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  1. Hey everyone. I finally managed to get back on here. I was locked out somehow. I thought somebody didn't like me or something....lol. Anyway, I am seeing several people say that there is now park to park transportation for all except Disney Springs? Did I miss something? BTW, I will be zipping down to Music in September for a Disney fix. Iowa sure is boring....lol. One last time to use the AP's that expire 9/11.If anyone will be around the 6th - 12th, let me know.
  2. Just a heads up about site flooding. It's not just the tent/pop up sites that flood. We had a pup in site 126, the last site on the inside of the 100 loop, and it rained and left about 2-3 inches of water throughout the site and driveway in front of it. No way to get in or out without wading through.
  3. How many people do you want to sleep? A smaller 8 foot box might barely get into that range new. Depends on the place whether you get the AC or not for a fair price. Buy on the ;last day of the month, the sales people get hungry and will give up 30-35% off list price. If you buy new at a good discount, it could be cheaper than buying one 2-3 years old. Cheaper ones are the Forest River lines of Rockwood and Flagstaffs. They come out of the same factory. IMHO Jayco seems to be a better brand. They have a 2 year warranty instead of a 1 year. That should tell you something there. They cost a bit more though. As others have said, the slide out really opens up the inside and it is nice to have the front storage too. But with that comes price and weight. Good luck on your search!
  4. I bet I know which site you are in. Outside of the loop? It gets about 3 inches of water when it rains good. The walls are built up and turns it into a lake. Not very good if you have a tent, or anything else for that matter.
  5. Howdy everyone. We own several different brands of pop ups and yes, they are used a lot. Our favorite is a Jayco. Even though it is the oldest of them, it requires less upkeep than even the 2013 and 2015. New, they do cost a bit more than a Forest River product but they do come with a 2 year warranty as opposed to a 1 year. That should tell you something. Forest River makes Flagstaff and Rockwood. They are virtually the same and come off the same lines. They do look very nice BUT we have found the quality of the materials and workmanship leaves something to be desired. 4 of the 5 popups we have do have a dinette slide out. We have had no problems with any of those. It really opens up the inside with some walk around room. They do weigh a little more. Not as much as a high wall. Not all slide out campers have toilets in them. We opted without it. Too much chance of water from the showers to be getting all over the floor and starting the rotting process. The price of a high wall in my humble opinion is very high comparatively. Over 20k for a pop up. I can buy a 28 foot trailer for 15K new. If you decide on an RV from Lazy Days, you can get a great price by haggling at the end of the month BUT their service is the worst. You also may have to chase to get everything you're supposed to have when you purchased it. We are still waiting for the manual crank for the electric lift system. They don't seem to have a grasp on what it is and keep sending the wrong one since October. Our Coleman has been pretty good overall. No problems. The new Colemans have a soft top,which I am not a fan of. Unless they make hard tops yet, I would stay away from those. Tree branches falling on the roof could be a problem. Buying new has the advantage of getting as much as 30% or more off the msrp. Used they start higher than the new price you can get.
  6. It's bad everywhere. They even have heat sensing photos on your smart phone that can read the heat from you pushing your buttons on the pad. The next person just steps up with their groceries and look like they are texting but what they are doing is taking the thermal photo of the pin numbers you used. The stronger the color, the more likely it was the last number. Very sophisticated these days. My daughter was just hit for over $2000 recently again. They can get your card info simply by being near you. Scary stuff.
  7. I feel an overlooked loop is 1100 on the inside early numbers. The sites are very long and you'll almost need a pair of binoculars to see your neighbors....lol. Huge amount of space between the sites there.
  8. Jayco has a 2 year warranty. Forest River a 1 year. Our family has a total of 3 Forest River products ranging from pop ups to 38 foot trailer. All 2013 or newer. Our experience is that they are made with very cheap materials and workmanship. Things just do not last. We have been disappointed in all 3 of them. I won't even go into the repairs that have been needed just after the one year warranty expired. They look very nice but it is a facade. The Jayco products we have owned have been pretty good and we have been happy with them. No experience with the Heartland so I couldn't say. You can get a great discount on a Forest River product but the old adage of you get what you pay for comes into play. From our experiences, go with Jayco unless the Heartland owners are happier with theirs. Good luck!
  9. Made the trip several times from Iowa through St Louis. The most important thing is make sure you time going through Atlanta (not around) during a time that would not be considered rush hour, even on a Saturday. You could easily do that time wise. The closer to Valdosta as a stop the better. It's an easy drive from there. Mapquest will give you the roads for the straight shot towards Disney. Pretty much an angle towards it the whole way, except for down 57. If you're really excited, you can go into Florida before stopping. Georgia is a really long state with about 2 million state police on it, so don't speed, it's not worth it. Have fun!
  10. I'm here but we need to find out when they are here until. And where they are. I'll be there tomorrow and saturday and sunday.
  11. http://www.themeworldrv.com/index.html Here's where we are. It's mainly a snowbird resort so the summer is pretty slow. Nice pool and laundry room. When you come in determines your price but also locks you in at the lower rate starting in may. The only thing negative is now they are building small winter homes and it can be a little noisy at times. It's 7 miles down I 4 from World Drive.but away from the hustle and bustle of Disney yet there is everything as far as shopping goes. $390 a month for grassy sites if you come in between may and september. They also have paved sites for a little more.
  12. I stopped by a couple of times but missed you. Try again another time.
  13. Could it have anything to do with Disney considering using drones for the fireworks? I had read about that and it could Make a Messy situation if they were up there and they had helicopters and balloons etc over the area.
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