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  1. My boys watched Dora a lot when they were young. When we saw the preview before Toy Story 4 I told them we were going to see that together.
  2. Dumbo was at Redbox this weekend. I ended up renting A Star is Born, speaking of multi-time remakes.
  3. I'm going to save my pennies for that "wooden" water bottle.
  4. Saw it with my 18 and 20 year old “kids”. We were surprised to realize they weren’t even born/only a baby when 1 and 2 came out. We watched them so many times on VHS during their childhood. Funny, crazy, fast paced, enjoyable, slightly dark like the others. Animation is superb. I’d have to see it again to absorb all the details. Can’t wait for Toy Story 5.
  5. I've yet to go on Alaska #1 and I'm probably plastic in the DCL world so it's nice to follow along with your journey. Beautiful scenery.
  6. Entertainment by the Country Bear Jamboree? I hear they can use a new gig. https://www.fortfiends.net/topic/20621-if-this-is-true-they-have-gone-too-far/
  7. So if the park is at capacity and most of those people are in the 10 hour wait line, how much wait for the rest of the rides. Would that be the time to go if you wanted to do everything else? 😃
  8. If you build it, they will buy merchandise....
  9. I haven't been to the Fort since 2013 (Gasp!). I have a trip planned for October, but now I'm wondering if it might not be better to just live with my memories. Rather than have those memories crushed under a big pile of gravel and concrete. 😢
  10. Wow ! How are the parks crowd wise? My kids and a lot in our area are on Spring Break this week because they always have it around Easter. We've been the week before Easter before, even camped at the Fort that week although that was a few years ago, and it was so crowded. I was wearing my WDW tshirt to physical therapy this morning and a woman told me her son and his family were there this week and I answered "I wish I was." Now I really wish I was.
  11. Before kid activities killed it, we enjoyed camping at the Fort with our kids during their Spring Break in late March or early April. But we'd only take a day to get there and a day back using the weekends on either end of the week. It's crowded if you're doing the parks but workable if you have parkhoppers and a good plan. Weather was mostly beautiful.
  12. I bought two non-date specific tickets from Undercover Tourist last October right after the date specific ones came out. It says on the e-ticket that I can use it any day through December 31, 2019 but after that it will be applied toward another ticket based on the date.
  13. $55 for 3.5 hours of babysitting and a meal and activities seems very un-Di$ney like. I'm surprised.
  14. Does anyone know how accurate this is? I was so looking forward to reliving at least some parts of my happy Fort memories after my kids are off to college next year. But this makes it look like there will be none of that left. Very sad.
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