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  1. Thanks, BradyBzLyn...Mo! Yes, I'm in favor and thanks to your info I was able to get a fast pass for January 3rd at a reasonable time. And you were correct - it closes the 4th.
  2. We're coming in January 4 and will be here a while. Went online to use Fastpass+ and get some Soarin' rides. On both the 4th and the 12th, Soarin' is closed for "Refurbishment". Anyone know how long it will be out of commission?
  3. OK - is DVC Disney Vacation Club? And is the Four Seasons Resort construction part of Disney Vacation Club? (Been here since January 5 and still don't know!)
  4. Got one last year and will again this year. Last year we were in FW a month - this year 2 months. I second (or third...or tenth) what others have said about not feeling pressured to "get the most" out of a day in a park. Actually, it's fun to go, take a good long daily hike and just people-watch.
  5. Thanks. It looked a little large for our small space. :-)
  6. We're looking forward to 2 months this winter BUT DH is sorta glued to his computer. He has his own mifi, but that gets really expensive. He's uncertain about the gear Disney provides relative to hooking it up to his computer. Any news?
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