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  1. Does anyone know about the car show held monthly in the Orlando area ? There is also a huge Dog Show in the area in Jan., I believe. We will be there at the Fort for a long stay and enjoy day trips to see things other than the parks. Last year we attended the RV Show in Tampa, and wow, get ready to drool !!! Anyway, we were wondering if anyone knows where the car shows and dog show are located, and when..
  2. devores---- We will be at the Fort for all of Dec. and Jan. and would love to go to a range. We both have our permits to carry and need to brush up on our shooting. Where is this range you recommend and what are the hours, etc. Thanks !
  3. Great ! Although we have the Direct Dish on the RV and have always had good reception from it.
  4. We are here and just got spiked yesterday ! Been here since Dec. 2 and leaving Jan. 8th. Has been a wonderful time and celebrating our 48th anniversary while here. DH is delighted with his spike !! Thanks ! BTW we are on #703..........
  5. We always get great signal with our roof mounted dish and we are on 700 Loop.
  6. It seems to be many underage kids driving GCs , sometimes with no adult even in the cart. We have seen several going too fast in the loops, not yielding, etc. During this month there is so much traffic, buses, autos, plus walkers at night I fear there will be an accident. Also do some of these folks not read "EXIT ONLY" and know the loops are ALL one way ? Maybe the security could monitor these drivers more closely, as I understood no minors were to be driving carts-period.
  7. We just had Gary Mikkelsen out to our RV (Lot 703) on Sunday morning. He came out within the hour and diagnosed our problems, replaced our converter and got us back into being "Happy Campers" . He was very professional and qualified for almost any service one might need. Thanks for the reference for him !!
  8. Does anyone else have pups that freak out with thunder storms or fireworks ? Both of our Toy Fox Terriers pant and tremble every night during the fireworks display. We just either swaddle them in a blanket or put them in their crate, but still they are upset. Don't like the idea of sedation or long term meds for them.
  9. Have only taken Minnie and Mickey to the dog park a few times, and no other dogs were there either time. They are small (Toy Fox) and have attitudes when they see other dogs from a distance, but when they get close enough to smell they seem to quiten down. I would love to see them interact with other little guys, but do not have enough faith in them to play nice and not embarrass me, as their Mom. No one really wants to play with a spoiled brat, do they ?
  10. Here we are packing to leave in 5 days for the Fort and the refer error code starts blinking "L1" "oP' which means the High Temp Sensor needs to be repaired again! We just had it done in August of this year at the dealer when we had it there for warranty work. All the dealers are closed until Monday for the Thanksgiving weekend, so here we sit wondering if we will have a refrigerator in time to get to the Fort on Friday ! Wondering if the part needs to be ordered and if they will overnight it so we can continue with our trip. Of course I had planned on bringing lots of "cold stuff" from home since we plan on being at the Fort 3 weeks and in Fla for 3 more weeks. Our dealer is about 50 mi from us in the direction that we are going so I am hoping they can have the part there Thurs. AM and we could stop there and have it done, then be on our way. This is probably wishful thinking on my behalf, but I am not going to be happy to lose a nights stay due to Norcold's half-a--ed bandaid repairs. They say to unplug and not to use because of possibility of fire hazard, but apparently not urgent enough to send us immediate notice of this 2nd or 3rd recall for this very same problem. Now that we have read on Norcold's website of the hazard risk if we do not comply, we are afraid to try to use it at all now. We were looking so forward to heading out of here and returning to the Fort, and now everything is up in the air. Sorry for the whinning, but that is what today calls for, plus lots of foul language too !
  11. Is there anyone who delivers LPG into the Fort if we run out or do we have to unhook and drive out to get it ?
  12. Did you ever check out the Tampa South Resort ? We are looking at being in the Tampa area Jan 8-15th so we can go to the RV show. Am looking for a spot now and hope I am not too late with the RV show drawing such a crowd.
  13. We love the 700 loop, even without comfort station. I only use it for laundry and take the golf cart when I go for that. The lots are large enough, shady, and near the walk for the pups along the canal.
  14. That's great because we really liked the CG too. We now have the tandem dolly to carry both my car and the golf cart since we like to have the car while there. Last time we rented a GC since we had regular tow dolly for car only. I searched the web for any CG in the MB area who allowed personal GC and found only one- and they charged a $5 per day fee to use your own. I will surely go back to OL's site again to see where I was misunderstood their policy.
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