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  1. At least the settlement area isn't a eyesore, oh wait..... Despite all that we were there a few weeks ago and with all that is missing we still had a good time but could have been better. I really miss the resort boats.
  2. We were there at the end of January it was crazy busy, and there were so many rides broke down every day. But we still enjoyed it.
  3. The price has gotten high. How about now you have to pay for a fast pass, which now it has a new name. If it wasn't for my kid I could be done based on price. But she loves Disney and we like it to, so for now I guess we keep paying. Everything has gotten so expensive now we went to a camp ground last weekend that we have been going to for 20 years and it's now $80.00 per night and there are zero amenities other then river access.
  4. We were there in May and didn't smell anything other then pine trees, camp fires, and people doing there laundry.
  5. What a intro to this report. Its never boring crossing the country with a rv. We've had our share of rv issues going to Disney. But the truck i just trade in when the warranty is gone. I've had a truck note for a little over 20 years now(that sounds horrible when you type it out,20 years!). Enjoying your report.
  6. We loved Runaway Railway,we rode it several times over our trip and we got stuck on Rise of the Resistance.
  7. On Castle color we agree, I don't know how anyone really likes it. The dark grey looks nice, and the blue roof is really pretty, but that pink is just awful. My wife and daughter felt the same way and they like pink. Just not on the castle.
  8. Just saw this thread we were there from the 28th to the 11th. It was definitely cold several nights.
  9. I agree on the cart it should be a personal decision. We actually put our masks on tonight and drove our cart around to see how bad it will be at the Fort. I really didn't enjoy it because I felt like I was at work and I like drinking a diet coke when I drive around.
  10. That will be nice when I get a 5g phone
  11. Great, my daughter will be happy. She loves to swing when we go camping.
  12. Thank you for the kind words. This has just been a hard year for everyone in one way or another. But no matter how bad things are, it could always be worse. Just remember the blessings you have.
  13. I blame covid 19 for killing my dad. Even though he tested negative for it. We were unable to see the bad care he was getting in a nursing home that he went in to for 30 days of physical therapy. He got a bed sore that started tunneling into him and since he was fighting prostate cancer there was nothing they could do for him. He passed away at the end of June and I don't think my mom will ever be the same. They had just had there 50th wedding anniversary in March. There was supposed to be a big party, but due to covid it was postponed. Thank goodness my daughter made them a cake.
  14. I am so sorry to hear that, I was hoping they would make it through.
  15. Not surprising he probably makes less money then her and she did such a good job with training he can do the job.
  16. But they don't need more people right now they just need there money. They need to cut cost that doesn't bring in revenue. That said I think Bod did make them money selling drinks.
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