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  1. 270 minutes??? I have a hard time with 27!
  2. All right!!! Toy Story Land! Can’t wait to hear all about it! oh yeah, first page too :)
  3. Was down to ZERO miles to empty one time. Thankfully I was driving a Prius in a 30-mph zone. I very gingerly drove on battery to the gas station! I am not sure I believe those “miles to empty” things. Bet it took less than you thought to “fill up”
  4. Sorry about Niko. We lost our girl in September and I was just saying this weekend I miss the walks with her. We have a cat who absolutely loves camping.
  5. I'm reading at work, and actually LOL'd at this one... It actually took a few seconds to register "rope drop" and comfort station" LOL
  6. I tried it ONLINE this morning, and while I didn't hit submit, I was able to use a $5 gift card towards the purchase price of the Disney Gift Card. Maybe you can't directly trade one for another? Hopefully it was just a temporary thing of not being able to use the Target Gift card??
  7. Did you try to use the gift cards? I had a $5 one I got with an in-store purchase and I was able to apply it to a Disney gift card purchase. Combined with my Target Red Card (5%) discount, it brought a $50 gift card down to $42.50
  8. I don't know either, but I'll bet there is or was a Walmart on her agenda...
  9. Halloween already! Im ready for some cooler weather too!
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