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  1. We have done this twice in the last 2 weeks I got 32 and 59. I was faster when i got the 32. 32 was called by 8:46 a.m. 59 was called by 1:30. When i got 59 i had a larger group to assign so it took longer. Both times park opened at 7a.m. I would make sure you are there by 6 a.m. we arrived at 5:27 a.m. they start letting people in the park around 6:30 give or take 10 minutes. If you do it have fun.
  2. Been here a few days so far everything has looked pretty good. With the exception of a stuck Olaf on Frozen and a destroyed Fort around trails end.
  3. Texas could really use a Disney world and there is plenty of land.
  4. Yes those are for toddlers. I would always swing my girl as high as she wanted to go. I would always get a frustrated look from the mom next to me when there kid would point and say I want to go high like her mommy. Then my daughter would say something like why don't they swing high daddy? (She was only 2 at the time or 3)
  5. Thanks for the update my daughter is smiling that she will have a swing. Kids, all the rides at Disney and she was worried about her swing at the Fort.
  6. I have been watching the Fort change since 1979. And while a lot of the changes we haven't loved some have turned out ok. Our least favorite has been the price increase. At this point I don't like all the changes that are going on at the Fort, but it may turn out to be great we haven't seen the final work yet. So I am hoping the Disney magic will somehow keep the Fort a great place to camp.
  7. Thanks for the update. I am very happy they gave us back a playground.
  8. I haven't seen it in person, but this may make it a little better being able to park next to the playground. I will keep a open mind until I see it. Although we have to like it. Because they sure won't change it back for us. I know my girl will be happy to see the swings. Thanks for the updates.
  9. My daughter will be so happy for the swings , I wish they would add more.
  10. Well I am very surprised but it looks like they are using the same old equipment.
  11. Thanks for the update, hope they finish it soon.
  12. That's what they are I saw them on the mickey view's YouTube channel days before they flew.
  13. That's horrible I am so sorry. But I have been on the side of the road my fair share with rv tire blow outs. So I can feel your pain.
  14. My daughter loved it so much. But it was hot the day we did it, and they go so slow, plus in the single file line you can't talk to anyone. So it wasn't my favorite thing, but I would do it again for her. But don't tell her I said that.
  15. So what if you check in and don't like the site they gave you and you want to change sites?
  16. I second this for a walking option. The other 2 ideas I have are to go to the Meadows and rent a canoe it's like $13 then you will paddle back to some secluded areas. Or go to the lake and rent a pontoon boat and it would be just the 2 of you on the lake. Which you could pick the location from by Fort Wilderness or near the Magic Kingdom.
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