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  1. Helmsey......Todd

    Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg?

    I would shoot to stay in Pigeon Forge unless you are just wanting to try to be closer to the mountains. You will have way more options in the PF area, and be much closer to all the stuff there is to do. I would say 2 days at Dollywood to be able to move around at a leisurely pace and see everything. Other things to check out in the area would be Cades Cove in the park, Clingmans Dome in the park, and any of the nature trails\hikes in the park. It's sad that I live 30 minutes from there and couldn't really tell you about any of the food choices up there. I always hear people talk about the Apple Barn so check into that. Another good place is Calhouns or Smoky Mountain Brewery. They are owned by the same local company and have good eats.
  2. Helmsey......Todd

    Got there early and stayed late

    Great pics! Looks like the little man loved seeing the characters.
  3. Helmsey......Todd

    Got there early and stayed late

    I'm in as well and looks like you had a good start to the trip. I'm betting you stopped at the Lost Sea in Sweetwater on the way down (as someone else mentioned).
  4. Helmsey......Todd

    Total gridlock in the hub

    This would be a good place for a witty 'small world' joke.
  5. Helmsey......Todd

    The DisCamp Podcast

    Someone needs to come up with a shirt like this. Giant Snarky head on the front and on the back #TeamFortFiends.
  6. Helmsey......Todd

    Maybe Good, Maybe Bad?

    I can only speak for Pilot\Flying J but their bulk diesel lanes were setup to provide an added benefit (turning on the pump) for their commercial accounts. If you didn't have a commercial account with them the driver has to go inside and stand in line to make their transaction for fuel.
  7. Helmsey......Todd

    Maybe Good, Maybe Bad?

    We strictly use P\FJ and we have the Good Sam card that will turn the pumps on at the pump, no need to go inside. At the other big truck stops near me you have to go inside like Rennie said and prepay, then settle up the transaction when you are done pumping.
  8. Helmsey......Todd

    "Boo to You" Halloween Parade Live Stream

    This is our favorite parade by a large margin. I'd bet the girls still ask to watch it 1 - 2 times per week.
  9. Helmsey......Todd

    Halloween in August Trip Report

    Somehow I missed the start of this TR but I'm caught up now. Tinkle tower.....now that is funny!! I wonder how many other FP pictures there are from 7DMT where only 1 person is in the shot? I can't imagine there are very many of those.
  10. Helmsey......Todd

    Toy Story Land Coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios

    And what would they call the people who have to clean that ride... wipers?
  11. Helmsey......Todd

    No more autographs at Crystal Palace

    Mickey shaped kibble!!
  12. Helmsey......Todd

    007 Returns to the Fort

    We took our Ford to the dealer because of the harsh ride and the fix was the leave with a Chevy The Chevy ride\interior just fits me better and feels more plush.
  13. Helmsey......Todd

    Scary Halloween Decorations?

    I saw this on the instagrams today:
  14. Helmsey......Todd

    How big is to big?

    In 2014 we were in the 1800 loop with a comparable size setup and were able to get in with only minor setbacks. There was a trash can across from our site that came into play when backing but we were able to get around it. I did have to push someone's golf cart all the way into their site but other than that no issues. Snug as a bug: