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  1. It's been a couple of years since we've been at Christmas but we found the most challenging was to get to all the Christmas shows if that's your thing and they have them this year. Had to plan which ones when and include time spent standing in lines to get in. And they used to be all or mostly in the afternoon/evenings. Maybe it won't be as crowded, although a friend went this past Sunday and said it was quite crowded. We used to go to Old Mill years ago and then Applewood Farmhouse more recently and would also recommend both.
  2. Three weeks ago yesterday I was eating Mickey beignets at the Port Orleans food court on the resorts visiting day of our trip. We took the boat from Disney Springs. Seems like a lot longer ago. I don’t like to fry in oil but I may have to try this recipe. They were goooood.
  3. We saw that too and I didn’t like how violent it was. But then again I was never a fan of Tom and Jerry or the Roadrunner cartoons.
  4. Friday morning we were next to board Big Thunder Mountain. The previous car had just left with a bunch of excited/scared elementary school kids and our car arrived. Then there was an announcement that the ride was closed and immediately a swarm of CMs many wearing backpacks appeared. Some entered the control booth and then they spread out to evacuate the ride. We went gate by gate to cross through the vehicle, scan our Magic band to get a FP and headed out. I wondered what happened that they responded so fast - but now that I’m typing this I’m thinking - would it have been a drill? We’d used
  5. We got to HS mid-afternoon Wednesday and it was down and they said it would be a while so go do something else. We went back around 6:30 and it was down again and they said it would be a while so go do something else. Wait time before it went down was 135 minutes. We decided to hover near the entrance in the “not a line” and were near the front to get in line when the line opened maybe 20 minutes later. It was just about two hours from when we were told not to wait until we got off the ride. I liked it. It’s colorful, fast paced and fun.
  6. Reminds me of the time I was working a concession stand at a college football game so was there during setup time. I took a picture of the young woman at the Fresh Squeezed Lemonade! stand pouring 2 liter bottles of Minute Maid lemonade into the dispensing container. Is the new BBQ place counter service?
  7. Even with fast phones I have terrible luck at lotteries/prize drawings. We do have parkhoppers and I was planning vaguely to switch early afternoons to a different park each day. Ideally I like to go to a resort to eat lunch and then go to a different park. Both AK and HS I was only able to get late afternoon FP. Our FP for Slinky Dog is late afternoon on March 4 which is the same day Micky and Minnie Railroad opens. That date wasn't announced back when I made my HS FPs and I'm not giving up that one now but I'm assuming it's going to be even more crowded that day so I wasn't going to go
  8. This thread is helping me make the decision to not even try this when we're there in a couple of weeks. Only have 4 park days and it sounds like it would take up a lot of time that could be more fun spent elsewhere especially since it's been a couple of years since we've been. We're not die hard SW fans and it was more of a doing it to say we've done it. But our phones are slow and we're slow on our phones. (I see a great money making scheme of renting a young person with a fast phone). After this trip we'll still have one park day on an old non-expiring ticket so I guess we'll save
  9. An update in case anyone is wondering in a similar situation: I procrastinated on this way too long mainly because I didn't think it would work. Finally called yesterday and a capable and cheerful CM was able to upgrade the expired tickets over the phone pretty quickly. There was a cost difference so I went with a 4 day instead of the same 5 day because it was less additional $. She also was able to prioritize the newer ticket over the non-expiring one in my account but told me to check with a person with an Ipad at the turnstile before going through the first time to make sure it would read
  10. Thank you for your answers! When I called Disney when I couldn't make FP, I asked about updating to a new ticket over the phone. She said she was in tech and didn't know much about tickets but she texted someone else while we made small talk about the Fort. The other person said because I bought them through Undercover Tourist I had to ask them to upgrade. I haven't yet, but am pretty certain they won't do that. I guess I can call Disney again but with the 20 minute wait time the last time I need to find time to do that.
  11. In October 2018 right before the date-based tickets system went into effect I bought 2 tickets from Undercover Tourist -- 4 day Parkhopper with extra day added for "free" to make a 5-day Parkhopper. I knew and understood that if I didn't use them by 12/31/2019 they would expire, but that I could then use the value toward another ticket based on the new pricing and would have to pay any difference. I intended to go in 2019, but that didn't happen. We are planning to go this Spring. I've done a bit of research but still have a couple of questions if anyone here has experienced. I can ca
  12. I don't know - paying only $89 on top of admission to not have to wait as long in line for It's A Small World sounds like a bargain to me. 😂
  13. As someone who has had a little bit of a panic about being on a cruise ship, I hope the fantastic time you are going to have will override any of those anxiety feelings. One thought about the kennel is there any way you can test leave your dog there on a prior trip so he's familiar with it a little bit when you have to leave him for real? May be good for both of you. I'm thankful my shelter dog feels that going to the kennel is like going to home so he's pretty good with it. But even he needed some getting used to the people there and the smell of that particular place.
  14. LOL I will admit that when I saw a trip report from you I also remembered "she's the one who does tea." I love the comments on the hippo observation chart. "Doing lots of mouth clapping throughout the day." Could be a human observation chart. I think I would love to do this tour, except maybe the heights and vultures. But they're Disney heights and vultures so can't be too scary I guess. Looking forward to more.
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