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  1. Seals

    Dog Park Closed

    This reminds me of how we give our dog small round training treats and how excited he was to find that the deer were leaving piles of them in the yard for him.
  2. Seals

    No trip reports ??

    That is really cool how they've developed their love of Disney into careers. Also gives me hope for the future of Disney.
  3. Our crazy dog is part Jack Russell and part corgi and the stubbornist creature I've ever seen. His favorite game is to evade capture. He knows the commands to stay and come but if he doesn't want to, he doesn't. He gets what I call his crazy eyes and I know he's going to keep doing what he wants to do (which is the reason he was bitten by a copperhead snake he wouldn't leave alone a couple of years ago). He stays in our large fenced yard, the house or on a leash. We never let him loose because we live near woods and I doubt we'd see him again because there is too much to pursue out there. So I can easily understand how this dog has been roaming the Fort loose for so long. But I hope someone is able to get her home soon.
  4. First of all, you don't go to rope drop because you have Front of the line attraction access Access to any restaurant at Walt Disney World (no normal reservations needed) Only the poor common folks who have to stand in line or depend on reservations do rope drop. Second of all, you get A tour of the Cinderella Castle Dream Suite Only the mega rich get to actually stay there (not sure if that's true right now but I'm sure it's coming in the $20,000 per day World Of Even Bigger Dreams package).
  5. I wonder why alcohol is in quotation marks!? All meals included (3 a day, with select “alcohol”) I'm usually immune to Disney schemes but I have to say if I had $2000 to spare (going with 5 other people) this would be a fun way to spend a special day.
  6. Seals

    Reusable Bags are Here!

    I look forward to buying a set on my next trip (hopefully this year!). Shopping at Sam's Club and Aldi I use a lot of reusable bags and anything that makes it a little more pleasant is a good thing.
  7. Seals

    No pictures allowed!

    I'm guessing she told her husband she was going to a boring work conference in Omaha.
  8. I always chime in when a thread jumps to Dollywood. It's such a great park. While my kids hit the roller coasters, I walk around (those hills are great exercise), eat kettle corn, ride the train several times (usually while eating kettle corn), see the shows - sometimes more than once (the Kingdom Heirs!), have lunch with Miss Lillian, window shop, people watch, and eat more kettle corn. And it's a such a relaxing and fun day. Gold season pass (free parking and 20% off food) to park and water park (they have a great water coaster) is only $244 this year and if you get a season pass in December you can go for two Christmas seasons.
  9. I'd been to Aldi's a few times over the past few years but there wasn't one convenient until one opened on my route home from work last summer and now I'm a big fan. Since there aren't a lot of choices I don't do the impulse shopping I do in regular grocery stores and I can get in and out pretty quickly. My grocery bill is definitely lower even on things I need to buy. Store brands are good if carrying amusing names. My son loves Cheezits -- at Aldi they're Savoritz cheese baked crackers. I make him say that when he wants me to buy Cheezits. They also carry some good German chocolate bars.
  10. You have willpower. I would be hearing those Mickey Bars calling me from the freezer day and night. Who am I kidding, I doubt they would have survived the ride home.
  11. We are going to be at a hotel for Christmas this year and I actually was thinking about getting a charlie brown tree. I saw one advertised at BB&B for $19.99, then there is also one at Amazon for $7.99 which looks exactly the same as that one and the Amazon one you posted https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07CZ7ZTGJ/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1
  12. Seals

    Fancy Strollers

    The first time I get hit in the backside by that Millenium Falcon there will be trouble. Can you imagine several of these in the same area. They must be huge, because the children shown in them are quite old. They're not designed for really young children. However, as always, I admire the genius of whoever came up with them. They will be rented. Some kids will demand them and some parents will insist their child be seen in one. And I totally could see renting them for children with actual issues that prevent them from being able to walk around for the day or need the convert to a bed feature.
  13. Seals

    Ralph Breaks the Internet

    My older son's Instagram bio link is similar to the final end credit scene, so we particularly got a good laugh at that.
  14. Continuing our family tradition of seeing the latest Disney movie on Thanksgiving (and I am thankful my pretty much grown children are still enthusiastic about continuing this tradition) we went to see Ralph Breaks the Internet. And really liked it. It's about 15 minutes too long IMHO but lots of laughs about online sites and video games. A lot of humorous things worked into the background, signs, etc. And a good bit of funny Disney stuff, especially for Kristen Bell and others complaining about Disney princesses. Interestingly our family and the 60 something aged couples in front of us were laughing more than the families with children around us. I think one child was still traumatized by a scene in the Dumbo preview that set him/her screaming before being removed from the theater by the parent for a while. Also saw two preview for Toy Story 4, one quite funny with comments about the decision to make Toy Story 4. If you see Ralph make sure to stay through the excruciatingly long credits because there's a preview you won't want to miss.
  15. Seals

    Where in the World??

    Totally guessing: entrance to Safari?