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  1. Shortly before Matt blew up, I pointed to the score tower and told Tony, I thought Chevy would be up there. At that time 4 yotas were at the top of the board. 20, 11, 15, 18. That didn't last long. And when Matt went, I told Tony that Kyle would probably be next. He complained of a vibration earlier and his temp was all over the board. Unfortunately this time I was right. Dang it. Yea the Chevy engines were strong. Since Kyle was out, I listened to Jr at the end of the race. "Interesting" to say the least. And I was impressed with Danica's showing. Surprised and impressed. But next week will tell a lot about the cars and drivers. On Sirius we were urged to believe the dirvers held back racing side by side since they don't have many cars. But, with the economy and all I can't blame them if this is the case. But they were able to "turn it on" with 40 to go.
  2. :jumpforjoy :jumpforjoy :jumpforjoy No shame in resupplying! And on day 2? Yu da Man!!!! :clint:
  3. Cool another TCD report. A week late and a dollar short, but whoo hooo! :jumpforjoy I'm sure to learn something new after I can go back and catch up.
  4. Yippee, JJ won!!! :banghead: And no rain!!!!! :jumpforjoy Maybe Kyle can get an engine that will finish before Richmond this year. :clint:
  5. Oh no! Dream Machine not happy. Oh My!!!! Breathe, and remember you are at WDW!!!!!! And it dosn't hurt you were at EPCOT with some great beers and drinks....Or were there.
  6. Thanks for sharing Dave!!! Sorry you don't know when the next trip is, but there is always the Peace Corps for the girls......
  7. SCTigerCock

    Cuban Cigars

    What Ray said. Be careful of the shop you buy in. I've been told that the Cubans make good cigars, but some other countries have caught up. My suggestion: Try many often! :clint: And let me know what you think of any you try, please! I love good smokes. I prefer maduros with a medium to strong smoke. What's your preference?
  8. Have a Awesome trip with the family!!!! :jumpforjoy :jumpforjoy :jumpforjoy
  9. Jason, man sorry you fell. Glad it wasn't as bad as it could have been. I hope you and Sil enjoy your upcoming trip. I definately want your take on the cruise. Since we are discussing one with our friends with two kids, wonder how Tiny and I would enjoy without kids.
  10. I was actually hoping to find one down in Daytona while there. But they offe the half the Sunday of Quals, ummmm Not quite there yet. Haven't seen anything around the actual race weekend...bummer. But yup, hoping for at least a 5K next Jan.
  11. Winghouse!!!!! :jumpforjoy :jumpforjoy :jumpforjoy I must admit, when you suggested meeting you there last year, I was skeptical. Some of the local wing places we have tried while traveling have been meh. But Winghouse, GOOD! :jumpforjoy Thanks for the info about the Rolex. If Tiny and I can get free in Jan next year, we may try it. Of course if Tiny goes, I won't be away from the track much.... :rofl3: And if we go, we will be doing the 5K :clint:
  12. Did you happen to get any scooter rental info? We are thinking of renting to test some out, just curious.
  13. Can't blame ya! I don't care to do another trip anytime soon without our RV.
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