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  1. I haven't been on here in a long time, but found this thread and caught up in a hour or so. It's good to see many of the "old timers" still around, even if only posting here. We spent December and into January at the Fort for 15-16 years with APs. Then we went one year on a 10 day pass, and skipped the next year (to Dollywood). This year was the first year we have spent at home for Christmas in all that time. A couple of Spring Breaks at Dollywood and a lot of the MH sitting in the driveway. We hope to return to the Fort this winter, but it won't be the same. Most of you don't know we
  2. I am looking for some suggestions on finding a campsite in the Smoky Mountains/ Gatlinburg/ etc area that might have an open site for next week, say June 13-20, or so. It needs to be somewhere close to the activity area, but not afraid to drive a few miles to the Parkway. Our old standby, River Plantation, seems to be full as is KOA. 37 foot MH and van. 5-6 people and a small dog.
  3. In addition to my post about 12 in a 28 footer above, we also once towed a teardrop which we put sideways at the rear of the site for a daughter's family. It had an air conditioner, a B&W TV, and a dinette/bed for two. They were put on notice that whoever used the bathroom had to empty and clean the toilet. No one used it.
  4. Thanks, Nacole. It's just a little something to keep us busy in old advancing years. We're out of the fostering business now, but our 38th one is in his room and turned 5 when we were at the Fort last Christmas. That's three at home now, with one graduating from high school this May.
  5. We have gone to WDW for 17 years with one, two, three and once four wheelchairs. The larger boat from the left side of the Marina dock(to either MK or Wilderness Lodge then MK) can usually accommodate 5-6 wheelchairs and scooters. The Smaller boat (to the Contemporary) on the right side of the dock cannot handle anything but folded strollers. We have always used Disney transportation once we were in our site....which has mostly been a premium site. Plenty of concrete, and as already mentioned, often space for a tent either on the concrete to the rear of the RV or just off the concrete on w
  6. When we were fostering we were required to have and keep current CPR and life saving training and certification. We were trained on AEDs as a part of the training (Bi-annually). They didn't mention shaving, but we were pretty much training for infants, who usually didn't need to shave yet. I do remember there were different sized pads for the little ones. We never bought an AED, but we did have to do CPR a couple of times. I don't like to think about that.
  7. I received a message on my Verizon smartphone last week outlining the $40 per line plan. I'm in GA, so maybe it's not just for FL anymore.
  8. What are the new hot-plate picnic tables for? Who would be eating over there? Especially in the sun!
  9. Now I have to go measure my cord. Last time we were there, water was up front and power was at the rear. We had to compromise on the parking location, but we made it work between cord and hose lengths and location of slide out clearances. I can't recall what site we were in...my mind only goes back to just before lunch today... but there was the back side of a joint use CS behind our site and a paved walkway one side. Some day I need to go back and figure what sites we have been in over the years and make a list or spreadsheet.
  10. Jason, We hope we are still on your upgrade-for-Christmas list. You know how Judy is with her decorations. :)
  11. Assuming the previous posting was Tuesday the 12th, what is the update on the Fort and gas availability?
  12. I haven't been on here in some time, but I saw this thread and read through all 6 pages. We may be an exception to some of the problems discussed here, but we will likely be coming back for several years...if we have several remaining years left. With our three kids in wheelchairs we don't do the thrill rides, and we seem to visit the same attractions and eating places every year. These are things the kids can participate in and can recognize from previous visits. We used to come down a couple times a year, but skipped last year entirely in favor of the Dollywood area. We're back at the
  13. Welcome. We usually travel with three "kids" in wheelchairs and a dog. We spend Decembers at the Fort except for this past December (our first miss in 16 years), but will be back this year. I haven't been on the forum much this past year, but we do have some experience. So if we can answer any questions, give us a holler. There are others who know more than I do, but Dave and FWG are both very knowledgeable and the SNARKYest. I noticed you War Eagled back to Jen. Do you have an Auburn connection? We are a house divided with a War Eagle and a Roll Tide.
  14. We were using the program for the first time. Judy used Option 1 and got gift certificates the same day. We're just hoping those bar codes really mean something when we go to use them (3 paper printed "cards", I believe). It was being tried as a convenience for us to have the site paid for when we got there, but we'll never know now. The plan now is to take the gift "cards" when we check in. if Disney won't take them, we know no one will.
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