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  1. So, is anyone there now that is being encouraged to leave the Fort?? Or will it remain open?? I'm seeing differing information above.....
  2. I felt kinda sorry for the gent in the 1900 loop that was backing his 5er into his site.... and ran over the site number pole. Apparently it was wedged under his rig pretty good, cause after about an hour or so of blocking the roadway, the pole was cut in half, allowing the rig to completely back into the site. I've never seen a pole cut before to remedy this......it was a good solution, though!
  3. Today, the dog park closed for refurbishment until further notice..... poles and fencing getting gone, stuff torn up.
  4. This is our Little Jack, a rescued Border Collie with this freakishly long tongue......... When he gets tired from running, it hangs out the side of his mouth about 6"!
  5. I thought it was pretty interesting. And dangit, I completely forgot to mention those issues...... Sorry. I agree, and perhaps they are. I only know what I heard and specifically discussed....... But you are certainly right about that place, they gotta separate the people from the carts. It's dangerous. Plus, a large number of the folks we encountered in the loop this past week seemed to have difficulty communicating and don't understand who has the right-of-way, or perhaps don't care. I've never seen so many carts and vehicles driving the wrong way on a loop, never ever seen so many tents or people on one site, or so many belligerent children. I was dumbstruck a couple times. But, that has nothing to do with this thread, sorry. Rats, sorry, did not get names. I had on sunglasses instead of glasses....... And if I were discussing things like this with a guest, I would likely be a bit noncommittal as well. But that's just me. I would be one of the guilty ones that has parked there and been fussed at by the Disney popo. Speaking of which.... Holy COW @ all the popo in the campground! I have never seen so many before, they seemed to be in the loop about every 4 - 6 hours!
  6. This is odd, I think we have HDDR reservations for late November already...... interesting. Anything new on this?
  7. I agree.... if you actually follow the rules, as well as the posted "no pets past this point" signs, you've got to do quite some maneuvers to get a critter to the park.... and old dogs or short-legged ones have it rough. <snort> "rough" = ruff, get it? OK, sorry. Cracking myself up over here while attacking Mt. Washmore from the Fort. They were discussing things like grading already in place, what would be needed to protect the volleyball court, spacing, etc... maybe 4-5 spaces more.
  8. On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to speak with the park manager and a Disney executive who were out by the dog park gesturing and talking and pointing around. I heard the word "spaces" used and asked "oh, are you planning more golf cart parking?" The park manager said "Yes, it's what we are trying to get funding to do, is that something you are interested in?" I said of course and gave a couple reasons why, like not parking illegally and staying off the busy roadways with pets. I noted that I thought the dog park was one of the best additions to the fort in years, and expressed our appreciation for the improvement. I left them then, and they got in their car to leave.... They drove up to the nearest bus stop by the 500 loop, sat there a couple minutes, talking. We left the dog park then, crossed over the street and they turned around and drove to where we were walking on the sidewalk, stopped and asked " so, what do you think about that idea? Cart parking between the volleyball court an the street?" I said, "if you can do that, you will keep your guests from having to cross a very busy main road twice, plus a loop user section with a bus stop. You are reducing our exposure to traffic, and allowing older guests with sites far away to use it. Plus, the children in the playground are kept separate from the dogs that come along the fence,ine to get to the park. It is a much needed addition, and will be greatly appreciated." "we will try to get funding" is what they said as they drove off.
  9. What a CUTE ornament!! OK, anyone at the Fort that's willing to pick one up for me, I'll gladly reimburse your expenses..... how cute! Wish they'd had them out when we were there!!
  10. LOL.... Jen we were there yesterday about the same time..... I asked the server on duty, Heidi, if the bar were available as a separate item..... she said no, that it wasn't. And told me that it was a new addition..... lol......
  11. LOL.... spoken like TheBigGuy. After our first golf cart rental here, he started shopping. Figured he had it paid for in not paying the Fort's prices in short order.
  12. How pretty the purple tree is! I'm bringing my purple flamingos, so y'all wave at them when you see them!
  13. Thanks.... current winning bids on Priceline or hotwire for the orlando airport are running between $10 and $13 a day.... so that's a considerable difference. Thanks again!!
  14. We're renting it midway into our trip for a few days, planning on a side trip to SeaWorld. And the rental agencies onsite are notably more expensive than the airport locations..... so, thanks for the LYNX info, and we'll likely go that route. Appreciate the information!
  15. OK, we're headed back to the fort, and don't tow a car because we tow a trailer with decorations and a golf cart....lol.... So, I'm trying to figure out the best way to pickup and return a rental car to the Orlando airport - that's where the best rates are...... any ideas? Cabfare looks crazy, and I got confused trying to figure out the LYNX...... appreciate any suggestions!
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