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  1. This will be the youngest grandsons first time. Their Dad is an active duty Marine and they were stationed at Camp Pendleton 4 years ago. When they were, they went quite often. The now 6 year old doesn't remember going, so this will be like her first time. Since they are back on the east coast, we have gone to Disney World many times. My daughter and son in law got married at Shades of Green. This is the first surprise trip that we have taken. Hopefully it all works out.
  2. We were supposed to be going on May 4 and now we have postponed until the end of August. It's a waiting game and we definitely won't go unless it is safe to do so.
  3. My grandkids want to camp on the beach. We live in Maryland and they live in New Jersey. Any suggestions on campgrounds would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Please post what route you wind up taking. We live in Street, MD near Jarrettsville and have been to Aberdeen many times. My son in law is a Marine, so have used the facilities on APG.
  5. They will be 8 (1 month shy of 9), 7, 6, and 23 months
  6. We are planning a trip to Disneyland with my daughter and son in law for this year. It's going to be a surprise for the grandkids. They think they are flying to see their grandparents in Indiana. Hopefully we can pull off the surprise.
  7. Great video. Love the trams and the quietness of The Fort
  8. We were there the end of August and the area is still closed.
  9. We saw it over the weekend with our daughter, son in law, and grandkids. Everyone loved it, even the 1 year old.
  10. We have the brake pro. If we don't tow the truck, we will have to tow our trailer. There are 4 adults and 4 children, with one of the children being a 1 year old. So we need bikes, stroller, etc. Basically, lots of stuff.
  11. We will be towing our truck, 4 wheels down, for the first time when we visit The Fort in August. Needless to say, my hubby is a little anxious. We have a 38ft 1994 Newmar diesel and have towed an 8 ft enclosed trailer for many years. Does anyone have any tips? Do we need the brake-pro inside the truck? Thanks for any advice you can give us. We are traveling with our daughter, son in law, and 4 kids and we would like to make this as uneventful as possible.
  12. The problem is that Disney is hurting families. That is exactly the opposite of what Walt had in mind when he build the parks.
  13. We are also in Maryland. We live in Street/Jarrettsville located in Harford County. I agree with you, the drive through northern Virginia is horrible.
  14. The Keenz stroller wagon is actually smaller than most strollers. They also have a 5 point harness in them just like any stroller. My daughter bought one for our upcoming Disney trip.
  15. With rising cost, it has been 2 years since we visited the Fort. Between the cost of the tickets and campsites, it has gotten out of hand. My daughter, sometimes son in law, and the 4 grandkids travel with us. They now have to purchase tickets for 3 kids, which is expensive. Atleast they are military and can get the military discount. The grandkids love Disney, so I'm sure we will always go. Living in Maryland, the campgrounds are expensive and you have to pay additional for each camper over the campgrounds sanding reservation limit. This is usually 2 or 4. By the time we add on this additional fee, it can get close to Disney, unless you are going during Holiday seasons. We will be going in August this year. It works best with their schedules and the sale going on really helps.
  16. We decided to make our next trip the end of August. Our grandkids will be with us again. August can be hot, but we usually hit the parks about 4pm and stay until closing. The best thing about August is that we were able to book during the sale. We were considering going in July, but the sale saved us almost $700. That's a lot of money. With that being said, you will always be a fiend and who knows what the future will hold. s
  17. Where has the time gone? Happy Birthday and thanks for all of the hard work.
  18. I would say early June. Spring break is always packed. We usually travel with 4 of our grandchildren. Have fun!
  19. How do they think it has anything to do with the Fort Wilderness theme??????? I guess putting alot of thought and effort into a new project is just too much work for the current Disney architects.
  20. Believe it or not, there are still people that don't have smart phones. Also, kids need to interact with people and the world, not have their nose buried in their phone. Enough already!!
  21. I think the price increases are really getting out of hand. Food and tickets basically at the same time. Who in the world is in charge???????
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