about the winter time as he's so thin. But I'm working on it. I want to get him fixed and get his shots. wish me luck. Lou--and advice on befriending a feral cat? Miss all my fiend friends!! Hope everyone is well.
  3. I'm so happy Lulu found a home! And that you get to enjoy a new kitten while you wait for her to get big enough to spay.
  4. I'll be thinking of you and her over the next few days. I hope it all goes well.
  5. Wow, Lou I'm humbled with the offer... Let me talk it over with Ken... I really wasn't thinking this would be possible. Just wishful thinking. ya know what I mean? Kind of a sweet daydream. not reality. I feel for my older cat, Misty who's 8 yrs old and I'm afraid she wouldn't like a new addition.... Even after almost an entire year, she hadn't warmed up to Louie. Anyway, keep looking for a home for her closer to FL. :-) and I'll have a heart to heart with Ken on weather or not we can take a 3rd cat. Your an amazing man Lou! and I do wish we lived closer or could visit the Fort often. Love all you Fort Fiends! You guys are wonderful! Cindy
  6. I hope it works out w gettimg her as a friend for your cat. She look sweet and I'm sure she'll love being part of your family.
  7. Anyone traveling from FL to the northeast anytime soon? :) I've already fallen in love with the little girl. sigh. Cindy
  8. ohh She's beautiful!!!! I want her! I wish we could! Unfortunately, It will be a long time before we get to go back to WDW. But I'll show Ken her photo tonight. :) hee hee hee. Sigh.. wishful thinking. I hope she finds a wonderful home. Cindy
  9. Man this makes me miss Fort Wilderness.... and no trips planned anytime in the next few years :-( sigh...
  10. So nice to see that Mama cat is doing so well. Our family still misses Lil Lou. The house just isnt' the same without him. We still have our two other cats, Jack and Misty. I must say Jack seems to have found a neighborhood black kitty friend, which is good as he was so depressed after Lou was gone (he pulled all the fur off his belly---he and Louie were best buds). And Misty is sleeping in peace now that the boys don't bother her anymore. We are still thinking of getting another kitten, but just are not over the loss of lil Louie. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and words. The Fort Fiends is an amazing group! Cindy
  11. My girls suggest: Marcus and Jester as good names. I liked Buster and Dobby too. those both seem to fit his face. Cindy
  12. Man, I really miss little Lou. :-( I miss his "big" personality and I'm I'm really going to miss watching him play in the snow. We'll never have another cat like him :-(
  13. I'm so, so, so, sorry to have to let you all know that Little Lou passed away Aug 27th. He was hit by a car following my neighbor down to the main road on a very busy morning. He crossed the road three times back and forth, and was hit. We buried him in the back yard next to our other cat and the girls painted stones for a marker. We miss him very, very much. Broken hearted, Cindy
  14. Yes. Lou told me Momma cat still comes by for some petting and food. :-)
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