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  1. I try to pick the smaller loops....900, 1000, 1100. There seems to be less traffic and fewer children making noise which could get my dogs barking. We request to be as far away from the main road, bus stops and comfort stations. Anything that would create more foot traffic around our rv. The only problem in the 900 loop, is if you get a site that backs up to the group camping area. We also leave on the tv and a fan, only stay gone a couple of hours at a time. We also use a temperature monitor which texts us if the temperature rises above our preset temp. Works off the cell signal so we don't have to rely on wifi.
  2. I was able to get November 30 thru December 8, but I think I booked in November.
  3. We stayed at the Hitchin Post Corral and RV Park in Cottondale, Florida....same area as Marianna. It was easy on and off the freeway. The pull through sites were large and easy to manouver. The roads and sites are hard packed gravel and dirt. It is not a fancy rv resort, but it was very nice with walking trails, a small lake and a dog park. The owners are former full time rv'ers and are very nice and friendly. The park is only about 1 1/2 years old and so they continue to add on and improve. We would not hesitate to stay there again. We were in a 45' motorhome pulling a trailer.
  4. I saw a new campground we might try called Hitching Post Corral rv park. It's in that general area, but do a search to look at it. There's not a lot of options between Pensacola area and Tallahassee. We usually stop at Milton Pines Koa in Milton, Florida...but it would be nice to get a little farther down the road. As far as free, Florida has really nice roadside parks about every fifty miles. Some have night time security, not sure if they encourage overnight parking.
  5. Try putting him on a gluten free diet. My nephew had all the same symptoms and test results. His wife decided to try a gluten free diet and all his symptoms have cleared up. Good luck.
  6. Evacuate early if you can, but still evacuate. If it misses you, then that will be wonderful...better to be safe than sorry. It's just a day or two out of your life to keep you and your family safe.
  7. I am in Aransas Pass, TX which was hit by Harvey. Our entire area was devastated...our infrastructure is gone. We are just now getting a cell signal , sporadically, and finally power last night. We still don't have water or sewer but our first responders are working so hard to bring life back to normal. I wish everyone could see the miles and miles of electrical repair trucks, the staging areas where they meet every morning, all the volunteers, the food, water and ice donations. It makes me cry every time I see all the people who gave up their time to help us. The people who have come from all over the United States with their boats to rescue people from the devastating floods. Don't ever take the basics for granted...water, power and sewer. Please keep your prayers going for everyone affected by Harvey.
  8. Not sure who you are renting from, but we rented a camper for our kids from Meachams a few years ago and he had a package that included a golf cart. Everything was set up on their site when they arrived. Welcome back and enjoy your vacation!!
  9. PrincessNana


    I would encourage your mother to rent a cabin at the Fort. She will be much closer and able to enjoy the entire Disney experience with you and the grandkids.
  10. Crocketts Tavern has a wonderful beer selection. Enjoy the game!
  11. My grandkids have done the pirate cruise at the Grand Floridian twice and it was their favorite activity. It is the only extra activity that they have requested more than once. Last summer, the parents all went to the Grand Floridian for brunch and were seated right behind Drew Bree's and his family...which was a high light for our son. Drew's grandfather was the coach with the most championship wins at our high school.
  12. Thank you so much!! We're still "on the fence" about the dining plan, but it's time to start making dining reservations.
  13. We are considering adding the dining plan to our upcoming visit. My question is, If I have already made some dining reservations will they carryover to the Dining Plan?
  14. We go to the Walmart the twins use, mainly because we were able to find our way over there and back without getting lost! Happy Birthday to the twins, great choice for a birthday celebration location and the coconut cupcake looks yummy!
  15. This is a micro trip report . I just want to give TCD a high five for recommending Park Vue Inn. We are here now, the location is fantastic and the rooms are great. We are in a room with 3 queens, the only thing available, and it would be great for a family. Two queens in one room, and the other queen in a separate room. Thanks for the recommendation!
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