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  1. Thanks for the update. Sorry about the camper.
  2. I have no clue but i am sure someone will. You may want to start a thread with that title. And welcome.
  3. I don't think he went I think he was just Mr. Negative
  4. I am always happy to hear of people that don't want to go and I quit trying to change their minds years ago, because it is just one less person I have to stand behind inline. And yes Disney is my happy place but I do have others. It will be interesting to see how I feel about Disney during a pandemic on our next trip though.
  5. It really stinks that this happened, but maybe in the long run (which my kid will be grown it will be so long) the Fort will get a better design I don't think anyone really liked the style of that resort. Thanks for the update TCD your better then Instagram.
  6. Not at all. I'm not there yet but its close enough.
  7. Ray it seem like it would fix your problem if you made a resort reservation.
  8. You are in the same boat as us. I went ahead and renewed since we had reservations this year and I wanted to get my park pass before they are gone. Most of what has been taken away right now is okay, as long as it comes back in the future. I am hoping for small crowds. Time will tell.
  9. This is all so annoying. We have a reservation at the Fort that starts a month or so past the expiration date on our AP so I can't make a park reservations because I don't have a valid pass for those days, but I can't renew my pass because Disney won't allow it right now.
  10. I say get rid of the buses and every guest gets the own golf cart to drive every where on property. Looping will take a lot longer.
  11. We were wanting the orange bird pass holder magnet. Even had the trip planned. We bought one off Ebay the picture was a real one, what they mailed us was a bad copy. My daughter really likes orange bird.
  12. We still have a reservation and I haven't canceled so if it looks good when the time comes we will head to the Fort.
  13. Enjoy your trip, I don't think they will open in June anyway.
  14. The problem with the face covering is it doesn't work well with their Instagram photos.
  15. I wonder how will people drink around the world with a mask. A lot of people hold a drink the whole way around.
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