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  1. Saw Incredibles 2 on Saturday. I noticed this! (I'm old).
  2. Seals

    Other attractions

    We ate at Starfish Company. Food was excellent, staff was friendly and eating right on the water and watching the birds and boats was perfect. I love places like that. I'd like to explore that whole area more some time.
  3. Seals

    SW 2018

    Yup, totally agree. We took our kids on many road trips starting when they were very young. We visited most of the major cities on the east coast and went to Canada twice, including an adventure to Niagara Falls, Toronto and Cedar Point last summer. This summer I felt I had to give my now college student the option of going with us on a road trip to a wedding and he chose not to (although I'm not proud to say I'm now trying to guilt him into it). As for them remembering. every so often I pull out a photo album and show my kids a trip we took when they were younger and they actually enjoy seeing the photos and hearing my stories (if they are brief) as long as they are in the photos and the stories are about them. Enjoyed your trip so much. The photos are stunning. I can only imagine the real views were even moreso.
  4. To me this just says "you picked the wrong time to come to Hollywood Studios. But spend your money today. And then come back and spend more money when all the fun stuff has opened." And also, isn't it weird that it says "is in the midst of a multi-year expansion, where Guests can have their own adventures together in the immersive worlds of ..." instead of "will be able to have their own adventures..." Because you can't have that adventure during the expansion only when it's done.
  5. Seals

    Other attractions

    We did both mermaid shows. We went to the main? aquarium at Clearwater Beach. Is there another one downtown? We ate at a seafood resaturant in Cortez, drove across a bridge to Bradenton Beach, drove north and then across the next bridge. That's Anna Maria Island right? but we didn't stop. I liked that area though. I (half) jokingly said I'd found my retirement location. I was quite full from dinner so we didn't walk on the path at Desoto but it looked pretty. It was very peaceful there. I still want to do a trip report. I'm going to try to figure out the photo thing. I closed my Photobucket account when they changed their rules, but didn't they change it back to free again? I also need to figure out how to get my photos back from the icloud. The ones on my phone are lower resolution versions. My older son is home from college now so maybe he can help me.
  6. Seals

    Other attractions

    I keep thinking I might do a trip report, but with no time and no photo posting service, I'm not sure that's ever going to happen. But my husband and I took a Spring Break trip and visited several "other Florida attractions" in early April. I was going to call my trip report "Dolphins and Mermaids and Florida History, Oh My." We visited the following places: Weeki Wachee State Park Indian Rocks Beach to see the sunset (2x) Clearwater Marine Aquarium + Dolphin Adventure Tour beach town driving tour from Clearwater Beach to Pass-A-Grille Beach Ringling Museum in Sarasota DeSoto National Memorial in Bradenton (it was closed since after 5 pm but could still visit the grounds) SS American Victory, Tampa Henry B. Plant Museum at University of Tampa Ybor City Historic District, Tampa I enjoyed and would recommend all of them, especially if one is interested in dolphins, mermaids, beach towns and Florida history.
  7. Seals

    GDF Visits the Dark Side

    When we went to Universal in 2012 it said Mythos was the best restaurant in a theme park. i remember because that made me want to try it but we never did. I'm doubting one restaurant can hold that title for that long.
  8. Seals

    2 free Marriott nights give me your input

    Unfortunately, you're probably going to get wet either way. Dollywood 100x over Six Flags, but Atlanta has Aquarium, Coke Museum, College Football Hall of Fame you can do indoors. And possibly walk from your hotel? vs driving Knoxville to Dollywood. I'm sure you'll have fun whichever you choose.
  9. Like ripping off a band aid. It lessens the pain of leaving when it goes quickly.
  10. Seals

    1 night in Disney and 2 at Legoland

    Great S'mores faces!
  11. Seals

    SW 2018

    I'm really enjoying this trip through your pictures. I've never been to that part of the country. I think I'd have a hard time staying awake driving through West Texas though. And that eerie campground... I think I'd be sleeping with one eye open.
  12. Most restaurants serving alcohol now; everyone cares less about everything = another win for Disney!
  13. Seals

    SW 2018

    I'll be looking for this. I just looked at Google maps and we'll be going that way on our way home from a wedding next month. But in a minivan not a motor home. And severe thunderstorms/tornados and running out of gas are two of my biggest travel fears. I see you got those out of the way on your first day!
  14. Seals

    SW 2018

    In and I'm already impressed !
  15. Seems he's a consultant now so maybe they don't want to advertise his business? http://joelanzisero.com/2/ "I'm a full-time consultant working for visionary clients all over the world." "If you're going to drive design at theme parks, you might consider yourself blessed to have had that experience at Disney Imagineering. I do." [I added underline] Also, I'm worrying just thinking about getting back to that ship in time. I'm one of those "but what if this happens kind of people" -- twist my ankle, realize I don't have my phone, etc. Although if the penalty is another night on CC, that might not be too bad.