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  1. We are going to be at a hotel for Christmas this year and I actually was thinking about getting a charlie brown tree. I saw one advertised at BB&B for $19.99, then there is also one at Amazon for $7.99 which looks exactly the same as that one and the Amazon one you posted https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07CZ7ZTGJ/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1
  2. Seals

    Fancy Strollers

    The first time I get hit in the backside by that Millenium Falcon there will be trouble. Can you imagine several of these in the same area. They must be huge, because the children shown in them are quite old. They're not designed for really young children. However, as always, I admire the genius of whoever came up with them. They will be rented. Some kids will demand them and some parents will insist their child be seen in one. And I totally could see renting them for children with actual issues that prevent them from being able to walk around for the day or need the convert to a bed feature.
  3. Seals

    Ralph Breaks the Internet

    My older son's Instagram bio link is similar to the final end credit scene, so we particularly got a good laugh at that.
  4. Continuing our family tradition of seeing the latest Disney movie on Thanksgiving (and I am thankful my pretty much grown children are still enthusiastic about continuing this tradition) we went to see Ralph Breaks the Internet. And really liked it. It's about 15 minutes too long IMHO but lots of laughs about online sites and video games. A lot of humorous things worked into the background, signs, etc. And a good bit of funny Disney stuff, especially for Kristen Bell and others complaining about Disney princesses. Interestingly our family and the 60 something aged couples in front of us were laughing more than the families with children around us. I think one child was still traumatized by a scene in the Dumbo preview that set him/her screaming before being removed from the theater by the parent for a while. Also saw two preview for Toy Story 4, one quite funny with comments about the decision to make Toy Story 4. If you see Ralph make sure to stay through the excruciatingly long credits because there's a preview you won't want to miss.
  5. Seals

    Where in the World??

    Totally guessing: entrance to Safari?
  6. Seals

    Random Pics from our Halloween Trip

    I'm not particularly a Halloween person, but the creativity in many of those pictures is amazing. And now I want to see it in person. Someday!
  7. Seals

    Where in the World??

    Germany - the place where you get the caramels?
  8. Wow! Some of those are really creative. Thanks for posting!
  9. Seals

    Day One...Crash

    This is a great sentence! Sounds like you're packing in the fun.
  10. Seals

    Indy Land Coming??

    Toy Story 4 is due out next year!
  11. We've left parks and gone to the closest quick service restaurant to eat lunch just to use our refillable mugs, including the chipped ones. Yes, we've carried 5 mugs in a backpack/drawstring bag to do this. But 5 x $drinkprices adds up and I need my jolt of caffeine at lunch time. Plus it provides a nice break from the park. You used to be able to use it at the bakery on the Boardwalk too. But my experience is 2 years old at this point.
  12. Seals

    Rafiki Dead

    There's a lot of re-themeing and enhancing potential of the train ride and the area without losing the educational component, which I think is pretty neat. I like behind the scenes areas of zoos and aquariums. However the line "rework the area’s offerings to appeal more to today’s guests" worries me. I'm thinking stare at your phone apps are coming there too.
  13. Seals

    SDMT queue removed

    Personally, I've perfected the art of one hand scrolling while the other hand gives belly rubs. I've also perfected the art of working on my laptop on a table with a dog lying on my lap. And when I'm reading, the dog on the lap becomes a book prop. No depression here!
  14. Seals

    Price increase on drinks and snacks

    Regular coffee is now $3.29, up from $2.79 Hot Tea is now $3.29 up from $2.79 Getting closer to those Starbucks prices!
  15. Seals

    No reservations?

    I have a reservation for a tent/pop up site for weekday nights next October for $69 + taxes per night. Planning to sleep in my tent (or my minivan if there's a thunderstorm) if it all works out. So I'll argue it's still a good deal for camping like God intended it to be. (LOL -- if I could afford the Poly and still go to parks and eat where I wanted you know I'd be staying there! ) We don't live close and I've always opted for stay onsite and go less often rather than stay off site and go more often.