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  1. Seals

    We’re Done

    Wow ! How are the parks crowd wise? My kids and a lot in our area are on Spring Break this week because they always have it around Easter. We've been the week before Easter before, even camped at the Fort that week although that was a few years ago, and it was so crowded. I was wearing my WDW tshirt to physical therapy this morning and a woman told me her son and his family were there this week and I answered "I wish I was." Now I really wish I was.
  2. Before kid activities killed it, we enjoyed camping at the Fort with our kids during their Spring Break in late March or early April. But we'd only take a day to get there and a day back using the weekends on either end of the week. It's crowded if you're doing the parks but workable if you have parkhoppers and a good plan. Weather was mostly beautiful.
  3. Seals

    Ticket question

    I bought two non-date specific tickets from Undercover Tourist last October right after the date specific ones came out. It says on the e-ticket that I can use it any day through December 31, 2019 but after that it will be applied toward another ticket based on the date.
  4. Seals

    New Nighttime experience for kids

    $55 for 3.5 hours of babysitting and a meal and activities seems very un-Di$ney like. I'm surprised.
  5. Seals

    River Country

    Does anyone know how accurate this is? I was so looking forward to reliving at least some parts of my happy Fort memories after my kids are off to college next year. But this makes it look like there will be none of that left. Very sad.
  6. "Walt Disney World’s version will debut a couple months later on August 29, 2019. However, it will open in phases, with Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run opening first, followed by Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at a later date. (As we cover in our Tons of New Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Details Emerge from Construction Tours post, Rise of the Resistance is the more complex, higher profile attraction.)" Ideas on impact on crowds mid-September vs mid-October? I'm talking WDW crowds in general not Star Wars crowds. The article also says "We do not for a second expect Magic Kingdom, Epcot, or Animal Kingdom will see a dip in attendance once Galaxy’s Edge opens. To the contrary, they should each see a slight bump. First, very few people are going to plan a trip to Florida, and only do Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Second, those who aren’t huge Star Wars fans might look at DHS wait times and alter their plans to avoid that park. Finally, people will not have a choice if/when DHS hits capacity." There's also the paid FP to avoid standing in line that was mentioned in another thread.
  7. Seals

    Ceci n'est pas une Trip Report

    What a fun trip -- wandering and doing whatever you want. This is my goal for my next trip. Did you get any weird looks for doing Kidcot as a non-traditional kid? And you deserve a RWOG award for the Kidcot leftovers bag!
  8. Seals

    We’re Done

    But what will be the impact on the other parks? Will resources (CMs) be re-direct to HS and therefore longer waits, etc. at rides in the other 3 parks. This will be my first trip in 3 years and I hoped also to resort hop and go to Disney Springs. Now I'm worried they will be super crowded too.
  9. Seals

    We’re Done

    I haven't been paying attention. When is it supposed to open ? I have a tentative trip planned to the Fort in mid-October (my long planned "empty nester" trip). I don't care about Star Wars (sorry) and construction and huge crowds may make me rethink my timing.
  10. Seals

    3 New Dole Whip Flavors

    Mango and chocolate Yum!
  11. Seals

    Ceci n'est pas une Trip Report

    Yay! I can see all the photos now. (I was using a desktop both when I couldn't and now that I can see them). But Boooo because now I'm soooo hungry. And wishing I could spend my lunch breaks wandering around Disney. So are you going to drive 19+ hours straight through to go home? That's crazy.
  12. Seals

    Ceci n'est pas une Trip Report

    I can only see 3 pictures in your report -- the pipe and the two snack plates. Weird.
  13. Seals

    Dog Park REOPENED

    This reminds me of how we give our dog small round training treats and how excited he was to find that the deer were leaving piles of them in the yard for him.
  14. Seals

    No trip reports ??

    That is really cool how they've developed their love of Disney into careers. Also gives me hope for the future of Disney.
  15. Our crazy dog is part Jack Russell and part corgi and the stubbornist creature I've ever seen. His favorite game is to evade capture. He knows the commands to stay and come but if he doesn't want to, he doesn't. He gets what I call his crazy eyes and I know he's going to keep doing what he wants to do (which is the reason he was bitten by a copperhead snake he wouldn't leave alone a couple of years ago). He stays in our large fenced yard, the house or on a leash. We never let him loose because we live near woods and I doubt we'd see him again because there is too much to pursue out there. So I can easily understand how this dog has been roaming the Fort loose for so long. But I hope someone is able to get her home soon.